35 Best Outdoor Activities in NYC Story

By Alli Sewell


35 Best Outdoor Activities in NYC Story

Some of the best outdoor activities in NYC include strolling around parks, sunbathing on Coney...

Activity 1

Walk through the New York Botanical Garden

One of the most beautiful outdoor attractions in NYC is the New York Botanical Garden...

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Activity 2

Look around the South Street Seaport

A fun place to check out in NYC is the South Street Seaport, located between...

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Activity 3

Hang out at Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Brooklyn Bridge Park is an 85-acre riverside park located near the entrance to the...

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Activity 4

Admire the flowers at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Another of the best outdoor NYC activities is going to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Wandering...

Activity 5

Appreciate the views from Hudson River Park

Opened in 1998, Hudson River Park is one of multiple riverside parks in NYC. As...

Activity 6

Unwind at the New York Chinese Scholar's Garden

The New York Chinese Scholar's Garden is another of the stunning garden attractions in NYC...

Activity 7

Ride the Staten Island Ferry

One of the best ways to see Manhattan skyline is by taking the Staten Island...

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Activity 8

Get great views of Manhattan from Gantry Plaza State Park

A slightly lesser-known park in NYC that's well worth visiting is Gantry Plaza State in...

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Activity 9

Visit Washington Square Park

One of the well-known public parks in Manhattan is Washington Square Park. Located in Greenwich...

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Activity 10

Stroll around Van Cortlandt Park

Another beautiful park in NYC is Van Cortlandt Park, located in the Bronx. At 1,146...

Activity 11

Venture to Jacob Riis Park

Located about an hour and a half from Manhattan on the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens...

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Activity 12

Follow the Hudson River Greenway

If you like to go on bike rides, one of the fun outdoor activities in...

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Activity 13

Spend a day at Coney Island Beach

If you're looking for an all-day outdoor activity, going to Coney Island Beach on a...

Activity 14

Have a fun day out at Luna Park in Coney Island

Another fun attraction in Coney Island is Luna Park. The amusement park features a variety...

Activity 15

View art installation at the Socrates Sculpture Park

One of the best outdoor activities in New York City for art lovers is going...

Activity 16

Bike in Central Park

New York's Central Park is one of the most well-known public parks in the United...

Activity 17

Go on a Central Park walking tour

Another great way to explore Central Park is on a walking tour. You'll be accompanied...

Activity 18

Enjoy outdoor concerts and movies at Hudson Yards

During warmer months, you can catch outdoor movies, concerts, and even exercise classes at Hudson...

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Activity 19

Experience Times Square

Another world-famous landmark found in New York City is Times Square. The bustling entertainment venue...

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Activity 20

Attend an outdoor workout class

If you like to work out, you'll find many great places to go for a...

Activity 21

Skate at the Rockefeller Center Ice Rink

Ice skating at Rockefeller Center with the famous Christmas tree in the background is a...

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Activity 22

Try a range of activities at Bryant Park

Bryant Park is a charming 9.6-acre park that sits next to the New York Public...

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Activity 23

Spot bald eagles at Inwood Hill Park

Inwood Hill Park sits on the far end of Manhattan and features scenic trails and...

Activity 24

Take the Roosevelt Island tram

Located in the East River, Roosevelt Island is a small island that's part of the...

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Activity 25

Let your dog play at the 72nd Street Dog Run

It's not just the humans of New York that enjoy outdoor activities! If traveling with...

Activity 26

Sail to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

The Statue of Liberty is a world-famous landmark located in NYC. If you want to...

Activity 27

Check out Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Another must-visit outdoor spot in Queens is Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. The 897-acre park has previously...

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Activity 28

Catch a New York Yankees game

Going to a New York Yankees baseball game is an outdoor activity that's popular with...

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Activity 29

Find unique items at the Brooklyn Flea Market

Shopping for unique and interesting items at the Brooklyn Flea Market is one of the...

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Activity 30

Read at the New York Public Library Outdoor Reading Room

Officially called the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts' Outdoor Reading Room, going...

Activity 31

Watch a New York Jets or New York Giants game

Another fun outdoor sporting event to attend is an NFL game. New York has two...

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Activity 32

Sip cocktails at 230 Fifth rooftop bar

While a lot of these fun outdoor things to do in NYC are daytime activities...

Activity 33

Escape to Governors Island

Another island that's still within the borough of Manhattan is Governors Island. The 172-acre island...

Activity 34

Wander along the High Line

Walking along the raised park, the High Line, is one of the most relaxing things...

Activity 35

Bird watch at Prospect Park

Prospect Park in Brooklyn features wetlands, forests, and trails. It's also a great place to...

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In Summary

No matter what you enjoy doing, this list of the best outdoor things to do...

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