22 Fun facts About New York City That Will Surprise You Story

By Alli Sewell


22 Fun facts About New York City That Will Surprise You Story

You're sure to be surprised by these 22 fun facts about New York City, whether...

Fact 1

The NYC Subway System is the largest in the world

The New York City subway system is not only the largest rapid transport system in...

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Fact 2

The New York Public Library houses over 50 million books

The New York Public Library houses more than 50 million books (55 million at last...

Fact 3

The Grand Central Terminal features a "whispering gallery"

Another of the interesting facts about NYC is that the iconic Grand Central Terminal has...

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Fact 4

The Central Park Mall is the only straight path in the park

Central Park is a popular and romantic place to visit in NYC. But did you...

Fact 5

The Empire State Building is struck by lighting at least 23 times a year

The Empire State Building is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world and...

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Fact 6

The first underground park was built in NYC

Many people know of the Highline, Manhattan's elevated park. But did you know that NYC...

Fact 7

Over a quarter of North American bird species are found in NYC

North America is home to about 800 bird species, and approximately 230 of those species...

Fact 8

The New York City Federal Reserve Bank has the world's largest gold storage

Located in Lower Manhattan in the Financial District, the New York City Federal Reserve holds...

Fact 9

The New York Harbor once completely froze over

One of the little known facts about New York City is that the New York...

Fact 10

The Pizza Principle correlates subway fares to pizza prices!

One of the super fun facts about NYC relates to the Pizza Principle, also known...

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Fact 11

The ice cream cone was invented in New York City

Who doesn't love an ice cream cone? While everyone has tried this yummy dessert, few...

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Fact 12

NYC is the most linguistically diverse city in the world

One of the most amazing facts about New York City is that it's the most...

Fact 13

Queens is the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world

The NYC borough of Queens holds the title as the most ethnically diverse urban area...

Fact 14

Times Square is named after the New York Times

Most people have heard of Times Square and of the New York Times, but few...

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Fact 15

The Brooklyn Bridge is older than London's Tower Bridge

Being located in a much "older" country, it's understandable that most would assume that London's...

Fact 16

Staten Island wanted to secede from New York City

Visiting Staten Island, one of the five boroughs, is a fun and non-touristy thing to...

Fact 17

Madison Square Park and Washington Square Park had the first public Christmas trees

The lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center is a much-loved New York City...

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Fact 18

NYC is home to many of the most visited tourist attractions in the US

Unsurprisingly, another of many New York City facts is that the city features some of...

Fact 19

The World Trade Center is the Western Hemisphere's second tallest building

The new One World Trade Center holds the title of the Western Hemisphere's second-tallest building...

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Fact 20

The New York Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in the world

Located on Wall Street, the iconic New York Stock Exchange is the world's largest. The...

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Fact 21

New York City was originally called New Amsterdam

In 1626, a Dutch colony inhabited what is now New York City and named the...

Fact 22

Wall Street was also named by the Dutch

Wall Street is now synonymous with large finance firms, billion-dollar trades, and well-paid employees. But...


In Summary

New York City is an iconic destination packed with landmarks and attractions. Due to the...

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