35 Best NYC Indoor Activities for Rainy Days Story

By Alli Sewell

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35 Best NYC Indoor Activities for Rainy Days Story

The best NYC indoor activities range from visiting museums and theaters to ice skating and...

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Activity 1

Read at the New York Public Library

The New York Public Library is one of the most well-known libraries in the world...

Activity 2

Try indoor rock climbing

While you may think rock climbing is an outdoor activity, you can find many places...

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Activity 3

See a show at Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall is a famous New York City entertainment venue. It hosts a...

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Activity 4

Relax at Aire Ancient Baths

Are you looking to pamper yourself a little? If so, going to AIRE Ancient Baths...

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Activity 5

Work out at Chelsea Piers Sports Center

Getting a workout in is a great idea if you want to spend some time...

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Activity 6

Enjoy some indoor ice skating

Chelsea Piers Sports Center also has an indoor ice skating rink, known as the Sky...

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Activity 7

Spend the evening with the New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center

The New York City Ballet is one of the most well-known ballet companies in the...

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Activity 8

Snuggle with kitties at a cat cafe!

If you’re an animal lover, one of the fun indoor NYC activities that will appeal...

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Activity 9

View contemporary artworks at the Museum of Modern Art

NYC is known for being a hub of art and culture, so it’s no surprise...

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Activity 10

Tackle an escape room challenge

An exciting activity to enjoy with friends or family on a rainy New York City...

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Activity 11

Take photos with celebrities at Madame Tussauds Times Square

Times Square is a renowned attraction in the United States. If you want something to...

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Activity 12

Snap sweet pictures at the Museum of Ice Cream

Are you looking to update your Instagram page? If so, going to the Museum of...

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Activity 13

Walk with dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History

Another world-class museum that has to be added to your NYC itinerary is the American...

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Activity 14

Dine above the city at One World Observatory

One World Observatory is the viewing deck located in One World Trade Center. To enjoy...

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Activity 15

Marvel at art installations at Artechouse

Another specialty attraction to check out is Artechouse. Going to Artechouse allows you to immerse...

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Activity 16

Go to a New York Rangers game

One of the fun things to do indoors in NYC for sports enthusiasts is watching...

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Activity 17

Watch the New York Knicks play

Another sports team to watch in NYC is the New York Knicks. The NBA team...

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Activity 18

Spoil yourself with afternoon tea at Alice’s Tea Cup

A quirky place to stop for snacks and a drink is Alice’s Tea Cup. The...

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Activity 19

Admire the collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is another of the world famous landmarks found in NYC...

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Activity 20

Have brunch at Clinton St. Baking Company

Want to simply hang out with friends and enjoy some good food? Then one of...

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Activity 21

Experience a Broadway show

One of the best indoor things to do at night in New York City is...

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Activity 22

Play arcade games at Barcade

A fun place to hang out in NYC is Barcade. As the name suggests, this...

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Activity 23

Explore the Guggenheim

The Guggenheim is a world-renowned museum with five locations across the globe, including on the...

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Activity 24

Skate at Roller Jam USA

Located on Staten Island, roller skating at Roller Jam USA is one of the fun...

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Activity 25

Tour the United Nations

A memorable thing to do indoors in New York is touring the United Nations headquarters...

Activity 26

Immerse yourself in the life of spies at Spyscape Museum

One of the most fascinating museums in New York City is the Spyscape Museum. The...

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Activity 27

Catch a show at the Apollo Theater

Located in Harlem, the Apollo Theater is another top performance venue to visit. The Apollo...

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Activity 28

Sip cocktails at Apotheke

A luxurious thing to do indoors in the evening is drinking specialty cocktails at Apotheke...

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Activity 29

Hang out at a coffee shop

Fun indoor activities in New York City don’t need to be overly complicated! They can...

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Activity 30

Challenge your friends to a mini-golf game at Shipwrecked

A cool place to visit in Brooklyn is Shipwrecked, a pirate-themed mini-golf bar. The golf...

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Activity 31

Find out something new at the National Museum of the American Indian

The National Museum of the American Indian is a Smithsonian museum with locations in New...

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Activity 32

Bowl, dine, and more at Bowlero!

Bowlero is another of the fun indoor attractions that will appeal to all ages. This...

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Activity 33

Learn about New York at the New-York Historical Society Museum

If you want to learn more about New York’s history, one of the best things...

Activity 34

Venture underground to explore the New York Catacombs

Catacombs are most often found in European cities, like Paris and Rome, but you can...

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Activity 35

Shop at Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is an indoor food hall with a variety of vendors. Things to try...

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In Summary

If you're visiting NYC in the rain or other bad weather, your trip definitely won't...

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