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75 North Carolina Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know


75 North Carolina Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Introduction - From historical facts to funny tidbits about the state, there is so much to learn about North Carolina. Here are...

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People from North Carolina love to barbecue meat

FACT 1 - There are two styles of barbecue in North Carolina: Eastern and Lexington. Eastern barbecue involves the whole animal with a...

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Blackbeard often visited North Carolina’s coastline during the 1700s

FACT 2 - Although he is said to have ironically met his fate there, it’s thought that Blackbeard would sail around North Carolina’s...

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Raleigh has a rare, double-sided city flag

FACT 3 - Raleigh, North Carolina, is one of only 450 cities to proudly display its own city flag in the US. As...

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The state capital of North Carolina is Raleigh

FACT 4 - The first interesting fact about North Carolina is that Raleigh was named the state's capital in 1792. As of 2021...

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The Venus Flytrap plant is native to North Carolina

FACT 5 - While the Venus Flytrap is native to the east of both North and South Carolina, it was first described in...

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The Outer Banks area is nicknamed “The Graveyard of the Atlantic”

FACT 6 - The Outer Banks area of North Carolina is absolutely beautiful, but it has had its fair share of shipwrecks over...

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Mount Mitchell is the highest point in North Carolina

FACT 7 - Reaching an elevation of 6,684 ft, Mount Mitchell is the highest point in North Carolina and in the US to...

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North Carolina is known for its research triangle

FACT 8 - The research triangle is the name for an area in Piedmont where three major research-based universities meet in a triangular...

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Winston and Salem combined in 1913

FACT 9 - Although they were previously two separate places, the town of Winston and the city of Salem merged on May 13...

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North Carolina didn’t have a state flag until 1861

FACT 10 - North Carolina remained flagless until 1861, when the state convention voted to join the confederacy and a flag was created...


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