45 Fun Facts About the Outer Banks of North Carolina Story

By Alli Sewell

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45 Fun Facts About the Outer Banks of North Carolina Story

Do you love the Outer Banks and want to learn more about the area? These...

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Fact 1

The Outer Banks was the settling place of the first English Colony in the US

Roanoke Island is where the first English colony settled in North America. Roanoke Colony was...

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Fact 2

That same colony mysteriously vanished

In 1587, settler John White left the Roanoke Colony on an expedition. Upon his return...

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Fact 3

The first child born to the New World was born on the Outer Banks

The first English child of the New World was born in 1587 in the Roanoke...

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Fact 4

The Outer Banks created the world’s longest-running outdoor symphonic drama

An outdoor play called The Lost Colony premiered in 1937. It is traditionally performed at...

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Fact 5

Jockey's Ridge State Park is home to the largest sand dune on the East Coast

Jockey's Ridge State Park in Nags Head on the Outer Banks features the tallest sand...

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Fact 6

The tallest lighthouse in the US is in Cape Hatteras

This Outer Banks fun fact is about Cape Hatteras. The town is home to the...

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Fact 7

Bodie Island Lighthouse was built three times

A lesser-known lighthouse, the Bodie Island Lighthouse, has a fascinating history. The lighthouse that stands...

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Fact 8

Cape Hatteras National Seashore preserves the coast for future generations

The Cape Hatteras National Seashore is stunning and attracts millions of visitors a year. But...

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Fact 9

Ocracoke Island Cemetery is actually on British ground

When in Ocracoke, you can visit Britain! In a way. The British Cemetery of Ocracoke...

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Fact 10

The novel and film Nights in Rodanthe was set in the Outer Banks

Rodanthe on the Outer Banks was the inspiration for the Nicholas Sparks novel and subsequent...

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Fact 11

The Outer Banks are home to many wild horses

Wild horses inhabit a few areas in Outer Banks towns. The most well-known are the...

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Fact 12

The US Lifesaving Service was founded on the Outer Banks

The ocean plays a big part in Outer Banks' history, and this fun fact is...

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Fact 13

The Outer Banks feature the best windsurfing spots in the world

The Outer Banks is a windsurfing paradise. The combination of shallow waters, rolling waves, and...

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Fact 14

The Wright Brothers’ first flight was flown in the Outer Banks

An interesting fact about North Carolina is that both the Wright Brothers’ first ever flight...

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Fact 15

The Outer Banks is a sandbar, not an island

While many think that the Outer Banks is an island, it’s actually a sandbar. The...

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Fact 16

The oldest and shortest lighthouse in North Carolina is in Ocracoke

The Outer Banks isn’t just home to the tallest lighthouse in the US; it’s also...

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Fact 17

Celebrities love the Outer Banks

This Outer Banks fun fact will have you keeping an eye out for star-studded vacationers...

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Fact 18

It’s an incredible fishing location

Another of many fascinating facts about the Outer Banks, North Carolina, is that it is...

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Fact 19

Hatteras is home to many six-toed cats

Those visiting Hatteras Island’s Burrus Red & White Supermarket will have noticed the cats that...

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Fact 20

Nags Head got its name from pirate folklore

The Outer Banks are rich in pirate history. The town of Nags Head even got...

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Fact 21

Kill Devil Hills has an interesting naming story too

Kill Devil Hills got its name from folklore stories too. Most believe the name comes...

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Fact 22

Cape Hatteras is very dangerous for sailors

Cape Hatteras in the Outer Banks has a history of being extremely dangerous. There are...

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Fact 23

The pirate Blackbeard frequented the Outer Banks

The most famous pirate, Edward Teach, or Blackbeard, sailed the Outer Banks on his ship...

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Fact 24

Pea Island employed the first black lifesaving station keeper

One of the more interesting Outer Banks historical facts relates to Pea Island’s lifesaving station...

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Fact 25

Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge is home to over 300 bird species

Found in northern Hatteras Island, Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge is home to approximately 315...

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Fact 26

Hatteras received one of the first distress calls from the Titanic

The Hatteras Weather Bureau Station was commissioned in 1902 to reduce disasters in the dangerous...

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Fact 27

Many Civil War battles happened in the Outer Banks

During the Civil War, pivotal battles were fought on the Outer Banks, benefiting the Union...

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Fact 28

There were two slave safe havens on the Outer Banks

After the victory at the Battle of Roanoke, two safe havens for runaway slaves were...

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Fact 29

The Outer Banks has a population of just over 57,000

The entire Outer Banks has a small population of just over 57,000. Despite this, the...

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Fact 30

Native Americans played a big part in the Outer Banks’ history

There is a lot of Native American history in the Outer Banks. It’s believed that...

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Fact 31

Many Outer Banks towns had Native American names

Many of the towns of the Outer Banks were originally named by Native American tribes...

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Fact 32

The Outer Banks is a popular wedding destination

Due to its Atlantic coastal beauty, the Outer Banks have become a popular place for...

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Fact 33

Experiments for the first radio communication transmission occurred here

Known as the father of voice radio, Reginald Fessenden made the first radio communication transmission...

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Fact 34

There is a Netflix drama about the Outer Banks

This Outer Banks fun fact made the area a household name. The Netflix show, called...

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Fact 35

The Outer Banks show wasn't filmed on the Outer Banks

The show wasn't filmed in North Carolina but was instead filmed in Charleston, South Carolina...

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Fact 36

Whalehead was a secret testing location for rocket fuel

The famous Whalehead Club in Corolla was used to test rocket fuel during the cold...

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Fact 37

The Outer Banks have the most stunning maritime forests in the US

The Outer Banks is full of natural beauty, and one of many Outer Banks NC...

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Fact 38

The Whalehead Club housed US soldiers

Another Outer Banks fun fact about the Whalehead club! During WWII, protecting the North Carolina...

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Fact 39

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse has been moved

It’s been mentioned that Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest brick lighthouse in the US...

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Fact 40

The Outer Banks are under threat from climate change

Not so much a fun fact, but definitely an important one! Like many natural ecosystems...

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Fact 41

OBX is somewhat of an advertising term

A restaurateur created the Outer Banks abbreviation OBX to sell merchandise. Jim Douglas saw ACK...

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Fact 42

The Oldest Grapevine in the US is found in OBX

The oldest grapevine in the United States is called the “Mother Vine” and is found...

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Fact 43

The Outer Banks briefly had an extra island

Another of many interesting facts about the Outer Banks of North Carolina shows what a...

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Fact 44

Some former Outer Banks residents make money from shipwrecks

The 17th and 18th-century residents, known as wreckers, would scavenge the many shipwrecks in the...

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Fact 45

Duck in the Outer Banks is the founding town of a popular donut chain

Duck Donuts was founded in Duck on Outer Banks, North Carolina, in 2006. Along with...

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In Conclusion

The Outer Banks is a beautiful area of North Carolina packed full of history, culture...

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