75 Interesting Facts About North Carolina You Should Know Story

By Lauren Kendrick

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75 Interesting Facts About North Carolina You Should Know Story

Discover 75 interesting facts about North Carolina and get to know this US state. From...

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Fact 1

The state capital of North Carolina is Raleigh

The first interesting fact about North Carolina is that Raleigh was named the state's capital...

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Fact 2

North Carolina is known as the "Tar Heel State"

North Carolina has plenty of nicknames, but "Tar Heel State" is the most popular. While...

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Fact 3

The Wright brothers completed their first flight in Kitty Hawk

One of the really cool facts about North Carolina is that The Wright brothers, who...

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Fact 4

North Carolina’s license plate boasts "first in flight"

Because of the famous Wright Brothers mentioned in the fact above, North Carolina’s license plates...

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Fact 5

North Carolina is the birthplace of Pepsi-Cola

Another interesting thing about North Carolina is that it's the birthplace of Pepsi-Cola. Caleb Davis...

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Fact 6

The Outer Banks area is nicknamed “The Graveyard of the Atlantic”

The Outer Banks area of North Carolina is absolutely beautiful, but it has had its...

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Fact 7

Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run in North Carolina

He might have been born in Baltimore, but iconic baseball player Babe Ruth made history...

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Fact 8

The state is home to the oldest public university in the United States

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill claims to be the nations’ oldest public...

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Fact 9

North Carolina grows more sweet potatoes than any other state

Because the land is rich and the climate is hot and moist, North Carolina can...

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Fact 10

Krispy Kreme was founded in North Carolina

In 1937, Vernon Rudolph bought a secret recipe from a New Orleans chef and opened...

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Fact 11

Virginia Dare was the first English child born in the Roanoke colony

Virginia Dare was born August 18, 1587, in Roanoke colony, present-day North Carolina. She was...

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Fact 12

The North Carolina ice hockey team is called “The Hurricanes”

Because North Carolina is prone to hurricanes, the ice hockey team renamed themselves The Carolina...

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Fact 13

High Point in North Carolina is the furniture capital of the world

The North Carolina town of High Point is home to many international furniture companies, which...

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Fact 14

Dellview, North Carolina, is one of the smallest US towns

With just 13 residents (as of a 2010 census), Dellview in North Carolina is one...

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Fact 15

Putt-Putt Golf was created in North Carolina

One of the little known facts about North Carolina is that in Fayetteville in 1954...

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Fact 16

North Carolina’s state song is called “The Old North State”

Written by William Gaston, North Carolina chose “The Old North State” as their state song...

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Fact 17

Many famous jazz artists have come from North Carolina

Despite the home of jazz music widely being considered to be New Orleans, Louisiana, many...

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Fact 18

North Carolina is the 28th largest state

With the state’s total area a whopping 52,669 sq miles, North Carolina is the 28th...

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Fact 19

North Carolina is often referred to as just Carolina

One of the fun historical facts about North Carolina is that despite the existence of...

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Fact 20

The whole state of North Carolina is divided by a fall line

A line of erosion runs through the center of North Carolina, dividing the state between...

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Fact 21

North Carolina is home to a UNESCO site

Stretching across both Tennessee and North Carolina, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a...

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Fact 22

It’s the 9th most populous state

A little-known fact about North Carolina is that it is the 9th most populous state...

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Fact 23

North Carolina was known as the moonshine state

There are many funny facts about North Carolina, but a favorite is that the state...

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Fact 24

North Carolina has the largest Native American population east of the Mississippi

Around 100,000 Native Americans still live in North Carolina today - this is the largest...

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Fact 25

The Northern Cardinal is the state bird

North Carolina picked the Northern Cardinal as the state bird in 1943 - the Cardinal...

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Fact 26

The Venus Flytrap plant is native to North Carolina

While the Venus Flytrap is native to the east of both North and South Carolina...

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Fact 27

North Carolina’s Museum of Art was the first state art museum

While planning for the states’ art museum began in 1924 with the creation of the...

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Fact 28

Plenty of authors have come from North Carolina

As well as jazz musicians, many famous authors began their life in North Carolina, including...

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Fact 29

People from North Carolina love to barbecue meat

There are two styles of barbecue in North Carolina: Eastern and Lexington. Eastern barbecue involves...

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Fact 30

Fort Bragg has the largest military base in the US

To the west of Fayetteville, Fort Bragg boasts the largest military base in the whole...

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Fact 31

North Carolina was one of the original colonies

Alongside Maryland, Virginia, and New York, North Carolina was one of the original colonies that...

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Fact 32

Raleigh is home to 3 major museums

State capital Raleigh boasts 3 major art, history, and science museums: The North Carolina Museum...

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Fact 33

North Carolina has produced some brilliant NBA players

Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, and John Wall have all called North Carolina home at one...

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Fact 34

The state motto is "Esse Quam Videri"

One of the brilliant historical facts about North Carolina relates to the state motto, "Esse...

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Fact 35

North and South Carolina used to be one colony

North Carolina and South Carolina were both one colony called Carolina until 1729 - this...

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Fact 36

Whitewater Falls are the highest in the east of the US

Whitewater Falls is a beautiful series of waterfalls spanning across North and South Carolina. At...

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Fact 37

North Carolina has a very unique lake that attracts visitors

White Lake, near Elizabethtown, is a small town with a picturesque lake in North Carolina...

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Fact 38

The state is home to the tallest dam in the Eastern United States

Fontana Dam, in Graham County, is home to the tallest dam in the east of...

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Fact 39

The Lost Colony outdoor drama in Albemarle celebrates Virginia Dare

Originally only scheduled to run for one summer, The Lost Colony outdoor drama was so...

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Fact 40

Grandfather Mountain is a UN-recognised International Biosphere Reserve

Grandfather Mountain, which sits at the highest peak in the Blue Ridge Mountains, has the...

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Fact 41

North Carolina didn’t have a state flag until 1861

North Carolina remained flagless until 1861, when the state convention voted to join the confederacy...

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Fact 42

North Carolina is obsessed with Cheerwine

You won't need to travel far in North Carolina to find Cheerwine - the drink...

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Fact 43

Dinosaur bones have been found in North Carolina

Washington Caruthers Kerr first discovered dinosaur bones in North Carolina in 1869, when he visited...

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Fact 44

Emeralds are naturally occurring in North Carolina

A cool fact about North Carolina is that emeralds have been mined plenty of times...

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Fact 45

The named state beverage is milk

Despite the popularity of Cheerwine, North Carolina's state beverage is actually milk. But North Carolina...

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Fact 46

The tallest lighthouse in North Carolina is Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Situated on the Outer Banks, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is not only the tallest lighthouse in...

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Fact 47

Bald Head Island has banned cars

Situated just a twenty-minute ferry ride away from mainland North Carolina, Bald Head Island is...

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Fact 48

The Miracle of the Hudson plane was on show here

The infamous flight 1549, which landed on the Hudson River moments after departing for North...

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Fact 49

North Carolina's state flower is Flowering Dogwood

Flowering Dogwood was named the official flower of the state in 1941. It's one of...

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Fact 50

Many astronauts have trained in North Carolina

Over the years, North Carolina has produced many astronauts, including Michael J. Smith and Charles...

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Fact 51

Vicks VapoRub is from North Carolina

Another successful company to come from North Carolina is Vicks VapoRub. If you're not familiar...

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Fact 52

Mt. Olive is famous for its New Year’s Eve pickle drop

In what is quite possibly the weirdest and most wonderful celebration ever, the Mt. Olive...

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Fact 53

Havelock, North Carolina has the largest air base in the Marine Corps

Another fascinating historical fact about North Carolina is that Marine Air Corps Station at Cherry...

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Fact 54

The largest mansion in America is in North Carolina

The 8000-acre Biltmore Estate is situated in Asheville, North Carolina. Boasting an incredible 250 rooms...

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Fact 55

Texas Pete Hot Sauce is actually from North Carolina

Despite its confusing name, the infamous Texas Pete Hot Sauce is from North Carolina. It’s...

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Fact 56

The state has its own House of Mugs

House of Mugs is one of the most interesting places in North Carolina - a...

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Fact 57

There are 100 counties in North Carolina

North Carolina has currently got 100 counties, although this is due to some pretty recent...

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Fact 58

North Carolina is known for its research triangle

The research triangle is the name for an area in Piedmont where three major research-based...

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Fact 59

The largest city in North Carolina is Charlotte

Raleigh may take the title of the state capital, but stretching across 771km2, Charlotte is...

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Fact 60

North Carolina is bordered by 4 states

North Carolina is bordered by South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia, with the Atlantic ocean...

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Fact 61

North Carolina has the largest natural habitat zoo in the world

One of the most random facts about North Carolina is that it is home to...

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Fact 62

Raleigh is nicknamed the “Smithsonian of the south”

Because there are plenty of free museums and exhibitions dotted around the city, Raleigh has...

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Fact 63

Many Nobel Prize winners have studied at UNC

The University of North Carolina is no stranger to a Nobel Prize winner. The alumni...

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Fact 64

Raleigh has a rare, double-sided city flag

Raleigh, North Carolina, is one of only 450 cities to proudly display its own city...

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Fact 65

Mount Mitchell is the highest point in North Carolina

Reaching an elevation of 6,684 ft, Mount Mitchell is the highest point in North Carolina...

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Fact 66

The first gold rush in the country was in North Carolina

One of the most interesting things about North Carolina is that the state was actually...

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Fact 67

North Carolina is home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame

Charlotte is famed for its NASCAR motor speedway and even has its very own Hall...

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Fact 68

North Carolina produces a lot of Christmas trees

With around 1,300 growers, North Carolina produces a lot of Christmas trees (more than most...

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Fact 69

North Carolina’s Harriette Thompson was the oldest woman to run a marathon

At 92 years old, Harriette Thompson became the oldest woman ever to complete a full...

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Fact 70

Winston and Salem combined in 1913

Although they were previously two separate places, the town of Winston and the city of...

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Fact 71

Many famous actors have come from North Carolina

North Carolina has graced us with some very popular celebrities, including Zach Galifianakis, Emily Procter...

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Fact 72

Blackbeard often visited North Carolina’s coastline during the 1700s

Although he is said to have ironically met his fate there, it’s thought that Blackbeard...

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Fact 73

Three presidents have come from North Carolina

President James Polk, President Andrew Jackson, and President Andrew Johnson all came from North Carolina...

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Fact 74

Asheville has the most breweries per capita in the US

Boasting around 100 local beers and counting, Asheville is the place to go if you...

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Fact 75

North Carolina produces a lot of American Idol finalists

This list ends with the king of fun facts about North Carolina. The state produces...

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In Summary

With all these fascinating facts about North Carolina, it’s easy to see why it is...

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