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45 Interesting Outer Banks Trivia You Should Know


45 Interesting Outer Banks Trivia You Should Know

Introduction - If you love the Outer Banks or just want to learn more about this favored vacation spot, read on for...

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The Outer Banks are home to many wild horses

FACT 1 - Wild horses inhabit a few areas in Outer Banks towns. The most well-known are the Colonial Spanish Mustangs that inhabit...

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Pea Island employed the first black lifesaving station keeper

FACT 2 - One of the more interesting Outer Banks historical facts relates to Pea Island’s lifesaving station. In 1880, Richard Etheridge became...

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Cape Hatteras is very dangerous for sailors

FACT 3 - Cape Hatteras in the Outer Banks has a history of being extremely dangerous. There are over 600 known shipwrecks within...

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The tallest lighthouse in the US is in Cape Hatteras

FACT 4 - This Outer Banks fun fact is about Cape Hatteras. The town is home to the United States’ tallest brick lighthouse...

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The Wright Brothers’ first flight was flown in the Outer Banks

FACT 5 - An interesting fact about North Carolina is that both the Wright Brothers’ first ever flight and their first powered flight...

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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse has been moved

FACT 6 - It’s been mentioned that Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest brick lighthouse in the US, but did you know it...

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The Outer Banks has a population of just over 57,000

FACT 7 - The entire Outer Banks has a small population of just over 57,000. Despite this, the area receives a minimum of...

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The Outer Banks was the settling place of the first English Colony in the US

FACT 8 - Roanoke Island is where the first English colony settled in North America. Roanoke Colony was founded in 1585 by Sir...

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Many Outer Banks towns had Native American names

FACT 9 - Many of the towns of the Outer Banks were originally named by Native American tribes. Manteo and Wanchese are still...

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Bodie Island Lighthouse was built three times

FACT 10 - A lesser-known lighthouse, the Bodie Island Lighthouse, has a fascinating history. The lighthouse that stands today is the third version...


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