12 Nicknames for Nashville That You Should Know Story

By Alli Sewell


12 Nicknames for Nashville That You Should Know Story

There are many nicknames for Nashville! These fun monikers include those relating to the city's...

Nickname 1

Athens of the South

One of the nicknames for Nashville, Tennessee, that’s less well-known is Athens of the South...

Nickname 2

Buckle of the Bible Belt

The United States Bible Belt is a large region of the South, known for having...

Nickname 3

Music City, USA

Music City, or Music City USA is undoubtedly Nashville's most iconic nickname. The nickname was...

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Nickname 4


Gnashville is one of two Nashville nicknames relating to the Nashville Predators National Hockey League...

Nickname 5


Nashvegas is another Nashville, TN, nickname you must know. The name is a play on...

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Nickname 6


Another notable Nickname for Nashville is Cashville. This term was first used in rapper Young...

Nickname 7

The Birthplace of Country Music

This Nashville, Tennessee, nickname has similar origins as the Music City nickname. Nashville is often...

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Nickname 8

Powder City

Powder City, or the Powder City of the World, is an older nickname that isn’t...

Nickname 9

Little Kurdistan

Nashville is home to the largest Kurdish population in the United States. This Nashville fact...

Nickname 10


Another famous nickname relating to the Nashville Predators is Smashville. This nickname is highly important...

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Nickname 11

The Hot Chicken Capital

One of Nashville’s many specialties is hot chicken. The city’s take on the southern classic...

Nickname 12

The Protestant Vatican

This nickname has similar origins to the Buckle of the Bible Belt name. The name...


In Summary

Nashville is an amazing city to visit, and there is lots to learn about it...

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