20 Fun Facts About Nashville, TN, You May Not Know Story

By Alli Sewell


20 Fun Facts About Nashville, TN, You May Not Know Story

There are numerous fun facts about Nashville, TN, to learn that are guaranteed to surprise...

Fact 1

The Country Music Hall of Fame is in Nashville

Nashville is one of the biggest country music hubs in the United States. Therefore, it's...

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Fact 2

President Theodore Roosevelt coined Maxwell House's slogan in Nashville

The coffee brand Maxwell House uses the slogan "Good to the last drop." One of...

Fact 3

Nashville is nicknamed Music City

There are many nicknames for Nashville, but the most famous is Music City, or Music...

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Fact 4

Belle Meade Plantation bred famous race horses

The Belle Meade Plantation is a fascinating landmark in Nashville, Tennessee. This historic estate was...

Fact 5

Andrew Jackson's former home is now a museum in Nashville

Seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson, lived in Nashville for a period until...

Fact 6

The first seeing-eye dogs were trained by a Vanderbilt University Student

Seeing-eye dogs were first trained in the United States in Nashville in 1929. This important...

Fact 7

The Grand Ole Opry is the longest-running live music radio show

The Grand Ole Opry House is an iconic country music landmark in Nashville that hosts...

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Fact 8

Oprah Winfrey launched her career at Tennessee State University

Oprah Winfrey began her successful career in Nashville while studying at Tennessee State University. Oprah...

Fact 9

Nashville was named after Revolutionary War hero Francis Nash

One of the many things to know about Nashville is where the city got its...

Fact 10

Hot Chicken was invented in Nashville

The popular hot chicken dish, fried chicken coated in hot sauce or seasoning, is said...

Fact 11

There's a replica of Greece's Parthenon in Centennial Park

Nashville is home to a full-scale replica of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. In fact...

Fact 12

Nashville has the largest Kurdish population in the United States

Of the 40,000 Kurds living in the United States, about 15,000 of them live in...

Fact 13

Ryman Auditorium is called the "Mother Church of Country Music"

Another of Nashville's outstanding live music venues is Ryman Auditorium. This venue was constructed in...

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Fact 14

The largest songwriter's festival in the world is held in Nashville

As a music hub, it's no surprise that one of the cool facts about Nashville...

Fact 15

The Battle of Nashville ended the major Confederate offensive in the Civil War

One more of many Nashville history facts is that a battle in Nashville effectively ended...

Fact 16

The Tennessee Supreme Court is located in Nashville

Nashville is home to one of three Tennessee Supreme Court houses. The Tennessee Supreme Court...

Fact 17

The person who first called the US flag Old Glory lived in Nashville

The United States flag was first called "Old Glory" by Captain William Driver in 1824...

Fact 18

Wildlife-filled Radnor Lake State Natural Area is near Nashville

Outdoor and nature lovers will be excited to learn this fact! Located just a 25-minute...

Fact 19

There is a Contemporary Christian music school in Nashville

While Nashville is renowned for its country music scene, Music City is also home to...

Fact 20

Nashville uses a metropolitan government system

A metropolitan government is when city and county jurisdictions merge into one local government jurisdiction...


In Summary

These 20 facts about Nashville are guaranteed to have taught you something new about Music...

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