25 Famous Washington DC Landmarks You Must See Story

By William Stanto


25 Famous Washington DC Landmarks You Must See Story

A brief overview of famous Washington, D.C. landmarks that shouldn't be missed, like the White...

Landmark 1

The National Mall

The National Mall tops this Washington, DC landmarks list as it contains all of the...

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Landmark 2

Washington Monument

Completed in 1884, the Washington Monument is one of the most iconic landmarks of Washington...

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Landmark 3

The White House

The White House has the most famous address in the world - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...

Landmark 4

Abraham Lincoln Memorial

Built in honor of the 16th American President, Abraham Lincoln, the Lincoln Memorial is among...

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Landmark 5

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Among the many famous monuments in Washington, D.C., the Jefferson Memorial may be the most...

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Landmark 6

United States Capitol

There are many important buildings in Washington, D.C., but none like the U.S. Capitol building...

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Landmark 7

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

In 1982, artist Maya Lin conceptualized a bold 246-foot black granite wall engraved with the...

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Landmark 8

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

The most sensitive of the presidential monuments in Washington, D.C., is the FDR Memorial. Bronze...

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Landmark 9

Korean War Veterans Memorial

Nineteen stainless steel soldiers advance through the trees, making the Korean War Memorial one of...

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Landmark 10

Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

One of the most famous places in Washington, D.C., is the Reflecting Pool. 2,030 feet...

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Landmark 11

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

With so many historical sites in Washington, D.C., the MLK Memorial is one of the...

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Landmark 12

Arlington National Cemetery

Spanning over 639 acres, Arlington Cemetery has been the final resting place for soldiers killed...

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Landmark 13

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Adjacent to the National Mall, this emotional museum provides a compelling interpretation of Holocaust history...

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Landmark 14

The Smithsonian Institution

Called the “Nation’s Attic,” the Smithsonian spans over 19 museums, 21 libraries, nine research centers...

Landmark 15

International Spy Museum

Washington, D.C.’s Spy Museum is an interactive exploration of the history and tradecraft of modern...

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Landmark 16

National Portrait Gallery

One of the most famous galleries in the United States is the National Portrait Gallery...

Landmark 17

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Another of the outstanding Smithsonian museums in DC is the National Museum of Natural History...

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Landmark 18

Washington National Cathedral

Another of the many famous buildings in Washington, DC is the Washington National Cathedral. Built...

Landmark 19

National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art is another renowned attraction located on the National Mall. It...

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Landmark 20

Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle is a vibrant neighborhood in central DC. It has outstanding bars, eateries, and...

Landmark 21

National Archives Museum

One of the most important places in Washington, DC, that you can visit is the...

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Landmark 22

National Museum of Women in the Arts

The National Museum of Women in the Arts houses a vast collection of works by...

Landmark 23

Library of Congress

The official research library of the United States Congress is the Library of Congress. It...

Landmark 24

The Pentagon

One of the most important buildings in Washington, DC, is the Pentagon. Construction of this...

Landmark 25

Ford’s Theatre

Opened in 1863, Ford’s Theatre is another of the buildings in Washington, DC, with a...

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In Summary

This list covered the most famous Washington, D.C. sites and attractions. However, it has not...

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