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A List of Major Airports in the State of Washington, USA


A List of Major Airports in the State of Washington, USA

Introduction - There are many airports in Washington State, USA, but only a handful operate frequent passenger flights to and from major...

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Walla Walla Regional Airport, Walla Walla

AIRPORT 1 - Walla Walla Regional Airport (ALW) is located in Walla Walla County, Washington. Interestingly, this airport was used as a base...

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Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Seattle

AIRPORT 2 - Seattle Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is the busiest of the airports of Washington State. The airport is conveniently located just...

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Spokane International Airport, Spokane

AIRPORT 3 - Spokane International Airport (GEG) is the second busiest international airport in Washington State. It’s about seven miles from downtown Spokane...

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Bellingham International Airport, Bellingham

AIRPORT 4 - Bellingham International Airport (BLI) is about three miles northwest of central Bellingham. It’s a reasonably small airport that is convenient...

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Yakima Air Terminal, Yakima

AIRPORT 5 - Yakima Air Terminal is three miles from Yakima in Yakima County. This is another small airport in Washington, but it...

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Tri-Cities Airport, Pasco

AIRPORT 6 - Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) is in Pasco, Franklin County, Washington. It is the fourth largest airport in Washington State. This airport...

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Friday Harbor Airport, Friday Harbor

AIRPORT 7 - Friday Harbor Airport (FHR) is a small airport that operates passenger flights to other areas in Washington State. It’s located...


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