The Best 5 Days in Sicily Itinerary Visual Story

By Esme May


The Best 5 Days in Sicily Itinerary Visual Story

Get ready for this 5 days in Sicily itinerary! Taking you from Mount Etna to...


Mount Etna & Catania

Italy is one of the best countries to visit in Europe, and Sicily will show...


DAY 1 - STOP 1

Mount Etna Volcano

Mount Etna is one of the most famous landmarks in Italy. The active stratovolcano is...

DAY 1 - STOP 2

Piazza del Duomo

Located in the city centre, the Piazza del Duomo is a square packed with historical...

DAY 1 - STOP 3

Parco Archeologico Greco Romano di Catania

The Roman Amphitheater of Catania, also called Casa Pandolfo, was built in the 4th century...


DAY 1 - STOP 4

Teatro Massimo Bellini

Piazza Massimo Bellini features stunning Baroque architectural elements. This historic building opened in 1890 as...


DAY 1 - STOP 5

Uzeta Bistro Siciliano

In Sicily, you must try classic Sicilian food and Mediterranean seafood. Fresh prawns, freshly caught...



Taormina and Messina

The second day of your Sicily trip itinerary is just as jam-packed as day one...

DAY 2 - STOP 1


Taormina is a small and charming town in the east of Sicily. Wandering through the...

DAY 2 - STOP 2

Teatro Antico di Taormina

Italy is home to many famous European landmarks and archaeological ruins. The island of Sicily...

DAY 2 - STOP 3

Isola Bella

Just 20 minutes from Taormina is the small peninsula island of Isola Bella. This white...

DAY 2 - STOP 4


Situated just 40 minutes from Taormina is the city of Messina. This area once served...

DAY 2 - STOP 5

Tempio di Cristo Re

You can walk up the hill from Messina to your next stop Tempio di Cristo...


Isola di Salina

Located just two hours by ferry from Messina, Isola di Salina is the second-largest island...


DAY 3 - STOP 1

Isola di Salina

Salina is an Aeolian island with three main areas: Santa Marina, Malfa, and Leni. The...

DAY 3 - STOP 2

Faro Di Punta Lingua

Having explored Santa Marina a little, make Punta Lingua Lighthouse (Faro Di Punta Lingua) your...


DAY 3 - STOP 3

Area Balneare di Pollara

As featured in the film Il Postino, Area Balneare di Pollara is a cove in...


DAY 3 - STOP 4

La Pinnata del Monsu

One of the best places to eat dinner in Malfa is La Pinnata del Monsu...


DAY 3 - STOP 5


What better way to finish a sun-soaked day than with a cold beer, glass of...



Cefalù and Palermo

The next stops on your Sicily road trip itinerary are Cefalù and Palermo. These destinations...

DAY 4 - STOP 1

Rocca di Cefalù

Make sure you put on comfortable shoes for this activity and start your day as...

DAY 4 - STOP 2

Al Faro

After seeing some famous landmarks, you can stroll along the Medieval seafront walk (which is...

DAY 4 - STOP 3

Palermo Markets

One of the top things to do in Palermo is to explore the markets. The...


DAY 4 - STOP 4

Palermo Walking Tour

An ideal way to see the best landmarks in the city is by taking a...

DAY 4 - STOP 5

I Candelai

Located off Via dei Candelai, I Candelai (or the Cultural Association Candelai) is a cultural...


Trip to Corleone

The last day on your itinerary for Sicily will be spent exploring Corleone. While ancient...


DAY 5 - STOP 1


Monreale, located on the southern outskirts of Palermo, is an unassuming hillside town. It is...

DAY 5 - STOP 2

Piana Degli Albanesi

Half an hour from Monreale is the commune Piana Degli Albanesi, usually shortened to La...


DAY 5 - STOP 3


Just under an hour away from La Piana is Corleone. The star attraction here is...

DAY 5 - STOP 4


Corleone lies in Ficuzza, a hamlet and natural park which stretches over seventeen thousand acres...


DAY 5 - STOP 5

Pizzeria Frida

After a jam-packed five days in Sicily, you can end your trip relaxing on a...



In Conclusion

If you have been wondering what to see in Sicily in 5 days, this itinerary...

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