The Best 3 Day Kuala Lumpur Itinerary Story

By Agne Civilyte

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The Best 3 Day Kuala Lumpur Itinerary Story

This 3 day Kuala Lumpur itinerary covers the most well-known attractions in KL and will...

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A Day Trip to the Batu Caves and the Genting Highlands

The first day of this 3 day Kuala Lumpur itinerary will start with a trip...

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DAY 1 - STOP 1

Ramayana Cave

The first stop of the day is located next to the train station and the...

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DAY 1 - STOP 2

Cave Villa

Cave Villa is a cave temple formed of two caves that educate visitors about the...

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DAY 1 - STOP 3

Statue of Lord Murugan (Sri Murugan)

Lord Murugan statue, also known as Sri Murugan and Tugu Dewa Murugga, marks the entrance...

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DAY 1 - STOP 4

Cathedral Cave

Cathedral Cave, known as Temple Cave or Murugan Temple, is the main cave in the...

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DAY 1 - STOP 5

Pak Tam Sri Corner

There is a vast selection of restaurants near the Temple Cave; however, I suggest grabbing...

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DAY 1 - STOP 6

The Genting Skyway

The Genting Skyway is one of the longest and fastest cable cars in Southeast Asia...

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DAY 1 - STOP 7

Chin Swee Cave Temple

Chin Swee Cave Temple is one of the best places to visit in Kuala Lumpur...

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DAY 1 - STOP 8

Changkat Bukit Bintang

After an adventurous day out of Kuala Lumpur, you are going to finish your day...

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Iconic Kuala Lumpur Attractions

On the second day of this 3 day in Kuala Lumpur travel guide, you are...


DAY 2 - STOP 1

KL Forest Eco Park

You will start the second day of your three days in Kuala Lumpur itinerary by...

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DAY 2 - STOP 2

Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom

Located near another great attraction, Upside Down House, Beryl's Chocolate is a small and cosy...


DAY 2 - STOP 3

Kuala Lumpur Tower

Completed in 1995, Kuala Lumpur Tower, or KL Tower, is a communications and entertainment tower...

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DAY 2 - STOP 4

KLCC Park (Central Park)

Located near the Suria KLCC shopping mall, KLCC Park is a 50-acre urban park that...

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DAY 2 - STOP 5

Petronas Twin Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers are a very iconic attraction that has to be included as...

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DAY 2 - STOP 6

Jalan Alor Street

Jalan Alor Street is the most famous street in the city for food. It is...

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Kuala Lumpur Off the Beaten Path

The third day of this Kuala Lumpur itinerary for three days is going to start...

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DAY 3 - STOP 1

Sri Maha Mariamman Temple

Nestled on the edge of Chinatown, Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, also known as Sri Mahamariamman...

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DAY 3 - STOP 2

The National Mosque of Malaysia

The National Mosque of Malaysia, also known as Masjid Negara mosque, is a national symbol...

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DAY 3 - STOP 3

The National Museum of Malaysia

Situated near the National Art Gallery and the Islamic Arts Museum, the National Museum of...

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DAY 3 - STOP 4

Perdana Botanical Garden

Perdana Botanical Garden, also known as Lake Gardens, is located within the city near national...


DAY 3 - STOP 5

Merdeka Square

Merdeka Square, also known as Dataran Merdeka, is a well-known Kuala Lumpur landmark. It is...

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DAY 3 - STOP 6

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

The Sultan Abdul Samad Building is a Moorish-style building situated near Merdeka Square. It was...

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DAY 3 - STOP 7

Petaling Street

Situated in Kuala Lumpur's Chinatown, Petaling Street, or Petaling Street Market, is a vibrant shopping...

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As you can see, there are many exciting things to do in Kuala Lumpur in...

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