The Best Things to Do in Fiordland National Park in 4 Days Visual Story

By Ryan McNutt

Hien Nguyen


The Best Things to Do in Fiordland National Park in 4 Days Visual Story

An epic 4 Day Fiordland National Park itinerary covering the best things to do, starting...

Hien Nguyen


Discover Lake Manapouri and the Doubtful Sound

Upon your early arrival in Queenstown, pick up your campervan or rental car, stop at...

The Nutty Trekkers

DAY 1 - STOP 1

Cruise the Doubtful Sound

Head to Pearl Harbor, a small boat dock on the southside of Manapouri to board...

The Nutty Trekkers

DAY 1 - STOP 2

Find a Book at Two Wee Bookshop

After an inspiring journey out into Doubtful Sound, head into the village of Manapouri and...

The Nutty Trekkers

DAY 1 - STOP 3

Revel in a Beautiful Sunset at Fraser Beach Reserve

Check-in to your accommodation, drop off your stuff and head to Fraser Beach Reserve to...

The Nutty Trekkers


Explore Te Anau, the Gateway to Fiordland National Park

Your second day begins with a short, scenic drive from Manapouri to Te Anau, the...

Hien Nguyen

DAY 2 - STOP 1

Hike a Section of the Kepler Track: Rainbow Reach

The Kepler Track is a 3-4 day hiking trail through breath-taking alpine scenery that starts...

The Nutty Trekkers

DAY 2 - STOP 2

Visit the Te Anau Bird Sanctuary

A short 10-minute drive from the trail is the Te Anau Bird Sanctuary, a rehabilitation...

Timo Volz

DAY 2 - STOP 3

Do a Virtual Flyover of the Park at Fiordland Cinema

Fiordland Cinema is the only movie theater in town and is a great place to...

Hien Nguyen


Drive the Scenic Te Anau-Milford Highway

Day 3 is a deep dive into the raw and untamed landscape of Fiordland National...

Hien Nguyen

DAY 3 - STOP 1

Stop and View the Eglinton Valley

You officially enter the National Park just north of Te Anau Downs, and your first...

The Nutty Trekkers

DAY 3 - STOP 2

Hike to Lake Marian

Our second stop is arguably the most scenic alpine lake in the world. Towering mountains...

Tomas Sobek

DAY 3 - STOP 3

Enjoy a Sunset on the Banks of Milford Sound

Milford Sound is New Zealand's signature attraction for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is...

The Nutty Trekkers


See a Different Angle of Milford Sound, and Head Back to Queenstown

Your final day in Fiordland National Park is reserved for our favorite activity of the...

The Nutty Trekkers

DAY 4 - STOP 1

Challenge Yourself on the Gertrude Saddle Trail

The Gertrude Saddle hike will push you outside your comfort zone, challenge your fitness, but...

The Nutty Trekkers

DAY 4 - STOP 2

Stop and Enjoy the Stillness of Mirror Lakes

After an intense morning hike, a tranquil walk around Mirror Lakes is the perfect recovery...

The Nutty Trekkers

DAY 4 - STOP 3

Grab a Local Snack at Miles Better Pies

New Zealand is known for its savory pies, and Miles Better Pies in Te Anau...

The Nutty Trekkers


In Summary

There are so many incredible adventures to undertake in Fiordland National Park, from soaking up...

Hien Nguyen

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