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The Best Places to Visit in London for a Weekend


The Best Places to Visit in London for a Weekend

Introduction - There are so many places to visit in London. Here are 19 of the most popular tourist destinations in London...

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Westminster Abbey

Place To Visit 1 - Westminster Abbey is another world-renowned London landmark. This gothic-style abbey church in the city of Westminster has been the coronation...

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Kensington Gardens and Kensington Palace

Place To Visit 2 - Take a break from the crowds of Notting Hill by visiting Kensington Gardens. You can also visit Kensington Palace, which...

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The Royal Albert Hall

Place To Visit 3 - As one of the UK's most iconic and treasured buildings, The Albert Hall is a place you must see in...

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The Natural History Museum

Place To Visit 4 - A visit to London's Natural History Museum will see you learn about global biodiversity, climate change, the Earth's oceans, and...

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Big Ben

Place To Visit 5 - Big Ben is one of the most famous London attractions. The clock tower is synonymous with London and is a...

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Hyde Park

Place To Visit 6 - After you’ve wandered around Kensington Gardens, continue east toward the iconic Hyde Park. The 350-acre park is the largest of...

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The London Eye

Place To Visit 7 - Also known as the Millenium Wheel, the London Eye has been a popular London attraction for 20 years. The observation...

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Borough Market

Place To Visit 8 - Borough Market is a produce market hall in Southwark. The food market dates back to the 13th century. Even today...

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Notting Hill

Place To Visit 9 - Notting Hill is one of the most-visited neighborhoods in London. Found in the west of the city, Notting Hill is...

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St. Paul’s Cathedral

Place To Visit 10 - St. Paul’s Cathedral is an Anglican Cathedral and the mother church of the Diocese of London. The cathedral sits on...


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