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15 Top-Rated Berkeley Parks to Visit


15 Top-Rated Berkeley Parks to Visit

Introduction - With hills to the east and water to the west, Berkeley has over fifty parks on offer, from nature preserves...


Indian Rock Park

Park 1 - Berkeley boasts multiple rock parks for avid climbers and boulderers, with Indian Rock Park being one of Berkeley's best rock...

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Tilden Regional Park

Park 2 - Located on the eastern hills of Berkeley, this park is one of East Bay's oldest and most famous parks. Spanning...

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Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park

Park 3 - Honoring the famous civil rights activist, the city designated this park as the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park...

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Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve

Park 4 - Nestled in the hills of Berkeley and Oakland, Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve spans 208 acres. Through community activism, people managed...

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Cesar Chavez Park

Park 5 - Originally known as North Waterfront Park, Cesar Chavez Park replaced the former landfill site as a pleasant waterfront park. In...


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