Ankur Khemani

8 Best Places to Go in LA, California You Need to Visit


8 Best Places to Go in LA, California You Need to Visit

Introduction - If you're visiting Los Angeles soon, then read this guide. Here is a list of the eight best places to...

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Walk around the Santa Monica Pier

Place To Go 1 - One of the most iconic piers in Los Angeles is also where the famous cross-country Route 66 terminates, so you...


Have fun at a theme park

Place To Go 2 - You have to visit at least one of the several theme parks in and around Los Angeles - Universal Studios...

Ankur Khemani

Stroll Venice Beach & the Boardwalk

Place To Go 3 - The bohemian lifestyle in Venice, one of the most touristy yet laid-back neighborhoods in Los Angeles, is one of my...

Ankur Khemani

Venture down Rodeo Drive

Place To Go 4 - Beverly Hills and Hollywood demand luxury, which Rodeo Drive fulfilled after becoming a must-visit place in Los Angeles following its...

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Visit the Griffith Observatory & Griffith Park

Place To Go 5 - The Griffith Observatory is located atop Mount Hollywood and provides panoramic views of Downtown Los Angeles, all the way out...

Ankur Khemani

Take a picture with the Hollywood Sign

Place To Go 6 - If there's something that identifies Los Angeles uniquely, it's got to be the world entertainment symbol of Hollywood, the Hollywood...


See the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Place To Go 7 - The Hollywood Walk of Fame at the world-famous Hollywood Boulevard is not how you might have imagined Hollywood in your...


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