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16 Famous Kauai Tourist Attractions You Should Visit


16 Famous Kauai Tourist Attractions You Should Visit

Introduction - Whether you like beaches, parks, or museums, check out this list of Kauai tourist attractions you should visit. Enjoy the...

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Opaekaa Falls

Tourist Attraction 1 - Opeakaa Falls is a massive 40-foot wide, 150-foot falls that can be seen from an overlook on Kuamoo Road. The...

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Wailua Falls

Tourist Attraction 2 - Wailua Falls is certainly one of the must-see places in Kauai, and fans of TV's "Fantasy Island" will recognize its...

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Waimea Canyon State Park

Tourist Attraction 3 - Often called "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific," Waimea Canyon is one of the most famous landmarks in North America...

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Allerton and McBryde Gardens

Tourist Attraction 4 - Where the Kilauea refuge is primarily for Kauai's fauna, much of the island's flora is protected through the conservation efforts...

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Hanalei Valley Lookout

Tourist Attraction 5 - The Hanalei Valley Lookout will leave visitors spellbound amid a dazzling array of greens. The mountains, valley, marshes, and patchwork...

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Fern Grotto

Tourist Attraction 6 - About two miles up the Wailua River and only accessible by boat, the Fern Grotto is an impressively lush cave...

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Poipu Beach Park

Tourist Attraction 7 - Poipu Beach Park is a favorite for families in Kauai, as it provides visitors with picnic tables, bathrooms, and showers...

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Koloa Heritage Trail

Tourist Attraction 8 - The Koloa Heritage Trail is a 14-stop, 10-mile trail that honors the history, environment, and people of the South Shore...

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Spouting Horn Blowhole

Tourist Attraction 9 - For more Kauai points of interest on the south shore, visitors can find their way to the famed Spouting Horn...

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Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park

Tourist Attraction 10 - In northwest Kauai, Na Pali Coast State Park stretches for fifteen miles and is one of the world's most beautiful...


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