20 Best Things to Do in Maui for Couples

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Clear blue ocean with lush greenery in the foreground and black rocks surrounding
Maui is an incredible destination for a romantic couples getaway

Maui is one of the most beautiful Hawaiian Islands. The destination is especially well-known as being an incredible spot for couples retreats and honeymoons.

When traveling to this scenic area of Hawaii with your other half, you'll find many great activities to try. If you're unsure of exactly what to add to your to-do list, this guide of the best things to do in Maui for couples is sure to help.

From massages and wine tastings to snorkeling and hiking, there are plenty of activities for all types of couples. Continue reading to learn more about them!

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20 Most Romantic Things to Do in Maui

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Visiting a lavender field is one of the best things to do in Maui for couples
A trip to Kula Lavender Farm is one of the best things to do in Maui for couples

Wander around the Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm

Strolling through fields of beautifully colored, sweetly scented lavender is sure to make anyone happy and relaxed! The Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm features over 45 varieties of lavender and allows you to see them all while exploring the vast farm.

Having taken in the purple fields, stop by the cafe for tea and lavender scones. Finally, visit the shop to treat your partner to a lavender-infused gift, such as lavender body lotion. This activity is a quaint and unusual thing to do on Maui!

β˜‚οΈ Discover Alii Kula Lavender on a tour

A pool surrounded by cabanas and trees with a garden and a beach nearby
Enjoy a romantic getaway in Maui at the Four Seasons Resort

Relax by the pool at the Four Seasons Resort

There are many excellent hotels and resorts in Maui, but the Four Seasons is one of the most popular. If it's in your budget, staying here is definitely worth it.

One of the best things to do with your partner at the Four Seasons is spending the day relaxing by the pool. The resort has three pools, including an adults-only one, and poolside cabanas are available. You can also benefit from a swim-up bar, poolside food and drink service, and complimentary juice and popsicles.

β˜‚οΈ See Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea on a tour

Show your creative side at the Island Art Party

If you and your partner love crafts or want to try something new, attending an Island Art Party is one of the top things to do in Maui for couples. These events are held in the evenings and are adults-only.

On arrival, you'll be offered a cocktail and can then begin following the guide's instructions to paint an amazing Hawaiian-inspired image. Attending this event is the perfect way to bond and learn new skills. You can also take your final artwork home with you.

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Grey and orange mountains surrounded by clouds under blue sky
Hiking at Haleakala National Park is a fun activity if you love the outdoors

Hike or bike in Haleakala National Park

Hiking or biking in Haleakala National Park is one of the fun things to do in Maui for couples that love the outdoors. The park features many trails that range from easy to moderate in difficulty. Best of all, you can enjoy incredible views as you follow the paths.

If you and your partner enjoyed the park, consider returning for the sunrise or sunset. Watching the beautiful pink and orange sky over the park is an extremely romantic activity.

β˜‚οΈ Explore Haleakalā National Park with a tour

A humpback whale jumping out of the ocean with a town in the far background
Maui is one of the best places in the world to go whale watching

Experience a memorable whale watching tour

Maui is an excellent place to go whale-watching. Seeing these creatures up close is one of the best ways to create lasting memories with your partner.

The ideal way to see whales is by taking a whale-watching cruise. You're almost guaranteed to spot humpback whales (if you don't, you can go on another cruise for free!) You'll also get to enjoy the stunning views of Lahaina Harbor.

If you want to spot as many whales as possible, the best time to go to Maui is between November and May, with mid-January to March generally considered peak whale watching season.

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Play FootGolf at Ka'anapali Golf Courses

FootGolf is a unique sport where you kick a soccer-sized ball into golf holes instead of the normal club and golf ball setup. If you both enjoy sports, then add a trip to Ka'anapali Golf Courses to try FootGolf to your Maui itinerary.

Depending on how much time you have, you can try a 9-hole or 18-hole course. Regular golf is also offered here if you want to have a sports-themed day out!

β˜‚οΈ Visit Kaanapali Golf Courses with an excursion

🏨 Places to stay close to Kaanapali Golf Courses

Mountains with a winding road and greenery in front under a blue sky
Horseback riding in the West Maui Mountains is a must-do couples activity

Horseback ride in the West Maui Mountains

The West Maui Mountains are one of two volcanoes on Maui (the other being in Haleakala National Park) and are surrounded by ocean views.

You and your partner can hike here, but a more popular activity in the West Maui Mountains is horse riding. Even if you haven't ridden before, your guide will help you both explore the scenic area on horseback.

A road running through lush green forest
The Hana Highway is a Maui landmark that's popular for road trips

Take a road trip on the Hana Highway

The Hana Highway is a 64.4-mile long scenic highway that runs from Kahului to Hana. Driving along this road is a must when visiting Maui. On the way, you'll discover small towns and get to take in breathtaking views.

You can go for a day or find a place to stay and make the road trip into a mini-getaway. If you don't want to rent a car and take a road trip alone, try a Road to Hana guided day trip.

Kayak and snorkel with sea turtles

Maui is home to many sea turtles, and getting up close with them is one of the fun things to do in Maui for couples. A great way to see these marine creatures is via a kayak and snorkel tour.

On the tour, a guide will lead you to areas in South Maui known to be home to sea turtles. You can spot them from your kayak and hop in the water to snorkel with them. You can also enjoy breathtaking views of the West Maui Mountains and Haleakala National Park.

Two women wearing yellow headdresses and blue outfits with their arms raised
Watch performers and eat delicious Hawaiian dishes at the Te Au Moana Luau

Spend the night at a Luau

Watching a luau can't be missed when in Hawaii, and doing so with your significant other is an enjoyable activity. The Te Au Moana Luau at The Wailea Beach Marriott Resort is one of the most popular luaus in Maui.

With your ticket, you can watch the show and enjoy an incredible three-course Hawaiian meal right by the beach. You'll also get a fresh flower lei necklace and can view a fire knife performance.

🏨 Stay in close proximity to Wailea Beach Resort - Marriott, Maui

Purple, red, and orange streaks in the sky as the sun sets over a beach with trees
Watch the setting sun while sailing on a cocktail and dinner cruise in Maui

Treat your partner to a sunset cocktail and dinner cruise

Maui sunsets are some of the best in the world, and what better way to enjoy them than from the water? You'll discover a host of sunset cruises in Maui, with most offering food, cocktails, and live music.

Cruises to try include sunset sails with an open bar and Mahi-Mahi dinner or a private sail with champagne. Whichever you choose, watching the sunset with your loved one is one of the most romantic activities in Maui.

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Get a couples massage at Hawaii Natural Therapy

Getting a couples massage is one of the most romantic things to do in Maui. The island has a host of day spas, but the couples massage at Hawaii Natural Therapy is one of the most recommended treatments.

Styles of massage to choose from include Swedish, Lomilomi, and reflexology, with lavender essential oil used for all. Whichever you choose, you'll be completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

🏨 Places to stay close to Hawaii Natural Therapy

A red boat on the ocean with rocks to the side under blue sky
You'll spot many Hawaiian marine creatures when snorkeling at Molokini Crater

Snorkel around Molokini Crater

The amazing Molokini Crater is located off of the South Shore of Maui. The ocean that surrounds the crater is crystal clear, making it a popular snorkeling location. If you enjoy water activities and marine life, then heading out to Molokini Crater to snorkel is a must.

You're sure to spot a range of vibrant tropical reef fish. You may also see turtles, sharks, and dolphins. If you don't feel like exploring alone, you and your partner can try a Molokini Crater guided tour.

An aerial view of Maui with ocean, rocky coastline, and green land below
Going on a couples helicopter tour allows you to see scenic Maui from above

View Maui from above on a helicopter tour

Really wow your other half by taking them on a helicopter tour of Maui! Many types of flights are available, including everything from 45-minute flights to day trips that include stops.

Whatever type of helicopter tour you choose, your pilot will provide information on the Maui landmarks being seen from above. Of course, you'll also be able to take in the birds-eye view of Maui and, hopefully, snap some pics.

🏨 Accommodation nearby Maui

Enjoy a wine tasting tour

Enjoying some delicious wine with your other half is always a good idea. While in Maui, checking out MauiWine, a vineyard and tasting room on the island, is an ideal date activity.

MauiWine offers vineyard tours and a range of tasting options. These options include tasting flights, private tastings and tours, and tastings on the estate lawn. Wines to try include estate wines, roses, and their unique pineapple wines - yum!

A white submarine on the surface beside a boat on a nice day
Go on a memorable date and experience the underwater world in a submarine

Dive to the bottom of the ocean on a submarine

Taking your partner on a submarine is one of the most memorable experiences there is! The Maui Atlantis Submarine adventure lets you explore the depths of the ocean in a state-of-the-art submarine.

You and your other half will be able to see coral reefs and a range of marine creatures, including turtles, fish, and even whales. This activity is truly once-in-a-lifetime and is an ideal way for those that don't dive or snorkel to see marine life.

A sandy beach with waves crashing and a mountain and town in the background
Wailea Beach is one of the amazing beaches on Maui

Hang out on the beach

Spending the day at the beach is one of the most simple but fun things to do in Maui for couples. It's also one of the best free things to do in Maui.

You'll discover a vast selection of beaches to choose from. These include the unique Black Sand Beach, Ka'anapali Beach, and Wailea Beach. Sunbathing, swimming, and chatting with your partner is the ideal way to relax.

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Go on a brewery tour

Taking your partner on a brewery tour is one of the super fun things to do in Maui for couples. The tour will take you around some of the island's top breweries and includes lunch.

At each brewery, you'll receive a free flight so you can sample the beers. You'll also get to enjoy the beautiful Maui scenery as you get driven between stops.

🏨 Stay in close proximity to 605 Lipoa Pkwy

Several colorful surfboards lined up on a sidewalk while leaning on a wired fence
Learn how to ride the waves in Maui with your partner at a local surf school

Take a surfing lesson together

If you enjoy water sports, taking a surfing lesson with your partner is one of the top things to do in Maui for couples. You can discover a range of surf schools offering lessons for beginners through to experienced surfers.

All classes include surf equipment, if needed, and will allow you both to feel comfortable hitting the waves alone. If you're more advanced, you can learn professional-level techniques and tricks.

Eat delicious pineapple on a pineapple tour

This sweet couple's activity will see you visit a working pineapple farm and try some freshly picked gold pineapple. The Maui Pineapple tour allows an in-depth look at how the pineapple is grown and harvested.

You'll also learn more about the history of the farm and pineapple growing in Hawaii. After exploring the farm, you can taste some of the fruit and will both receive a pineapple to take with you. This activity is a unique and interesting one that's sure to be remembered.

🏨 Places to stay close to Haliimaile

In Conclusion

Maui offers many activities to try and is a fantastic destination for romantic getaways. If you're planning a vacation with your loved one, this list of the top things to do in Maui for couples should help you plan a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

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