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15 Perfect Spots to Watch an Oahu Sunset


15 Perfect Spots to Watch an Oahu Sunset

Introduction - Watching sunsets in Oahu, Hawaii, is not only famous but also totally free. Spend magical endings to your day by...

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Tantalus Lookout

Sunset Location 1 - Most people flock to the beach to watch one of Oahu's famous sunsets. Tarantulas Lookout is a beach that offers...

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Diamond Head Beach Park

Sunset Location 2 - Diamond Head Beach is a terrific spot to go watch the sunset. Located near Honolulu, Diamond Head is a popular...

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China Walls

Sunset Location 3 - China Walls is one of the best sunset spots on Oahu, Hawaii. Popular amongst locals and tourists alike, China Walls...

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Ka'ena Point State Park

Sunset Location 4 - Ka'ena Point State Park offers another one of the best sunsets on Oahu, Hawaii. The hike out to the point...

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Sunset Beach Park

Sunset Location 5 - Sunset Beach Park has the best sunset in Oahu; it says so right in the name. Sunset Beach is famous...

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Waimea Bay Beach

Sunset Location 6 - Waimea Bay is famous for its big wave surfers, jumping rocks, and sunsets. This beautiful sandy beach sees visitors year-round....

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Ko Olina Lagoons

Sunset Location 7 - One of the secret best sunset spots in Oahu, Hawaii is the Ko Olina Lagoons. Ko Olina Lagoons are actually...

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Shark's Cove

Sunset Location 8 - Shark's Cove is a less touristy spot to go and watch the sunset. Located on the North Shore, the Cove...

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Mokoli’i Island

Sunset Location 9 - Lovingly nicknamed "Chinaman's Hat, this island actually means "little lizard" in Hawaiian. At one point, this island used to be...

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Kawela Bay Beach Park

Sunset Location 10 - One of the more secluded beaches in Oahu, Kawela Bay Beach is the perfect spot to catch a quiet sunset...


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