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17 Best Places to See in Chicago for First-Time Visitors


17 Best Places to See in Chicago for First-Time Visitors

Introduction - Chicago is one of Illinois's most famous cities, if not the most. It is known for its architecture, art, music...

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The Chicago River

Place To See 1 - The Chicago River is a must-see Chicago landmark. A stroll along the Chicago Riverwalk is to walk in the company...

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Kinzie Street Railroad Bridge

Place To See 2 - Spanning the Chicago River, Kinzie Street Railroad Bridge is a little-known historical landmark in Chicago. The railroad bridge was an...

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Chicago Water Tower

Place To See 3 - One of the only structures to have survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, the Chicago Water Tower is by...

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The Field Museum

Place To See 4 - The Field Museum is one of the largest natural history museums in the world and a landmark in Chicago, attracting...

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Oak Street Beach

Place To See 5 - Come summertime, Chicago is famous for its sandy Lake Michigan beaches. The Chicago Park District manages a network of 24...

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Navy Pier

Place To See 6 - Certainly, one of the most famous places in Chicago is the 3,330-foot-long Navy Pier. This iconic boardwalk stretches into Lake...

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Lincoln Park Zoo

Place To See 7 - The Lincoln Park Zoo is an institution and a historic landmark in Chicago; opening in 1868, the Zoo is the...

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Millennium Park

Place To See 8 - Millennium Park may be the most iconic of all the Chicago sites and landmarks present on this list. This 25-acre...

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Wrigley Field

Place To See 9 - Chicago loves baseball. Wrigley Field is an iconic Chicago landmark and the home to the Chicago Cubs. Located in Wrigleyville...

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Garfield Park Conservatory

Place To See 10 - One of the largest greenhouses in the United States, the Garfield Park Conservatory is a wonder. After decades of neglect...


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