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30 Top-Rated Shreveport Attractions to See in Louisiana

Katherine Welles/
Katherine Welles/

30 Top-Rated Shreveport Attractions to See in Louisiana

Introduction - If you are wondering where to go on your next trip to Shreveport, Louisiana, then read on. Here are the...

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Smell the flowers at the American Rose Center

Attraction 1 - The American Rose Center is one of the most beautiful Shreveport, LA, attractions, making it a must-visit location. The stunning...

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Look around the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum

Attraction 2 - If you want to learn more about Louisiana's history, plan a trip to the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum. Opened in...

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Watch a performance at The Strand Theatre

Attraction 3 - The Strand Theatre is a local landmark that was built in 1923 and added to the National Register of Historic...


Say hi to alligators at Gators and Friends Adventure Park!

Attraction 4 - A fun fact about Louisiana is that it has more alligators than any other state! You can see some of...


Follow the Sunflower Trail!

Attraction 5 - If you're in the Shreveport-Bossier area in June, be sure to check out the Sunflower Trail Festival. You'll be able...


Watch a performance at Shreveport Municipal Auditorium

Attraction 6 - Are you wondering what to do in Shreveport, LA, in the evening? Why not go to a show at the...

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See aircraft at the Barksdale Global Power Museum

Attraction 7 - The Barksdale Global Power Museum is located in Bossier City, around ten to 15 minutes from central Shreveport. This attraction...


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