The Ultimate 7 Day Outer Banks Itinerary Visual Story

By Samantha Roberts


The Ultimate 7 Day Outer Banks Itinerary Visual Story

The Outer Banks is home to wild horses and hundreds of miles of peaceful beaches...


Currituck & Corolla

Your perfect 7-day Outer Banks itinerary starts in the northernmost part of the islands. This...

DAY 1 - STOP 1

See Wild Horses at the Beach

You've probably heard about the wild Spanish mustangs that roam free in the Outer Banks...

DAY 1 - STOP 2

Currituck Beach Lighthouse & Historic Corolla Park

End your first day by walking the 220 steps to the top of Currituck Beach...


Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, & Nags Head

Day two of your Outer Banks itinerary includes learning about the area's history and getting...

DAY 2 - STOP 1

Kitty Hawk

On your second day in the Outer Banks, head south to Kitty Hawk. You can...

DAY 2 - STOP 2

Kill Devil Hills

Next, it's time to head south to Kill Devil Hills. Yes, this town has a...

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DAY 2 - STOP 3

Nags Head

End your second day with adventure in Nags Head! Nags Head is home to Jockey's...


Roanoke Island

This little barrier island is famous for its "lost colony" of settlers. It is one...

DAY 3 - STOP 1

Fort Raleigh National Historic Site

The Fort Raleigh National Historic Site preserves the location of the Roanoke colony of 1587...

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DAY 3 - STOP 2

Island Farm

The Island Farm is a 19th-century farm that has been turned into a living museum...

DAY 3 - STOP 3

Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse

Not your typical lighthouse, the Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse is a beautiful little lighthouse that you...


Bodie Island & Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge

Day four is all about relaxation and enjoying nature. You'll spend time relaxing on the...

DAY 4 - STOP 1

Coquina Beach

Spend your morning walking along Coquina Beach. It's a white sand beach that is expansive...

DAY 4 - STOP 2

Bodie Island Lighthouse

The Bodie Island Lighthouse has had a turbulent history. Initially built in 1847, the Bodie...

DAY 4 - STOP 3

Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge

There are no buildings along the stretch of road through the Pea Island National Wildlife...


Rodanthe, Salvo, & Avon

Are you ready to spend another day in nature? Day five of your Outer Banks...

DAY 5 - STOP 1


Start your day in Rodanthe at the Chicamacomico Life Saving Station Historic Site. It's a...


DAY 5 - STOP 2


After lunch, head south to the Salvo Day Use Area in Salvo. The day-use area...

DAY 5 - STOP 3


End Day 5 in the Outer Banks with a walk on the Avon Fishing Pier...


Hatteras Island

Hatteras Island is in the southern part of the Outer Banks. Day six is all...

DAY 6 - STOP 1

Orange Blossom Bakery & Cafe

This little cafe in northern Hatteras Island is too good to miss. They are famous...

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DAY 6 - STOP 2

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Next, head to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse located on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. It...

DAY 6 - STOP 3

Hatteras Village Park

The entrance to the park may seem small and unassuming, but don't let this fool...

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DAY 6 - STOP 4

Frisco Native American Museum & Natural History Center

At this stop, you'll learn about the original inhabitants of Hatteras Island. This museum is...

DAY 6 - STOP 5

Futuro House

Want a unique place to take a picture? End your day by stopping by the...


Ocracoke Island

When you think of the best beaches in the United States, you probably think of...

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DAY 7 - STOP 1

Take the Ocracoke Ferry

You'll need to take a drive-on ferry to get to Ocracoke Island from Hatteras Island...

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DAY 7 - STOP 2

Ocracoke Beach

Start your time on Ocracoke Island by spending time on the #2 ranked beach in...

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DAY 7 - STOP 3

Pony Pen

Not so wild anymore, but still the descendants of the mustangs from Spain that were...

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DAY 7 - STOP 4

Eat at Howard's Pub & Raw Bar

Next, stop for a bite to eat at the renowned Howard's Pub. The restaurant is...

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DAY 7 - STOP 5

Ocracoke Lighthouse

End your day on Ocracoke by seeing the southernmost lighthouse in the Outer Banks. The...

Samantha Roberts


In Summary

I instantly fell in love with the Outer Banks' natural beauty, adventurous activities, and delicious...

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