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12 Other Names for Nashville You Might Not Know Yet


12 Other Names for Nashville You Might Not Know Yet

Introduction - Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, is one of the most visited cities in the state. This city is known for...


Music City, USA

Nickname 1 - Music City, or Music City USA is undoubtedly Nashville's most iconic nickname. The nickname was first used by announcer David...



Nickname 2 - Another famous nickname relating to the Nashville Predators is Smashville. This nickname is highly important to Predators' fans, and they...


The Birthplace of Country Music

Nickname 3 - This Nashville, Tennessee, nickname has similar origins as the Music City nickname. Nashville is often referred to as the Birthplace...


Athens of the South

Nickname 4 - One of the nicknames for Nashville, Tennessee, that's less well-known is Athens of the South. This name was given to...



Nickname 5 - Nashvegas is another Nashville, TN, nickname you must know. The name is a play on Las Vegas due to the...


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