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30 Exciting Denton Activities for a Fun Vacation


30 Exciting Denton Activities for a Fun Vacation

Introduction - If you are planning a trip and wondering how to spend your time in Denton, check out these 30 exciting...


Tour the Denton County Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum

Activity 1 - Constructed between 1895 and 1896 in a Romanesque style, the Denton County Courthouse is the city's former main courthouse. Today...


Visit the Denton County African American Museum

Activity 2 - The Denton County African American Museum is housed within the Quakertown House in Denton County Historical Park. This structure was...


Access Lake Lewisville via Big Sandy Boat Ramp

Activity 3 - Lake Lewisville is a great place to go boating near Denton. The lake is located around 20 minutes from Denton...

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Pick up a new read at Recycled Books, Records, CDs

Activity 4 - Going to Recycled Books, Records, CDs is one of the can't-miss Denton activities for bookworms. The independent store features an...


Plan a trip to Dallas

Activity 5 - Dallas is a popular destination in Texas that is only an hour from Denton, depending on traffic. Planning a trip...

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Snap photos on the Old Alton Bridge

Activity 6 - One of the best things to do around Denton for those that like nature photography is going to Old Alton...


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