19 Best Things to Do in Berkeley Springs, WV

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One of the fun things to do in Berkeley Springs, WV is golfing

Just like when capturing the heart of singer John Denver, the country roads and mountains of West Virginia will leave you wanting to sing its praises.

These 19 things to do in Berkeley Springs, WV, give a great sampling of what the whole state has to offer, including outdoor fun, food and drink, and relaxation.

Any of the activities or West Virginia landmarks on this list would be a great way to start an Appalachian adventure, but you'll definitely want to try more than one!

Continue reading, and you'll learn why they call it wild and wonderful West Virginia!

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19 Things to Do in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

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Get hydrated with a Water Tasting event

If you're curious to know just how different each bottle of water can be, head to the annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting.

Visitors can sample municipal, sparkling, and purified water from over fifty countries and watch as judges decide the winners for each category. You can also weigh in on the People's Choice award for best packaging and design.

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Go for a quaint walk in Berkeley Springs State Park

Visit Berkeley Springs State Park

A current of spring water cuts through Berkeley Springs State Park at a warm, consistent 74.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

Throughout the continent's history, it has attracted travelers seeking its restorative mineral water. Native American groups would come from as far away as the Great Lakes and the Carolinas for a soak, and George Washington's regular visits put it on the map in colonial times.

Cacapon Resort State Park has a variety of fun activities to offer visitors

Treat yourself at Cacapon Resort State Park

Cacapon Resort State Park offers a rare mixture of luxury and ruggedness for visitors looking for Berkeley Springs activities. You can stay in cabins or the recently restored Old Inn, with an on-site restaurant open year-round.

With this comfortable home base, you can venture out to explore the hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, and geocaching adventures that await nearby.

Take a soak in George Washington's Bathtub

To honor the first president's frequent visits to this Appalachian town, a faithful replica of where he bathed has been built and labeled in Berkeley Springs State Park.

Fascinatingly, the site must describe itself as the United States' only outdoor monument to presidential bathing. An indoor replica of the oversized bathtub ordered for William Taft is found at the National Archives.

It commemorates when the previous tub accidentally imprisoned his 340-pound frame, and four men had to lather the nation's leader in butter to help him escape.

Make some furry friends at Give Purrs a Chance

Cat lovers in Berkeley Springs should head straight to Give Purrs a Chance. A two-story Victorian mansion houses this triple threat cat cafe, adoption center, and "catique" boutique where you can buy cat-related crafts from local artists.

You can stop in for a coffee and a cuddle, or you can leave with a new four-legged family member. All of the rescue cats have been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and are completely adoption-ready.

Play a round of golf

One of the Berkeley Springs attractions that brings people all the way from Washington, D.C. is its golf courses.

Cacapon Golf Club - found in Cacapon State Park - and The Woods are two beautiful courses found nestled into the Appalachians of West Virginia, with rolling hills and dense forests lining the path through their eighteen holes.

It's hard to believe that this peaceful golfing getaway can be reached in just ninety minutes from the famous landmarks of the nation's capital!

Go shopping in historic Downtown Berkeley Springs

With only around 600 permanent residents, Berkeley Springs has some serious small-town charm. This is never more true than when taking a stroll along their main street through the historic downtown district.

Established during colonial times and known as the nation's first spa, today, the historic downtown area is where visitors can find some of the best dining and boutique shopping in the state.

Star Theatre became what it is today in 1928

See a movie at the historic Star Theatre

Built as an automobile garage in 1917, the original building was converted into the Star Theatre in 1928.

Today, the theater holds regular movie showtimes as well as events such as all-day Oscar movie marathons, musical performances, and comedy shows. They even have a few couches you can book if you want to turn two separate tickets into one loveseat!

Go horseback riding in the mountains

Learning how to care for, saddle, and ride horses is a dwindling art, but visitors to Berkeley Springs can learn how to connect with these impressive creatures at Good Luck Stables or Triple C Outfitters.

Whether you're interested in trail riding, taking some introductory lessons, or even booking a photoshoot, this is one of the things to do around Berkeley Springs, WV, you shouldn't miss!

The Morgan Arts Council's Ice House hosts art classes, concerts and more

Get cultured at Morgan Arts Council's Ice House

The MAC - Morgan Arts Council - is a group of art enthusiasts and professionals dedicated to engaging and enriching Berkeley Springs. In 1996, they were gifted a four-story yellow brick building called the Ice House due to its role in apple storage at one point in its history.

Ever since, they have used it for art classes, community theater, visual arts displays, and concerts. Check out their schedule to see what's happening while you're in town!

Wander through Eidolon Nature Preserve

Eidolon, named after the ghostly women Zeus made with mist and light, is a stunning nature preserve found near Berkeley Springs. The park is a popular choice for birders and hikers, with hundreds of species found along the reserve's four miles of hiking trails.

The highest point in the preserve will elevate you to 1,600 feet and provide sweeping views of the Potomac River and surrounding mountains.

Get educated at the Museum of the Berkeley Springs

This little museum is a great place to visit if you're looking for things to do around Berkeley Springs, WV. It covers the natural history of the spring, the history of Native Americans from the region, and the founding of the town of Bath, as Berkeley Springs was originally called.

It's also an interpretive center for the Washington Heritage Trail, making it a trove of information about the early years of America's first president.

Take in the views from Prospect Peak

Standing one thousand feet above the Potomac River, the overlook at Prospect Peak offers fantastic panoramas. It's located about three miles outside of Berkeley Springs, with a pull-off area to let you really take in the scenery.

From that vantage point, you can see into Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania and watch as the winding Cacapon River snakes its way into the mighty Potomac.

Lounge in the Old Roman Bath House

To truly enjoy the springs in America's first spa town, head to the Old Roman Bath House in Berkeley Springs State Park. The naturally warm mineral water flowing behind this 1820 building is further heated to 102 degrees Fahrenheit and used to fill the pools inside.

While not as old as actual Roman structures, this certainly captures their spirit and is open to the public year-round.

Gorge yourself at the West Virginia Wine & Food Festival

The uniquely West Virginia Wine & Food Festival held each April is one of the top Berkeley Springs things to do that you should add to your calendar.

Dozens of vendors from across the state descend upon the small town each spring, bringing their prize wines and family recipes with them. There's no better way to get to know a place than to sample its best dishes!

Sample craft beer at Berkeley Springs Brewing Co

Berkeley Springs Brewery is a well-established watering hole for lovers of craft beer. They have a rotating tap list, and flights are available in case you have a hard time settling on just one beer at a time.

They also have a Bed, Brew, and Breakfast package if you want to make this pub your center of operations by renting out an apartment on the second level.

Rejuvenate yourself at the Berkeley Springs Salt Cave

This little Appalachian town is focused on wellness, and one of the attractions in Berkeley Springs, WV, tries to reproduce the microclimate of a Himalayan salt cave.

The Berkeley Springs Salt Cave has imported over 7,000 pounds of Himalayan salt to combine with sights, sounds, and textures to rejuvenate its visitors.

Embrace the darkness in Paw Paw Tunnel

Are you afraid of the dark? If you have the desire to test your nerve, head to Paw Paw tunnel in nearby Oldtown, Maryland. The 3,118-foot-long tunnel cuts through a mountain to bypass an especially winding portion of the Potomac River.

Vessels on the canal could only pass one at a time, and passengers would sing to pass the time and remember themselves in the annihilating darkness. The tunnel is no longer operational, but brave visitors can walk through on foot.

Go fishing in Sleepy Creek Lake

For some outdoor adventure, you can head to the Sleepy Creek Lake reservoir. It was created in 1962 by a dam on Sleepy Creek and is bordered by the scenery of Sleepy Creek Mountain and Third Hill Mountain.

The reservoir is regularly stocked for fishing, with northern pike, largemouth bass, bluegill, and channel catfish roaming its depths.


Berkeley Springs occupies a unique place in both history and the modern world. While maintaining its small-town charm, visitors still feel connected to the larger world. Even more, the focus on wellness, water, and nature will have you feeling more connected to yourself as well.

It won't take much time here to reset your pace to match the slower, deeper rhythms of the ancient mountains and rivers that surround you.

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