11 Best Things to See in Yellowstone Over 3 Days


11 Best Things to See in Yellowstone Over 3 Days

Introduction - Going to Yellowstone on the next long weekend? You should check these 11 best things to see in Yellowstone. Keep...

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Norris Geyser Basin

Thing To See 1 - Norris Geyser Basin is the oldest, hottest, and most acidic basin in the park. This makes the geothermal features here...

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The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Thing To See 2 - If the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone were outside of the park, it would likely be a national park on...

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Mammoth Hot Springs

Thing To See 3 - This is a favorite stop in the park for many visitors. Unlike most of the other geothermal features, this area...

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The Lower Geyser Basin

Thing To See 4 - The Lower Geyser Basin is the largest of the basins, and most of the sites are widely spread out. This...

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Yellowstone Lake

Thing To See 5 - The first stop today on your Yellowstone national park 3 day itinerary is Yellowstone Lake, the largest high elevation lake...

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Hayden Valley

Thing To See 6 - Like Lamar Valley, Hayden Valley is an excellent location for watching wildlife. Similar to last night, you will want to...

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Obsidian Cliff and Sheepeater Cliff

Thing To See 7 - Obsidian is often called volcanic glass and is an important stone for making arrowheads and other tools. Unlike most obsidian...

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Midway Geyser Basin

Thing To See 8 - Midway Geyser Basin is one of the most beautiful places in Yellowstone National Park, and you can plan to spend...

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Tower Fall

Thing To See 9 - Tower Fall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the park and is worth the short detour to see...

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Lamar Valley

Thing To See 10 - Plan to arrive at Lamar Valley near sunset. This is one of the prime areas in the park to see...


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