What are the airports close to the Outer Banks, NC? Story

By Loredana Elena

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What are the airports close to the Outer Banks, NC? Story

This list covers the airports close to the Outer Banks, NC, so you can easily...

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Airport 1

Norfolk International Airport, Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk International Airport is located in Norfolk, Virginia. It was established in 1936 and offers...

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Airport 2

Raleigh–Durham International Airport, Morrisville, NC

Raleigh–Durham International Airport is located in Morrisville, just northeast of Raleigh. The airport is about...

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Airport 3

Coastal Carolina Regional Airport, New Bern, NC

Coastal Carolina Regional Airport (airport code EWN) is a commercial airport serviced by major airlines...

Airport 4

Billy Mitchell Airport, Frisco, NC

Billy Mitchell Airport is for smaller private and commercial aircraft. It is not serviced by...

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Airport 5

Dare County Regional Airport, Manteo, NC

Dare County Regional Airport, with the airport code MQI, is a 340-acre airport in Manteo...

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Airport 6

Ocracoke Island Airport, Ocracoke, NC

As its name suggests, Ocracoke Island Airport is located near Ocracoke Island - an island...

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Airport 7

Pine Island Airport, Corolla, NC

The Pine Island Airport is small and isn't open to the public. It has been...

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Airport 8

Currituck County Regional Airport, Maple, NC

The Currituck Regional Airport in North Carolina is a publicly owned General Aviation airport open...

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Airport 9

First Flight Airport, Kill Devil Hills, NC

First Flight Airport is a general aviation airport that services small planes and private jets...

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In Summary

Whether you’re looking to fly into the Outer Banks or stay close by one of...

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