A snow-capped mountain with a rugged topography overlooking a blue lake
An arched bridge over water against a skyline of modern buildings
Old wooden houses and a tall clocktower against a mountain, overlooking the water
Old buildings in cityscape at the back with manicured gardens and trees in front
A cityscape full of buildings overlooking the water with mountain peaks at the back
A palace-like building with a golden roof and a spiky tower, surrounded by greenery
A scenic view of a blue lake with green trees on the right and snowy mountains around
A beach with white sands, turquoise waters with a wooden beach hut beside palm trees
Snowcapped mountain ranges with a green island in the middle of blue water
A large imperial palace building with Chinese architecture under a clear blue sky
Multi-colored buildings along a street under a clear blue sky
A white sand beach surrounded by tropical trees, overlooking blue water
Old stone houses at the top of a grassy hill against blue sky
Historical buildings overlooking water under a partly cloudy sky
Colorful buildings with boats tied up alongside a pear near an inner city canal
Skyline of historical buildings and churches under a partly cloudy sky
Green bushes lined up overlooking a river, against desert hills
Historical buildings on a hill, overlooking blue water with a rocky shore
Berlin, Germany
A modern grey monument with a golden statue of a man outside surrounded by trees
Ruins of a neoclassical temple with columns under a partly cloudy blue sky
A city skyline full of tall glass skyscrapers overlooking water on a nice day
Hello Hungary Sign, Budapest, Hungary
Cascading waterfalls against a tall mountain peak under a partly cloudy sky
A white marble building with domes and towers beside a red mosque, facing a river
A traditional white boat on a seashore with hazy mountains at the far back, at sunset
Green rocky cliffs along a coastline, with a partly cloudy sky at the back
An ancient stone paved area with stone walls with a large golden dome in the distance
Panorama of multi-colored buildings in a hilly bay under a sunset sky
Pink cherry blossom trees and homes reflected in water with a mountain at the back
A hot air balloon over a town with lush greenery and houses, against hazy mountains
Looking at a peach church on a street with other colorful buildings around
A skyline with twin glass building towers beside other modern buildings
Ancient pyramid ruins with a mountain range at the back and white clouds above
Arched ruins of a Roman basilica against a rugged hill, on a sunny day
Rows of pink and red tulips in a field, with a canal and windmill at the back
A green cliff with a walkway leading up to a white lighthouse, overlooking water
Red buildings next to icy blue water with a snowy mountain in the background
Panoramic view of historical buildings and a church against green mountains
Tall limestone rocks with patches of shrubbery, with a hut overlooking clear water
Lit-up historic buildings overlooking a river with a white bridge above, at sunset
A historic town on a hill with buildings overlooking water under an evening sky
Tall lit-up buildings overlooking a coastline under a partly cloudy evening sky
City skyline full of tall buildings along water on a nice day
Aerial of a town with historical buildings with red roofs, under a sunset sky
A lit-up downtown skyline overlooking the water under a sunset sky
Side view of a city filled with old buildings and trees with mountains at the back
A palace with Korean architecture against autumn trees, overlooking the water
Looking through a tower window onto the rooftop of a church with pointy tops
A white temple structure with a red & yellow roof beside water, against green trees
An old city at sunset with medium-height buildings next to a body of water
Multi-colored medieval buildings overlooking blue water with a bridge above
Looking up at a multi-arched white gate monument against a partly cloudy blue sky
A tropical beach with a boat on the sand against green palm trees under the sky
Multi-color wooden huts lined up against trees and a mountain surrounded by water
A skyline filled with historic buildings overlooking water under a sunset sky
A panorama of modern skyscrapers surrounded by blue water under a clear blue sky
A historic castle surrounded by forted walls and trees under a partly cloudy sky
A panorama of a city skyline full of skyscrapers and white fluffy clouds above
Looking down on a cyan bay with white sand and lush hilly jungle around
An ancient gray tower with arches against green trees, overlooking the water