Author Profile Guidelines


All author profiles must adhere to these guidelines. Profiles must be:

  1. Public - which allows all our readers to view your profile
  2. Authentic - a profile must be of a real person (we do not allow organizations or companies)
  3. Complete - with all the required information filled in
  4. Readable and well-written - formatting is not supported
  5. Appropriate - pictures and all content must not be offensive
  6. Third-person - the short description and long description should be written in third person (your name, he, she, they).

Tips for writing your short description:

  • Briefly state your primary location or experience area
  • Summarise your travel experience

Tips for writing your long description:

  • Detail your travel experience
  • Explain why you are an authority on travel writing
  • Share any interesting personal facts

Reasons for Unapproved Profiles

We often decline a profile because it:

  1. Contains advertising or spam
  2. Uses fake or stock images
  3. Is inauthentic, references a fake person, or is about an organisation
  4. Has a long description and short description that are too similar
  5. Contains spelling or grammar mistakes

If your profile change is not approved, please review the above criteria and try again.