Publishing Content

Process for Publishing Content

We have tried to make publishing content as easy as possible. The steps below explain how to publish an article:

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Complete your author profile ensuring it meets the author profile guidelines
  3. Navigate to articles
  4. Click new multi-day or new list
  5. Write your article, ensuring it meets the contributor guidelines
    1. For multi-day articles, a day can be added by clicking add day and stops by clicking add stop.
    2. For list articles, a category can be added by clicking add category and list items by clicking add activity. Categories are optional and do not need to be used if they are inappropriate for your article.
  6. As you make progress, click the save changes button located in the article form to save your work
  7. After you have saved your changes, click the preview button located at the top of the article form to view your draft article
  8. Once your article is complete, click the submit for publication button located in the article form, which will submit the article for review
  9. Within 3 days, you should receive a result:
    1. If rejected, you will receive feedback on how to improve your article for publication
    2. If approved, your article will be made public

Editing Published Content

After an article is published, it can be edited by clicking on the articles page.

Any edits will need to be approved before they are published, following the process above again.

Unpublishing or Deleting Content

Published articles can not be deleted. They need to be unpublished first by clicking on the articles page.

An article in draft can be deleted by clicking .