Best Time to Visit Memphis, TN, for Weather, Prices, and Crowds

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A skyline view of a city with tall buildings with an overpass in front on a sunny day
The best time to visit Memphis, TN, depends on budget, weather, and crowd preferences

From being the home of Elvis and Johnny Cash to being the last place Martin Luther King, Jr. ever walked, many cultural and historical events relating to this part of Tennessee entice visitors. However, it can take some planning to determine the best time to visit Memphis, TN.

While the city's climate is mild all year, spring (March to June) has the best weather. Temperatures hover near 70 degrees Fahrenheit on average, with rain up to twice a week.

Winter (December to March) is the best time to plan a budget-friendly vacation since crowd levels are lowest and prices drop due to the fall in demand. January and February, in particular, see low crowds and budget-friendly flights and accommodation.

Memphis, also known as "Bluff City," is a unique place worth visiting. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to plan your ideal Memphis getaway!

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Best Time to Go to Memphis

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Memphis Vacation Planning Questions

A large white sign on a grassy lawn that says "Memphis," with buildings behind it
There are many questions to answer to determine the best time plan your Memphis trip
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April and May are some of the best times to visit Memphis attractions like Mud Island

When is the best time to visit Memphis, TN?

Spring (March to June) is the best time to visit Memphis, Tennessee. Crowds are minimal, which helps keep travel costs low.

The weather in Memphis is particularly pleasant between April and May. Daytime temperatures vary between 73 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, nightly lows range between 53 and 62 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rain can be expected up to twice a week. However, thunderstorms and heavy rainfall are unlikely, so inclement weather shouldn't affect your trip.

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Winters in Memphis have good weather, and it's also cheap to travel in this season

When is the cheapest time to go to Memphis?

February is the cheapest time to visit Memphis, especially if you plan to fly there. Mid-winter (December to March) is a low season for tourism, so airlines and hotels are more prone to offering discounts.

It doesn't usually snow in Memphis, and it rarely gets colder than 36 degrees Fahrenheit at this time of year. However, if you can't plan a trip in February, flight and hotel packages to Memphis throughout the winter months will allow you to travel affordably.

University of College/
A wall with a note symbol and a sign saying "Memphis International" and shrubs below
Memphis International Airport welcomes domestic and international flights

When is the cheapest time to fly to Memphis?

If you're flying domestically, February is the cheapest month to travel to Memphis. Airlines offer discounted tickets to entice visitors during the winter (December to March) lull.

If you're flying internationally, booking early will help you plan a budget-friendly journey, no matter when you want to visit. So plan to buy your ticket into Memphis International Airport at least two or three months in advance.

You'll also be more likely to find affordable options in the winter and fall (September to December) when fewer people travel. Just be sure to avoid Thanksgiving week in November and the last two weeks of December.

Connor D. Ryan/
A city skyline of tall buildings with a body of water and a bridge in the background
You can find many cheap motels near downtown in the East Memphis area

What is the cheapest motel in Memphis?

A motel can be a suitable overnight option if you plan to drive while in Memphis. These accommodations are more affordable than hotels or vacation rentals because they offer fewer amenities. Many of the city's best budget-friendly motels can be found in East Memphis.

Booking a room at the Motel 6 is a popular option with budget travelers. It has free Wi-Fi, is pet friendly, and there's even a swimming pool.

You can also make reservations at the Red Roof Inn, which is a simple motel with everything you need for a night's stay. There's a 24-hour front desk, air conditioning, and free parking.

A view over the city with tall buildings and trees at sunset
With lots of cheap hotel options, staying in downtown Memphis can fit most budgets

What are the cheapest hotels in Memphis?

Memphis has many hotel options, and some offer reasonably-priced rates all year. You can find budget-friendly options right in the heart of the downtown area, but East Memphis is the most affordable neighborhood in the city if you aren't concerned with staying in the middle of downtown.

Consider making a reservation at the Extended Stay America Suites. It's centrally located, so you can easily get around, with or without a car. If you're flying in and out of Memphis, stay at the Travelodge by Wyndham, which is a comfortable and affordable hotel near the airport.

Those that do want to be downtown can stay at the Sheraton Memphis for reasonable prices most of the year.

Paul McKinnon/
A street with a large sign over it saying "Home of the Blues," with buildings behind
Attractions like Beale Street are busy during the high season in spring and summer

When is the high season in Memphis?

Late spring (March to June) and summer (June to September) are Memphis' busiest seasons. As schools are no longer in session, families can travel more freely.

Crowd levels are at their highest, raising the demand for hotel rooms and flights. Due to this, you're less likely to find discounted rates, especially if you wait until the last minute to book. To save money on summer travel, looking into Memphis family vacation packages and booking early is recommended.

Despite high prices and crowd levels, the late spring and summer months have the best weather in the city. Temperatures hover between 81 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and rain can occur, but you should be able to plan for a dry trip.

William A. Morgan/
A street lined with buildings and shops on either side under a partially cloudy sky
Visit Memphis in winter to avoid the crowds, especially after New Year's Day

When is the low season in Memphis?

If you prefer avoiding crowds, winter (December to March) is the best time of year to visit Memphis, Tennessee. After New Year's Day, there's a noticeable drop in the number of tourists in the area.

Winter is also a great season to visit Memphis if you want to travel on a budget. Hotels and airlines will probably reduce their prices during the low season.

Memphis winters aren't too cold, either. Walking around the city should still be comfortable with temperatures near 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and between 32 and 44 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

If you want to see all of the Tennessee landmarks located in Memphis without the crowds, winter is the time to plan your trip!

A green field next to a pathway with green posts and a background of tall buildings
Memphis enjoys comfortable temperatures all year round

What is the climate in Memphis?

Memphis has comfortable temperatures all year. However, summer (June to September) is long and hot. By April, temperatures are often around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and continue to rise until July, when they reach as high as 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Winters (December to March) tend to be warm, with short cold snaps. January is the coldest month, with daily highs around 50 degrees Fahrenheit and nightly lows reaching 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep in mind Memphis is a humid place. It usually rains two or three times a week, and the median humidity index is 68%.

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A train passing by a large shiny pyramid with a light covering of snow
It doesn't generally snow heavily in Memphis, but you may see flurries in January

Does it snow in Memphis?

It usually doesn't snow much in Memphis. The city's temperatures rarely dip low enough to sustain significant snowfall. March 2015 was the last time substantial snowfall was reported in the city. Even then, only three inches fell.

Memphis is most likely to see flurries in January. It's the coldest month of the year, with nightly temperatures averaging around 32 degrees Fahrenheit. However, light frost is likelier to form than ice or snow.

A white mansion with pillars at the entrance and bushes in front, against bare trees
Graceland is the former home of rock and roll icon Elvis Presley

When is the best time to visit Graceland, Memphis?

One of the fun facts about Tennessee is that Elvis Presley lived in the state. Today, visitors can visit his iconic residence, Graceland, in Memphis.

While the estate museum is open all year, spring (March to June) is the best time to travel to Memphis, Tennessee, to visit this renowned landmark. Crowds at the attraction tend to be smaller throughout the season, with pleasant temperatures between 64 and 81 degrees Fahrenheit. However, Easter week can be busy.

Plan to visit during the week and in the afternoon if you want to tour the property with a smaller group. Most people need about two hours to complete the tour.

Weather, Prices, and Crowds in Memphis, TN

The best time to visit Memphis, TN, is during spring
Memphis is a fun destination all year, but crowds, weather, and prices vary monthly

Memphis in January

January is the coldest month in Memphis. Temperatures range between 32 degrees Fahrenheit at night and 50 degrees during the day. Though freezing temperatures are common, it usually isn't cold long enough to experience snowfall, and the overnight frost melts by mid-morning.

Hotel rooms and flights are affordable in January, largely because not many people travel to the area in the winter (December to March) after New Year's Day. Additionally, crowd levels across the city and at popular attractions are low in January and February.

Memphis in February

Budget travelers should plan to visit Memphis in February when flights in and out of Memphis International Airport are the cheapest. Prices are reasonable this time of year because few people choose to travel in the middle of winter (December to March), which means you won't have to worry about long lines or large crowds, either.

Make sure you wear layers if you'll be walking around the city. There's a 20-degree difference between daily highs and nightly lows throughout the month.

Memphis in March

March is on the cusp between winter (December to March) and spring (March to June). As such, it offers the benefits of both seasons.

March's weather is mild but comfortable. Expect 64-degree Fahrenheit days and 44-degree Fahrenheit nights. It rains up to nine times a month, but these showers won't affect most vacation plans.

March is also a pretty calm month in the city, especially during the week. Though some people choose to spend spring break in Memphis, crowds are generally manageable. As long as you book your trip at least a month in advance, you can find budget-friendly options.

Memphis in April

According to locals, April is the best month to visit Memphis. The weather is comfortable, not too warm, and the city's flowers are in full bloom after March's rain showers.

The nice weather makes exploring the city a pleasant experience. To best see everything Memphis has to offer, book a city tour and riverboat cruise.

Crowd levels can be hit or miss. Typically, things are calm during the week, with more out-of-towners flocking to the area on the weekends. However, don't travel the week of Easter if you want to avoid large groups of people and long lines.

Hotel and airline prices will steadily rise throughout the month. Booking a month or two before you travel will give you time to find options to suit your budget.

Memphis in May

You'll notice Memphis becomes more lively in May. This is because events draw people to the city as schools let out for the summer (June to September). For example, the Beale Street Music Festival is a fun weekend event that boasts music performances and numerous street food options.

In terms of weather, May in the city is warm. Temperatures rarely drop below 81 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. It rains about twice a week, and the humidity index is over 70%.

Due to the great weather and many events, May can be a busy month in the city. Locals and out-of-towners are regularly out and about, resulting in large crowds around popular areas. To ensure you're not overwhelmed and get to see all the best places, reserve a guided walking tour of Memphis' historic neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, you won't find many deals on last-minute trips in May. However, if you book early, you'll be able to find low-cost lodging and travel options.

Memphis in June

June is one of Memphis' busiest months for tourism. Expect to see crowds, and be patient if you see long lines for attractions or restaurants, especially if you didn't make reservations ahead of time.

With temperatures that hover around 89 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity index of over 70%, you'll want to stay hydrated. Also, don't forget to bring sun protection since you'll enjoy primarily clear skies.

Be flexible with your budget if you travel in June. There's a high demand for flights and hotel rooms, so it's unlikely you'll be able to find many discounts.

Memphis in July

July is the hottest month in Memphis. Average temperatures are around 92 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 74 degrees Fahrenheit at night. The heat doesn't keep tourists away, though. July is the middle of the city's high season for tourism.

As with other months, booking a tour can ensure you see the best of the city despite the crowds. Foodies visiting Memphis will definitely be interested in joining a food tour. This excursion allows you to try the city's tastiest offerings while easily navigating the crowds.

Do note that July has some of the year's highest hotel and flight prices. Try to look for package deals or book at least three months early to ensure an affordable vacation.

Memphis in August

August is the best time of year to visit Memphis, Tennessee if you like sunny, hot weather. On average, it only rains once a week, and temperatures below 91 degrees Fahrenheit are rare.

Crowd levels will vary. The first half of August tends to be quite busy with families taking their last vacations before the school year starts. Midway through the month, the number of tourists in the area decreases noticeably.

If you want to book an affordable August trip, try to make your reservations for the second half of the month. Hotels are more likely to start offering deals to extend the tourism season.

Memphis in September

By September, tourism will start to decrease. While crowds are still likely around the city, most of the people you encounter will be Memphis locals enjoying the warm 85-degree Fahrenheit weather. These decreased tourist crowd levels also mean that famous Memphis landmarks, like Graceland and the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, will be less busy.

Visiting in September will also allow you to experience some excellent local events. For example, the Delta Fair & Music Festival is a nine-day-long event in the first half of the month, with games, rides, and performances.

Prices for flights and accommodation will steadily drop throughout the month as well. As a result, even spontaneous trips are more likely to be affordable in September.

Memphis in October

Though October is no longer the "high season" for tourism, Memphis still has a lot to see and do. The low crowd levels might even make visiting the city more enjoyable.

Tours are less likely to be booked up, so you'll be able to get more of a one-on-one experience with your guide. If you want to experience the "spookier" side of the city during Halloween month, reserving a spot for a ghost walk is a fun and unique idea!

Aside from Columbus Day weekend, October is an affordable month to visit the city. Hotel and flight rates are lower, and you might even find special discounts.

You won't have to be concerned about the weather either. With around five days of rain during the month and temperatures around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, you'll be comfortable while you explore.

Memphis in November

If you're undecided about when to visit Memphis, consider booking a November trip. Except for Thanksgiving week, the city tends to have very few tourists. So you can walk around peacefully without running into huge crowds or long lines.

Additionally, you can stretch your vacation budget further if you visit in November, especially in the first half of the month. To entice tourists, hotels routinely offer discounts.

November's weather can be described as mild but comfortable. The temperature is between 43 and 62 degrees Fahrenheit, with two days of rain per week.

Memphis in December

December is a magical time to visit Memphis. Though you're unlikely to have a white Christmas, temperatures can cool down to as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. However, highs are still around 53 degrees Fahrenheit.

All over the city, holiday-themed events are held for travelers of all ages. For example, the Graceland estate is decked out with Christmas decorations to celebrate the season.

The first half of December isn't usually very crowded, so you can enjoy the city's holiday decorations without encountering large groups of tourists. However, the second half of December sees more out-of-towners coming to the area for Christmas. If you want to visit during this time, make your reservations at least three months in advance to find the best prices.

In Summary

From music to American history, Memphis has something for everyone. "Grind City" is worth visiting any time of year, but picking the perfect time can make your trip even better.

If having comfortable weather to walk around in is your biggest concern, visit in the spring (March to June). If you prefer to take an inexpensive trip to the "Home of the Blues," plan a vacation during the winter (December to March).

Summer (June to September) is the busiest time of year in the city. If you're an extrovert, you'll love how lively it is!

With any luck, this article has helped you figure out when to pack your bags for your trip to Memphis. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning!

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