7 Nicknames for Chandler, Arizona, You Should Know

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An orange and white concrete road sign titled City of Chandler with dessert around
The high-tech city of Chandler is also known by other names

Chandler is a high-tech city surrounded by the stunning Sonoran Desert. It also happens to be one of the most influential places in the state of Arizona. In fact, Chandler's founding is an interesting part of Arizona's history.

The city was officially founded in 1912 by Dr. Alexander John Chandler, a veterinary surgeon who settled in the area in the 1890s. He purchased about 80 acres of land and helped contribute to the early canal system in Chandler.

Now that you know a little bit about the city, it's time to dive into the most famous nicknames for Chandler. From the High-Tech Oasis of the Silicon Desert to the Tumbleweed Town, continue reading to learn more about some of the names you might hear when visiting Chandler in Arizona.

7 Chandler Nicknames

C-Town is one of the nicknames for Chandler, Arizona
Locals of Chandler, Arizona—especially the younger generations— call the city C-Town


Like many other cities across the USA that similarly shorten their names, a common way to refer to Chandler is C-Town. While you won't see this casual moniker on official documents or road signs, you will likely see this being used on social media among locals.

This nickname is also more popular among the younger generation, particularly sports fans. Although, due to its proximity to the Arizona capital, many people cheer for Phoenix teams when it comes to NBA and NFL, the Chandler Wolves are one of the most popular football teams in the area.

The High-Tech Oasis of the Silicon Desert

Many of Chandler's alternative names refer to either its location in the desert or the abundance of tech companies that have uprooted here. Or, in this case, The High-Tech Oasis of the Silicon Desert combines both.

Chandler's technological presence started growing in the 1980s when Intel opened a semiconductor manufacturing plant in the city. And, in recent years, Intel has announced huge expansions to their Chandler site. Today, the city is a major center for semiconductors as its dry climate is ideal for their production.

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Large steel cylindrical pipes on the dirt ground with clear blue skies above
Chandler is popularly known as The Innovation and Technology Hub of the Southwest

The Innovation and Technology Hub of the Southwest

While it may not be an official nickname, the next Chandler name you need to know is The Innovation and Technology Hub of the Southwest. Many of the top landmarks in Arizona are the universities and technology companies that call Chandler home.

Additionally, aerospace, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing companies have also started to move to Chandler. Even small tech startups can benefit! For example, the Chandler Innovation Center collaborates with Arizona State University to provide conference and co-working spaces for growing companies.

The Silicon Desert

Ready for a fun Arizona fact? California might be home to Silicon Valley, but Arizona is fast becoming known as the Silicon Desert. Chandler has recently become the home to various Fortune 500 companies, the most popular of which are Intel and Microchip Technology.

Chandler also earned this nickname thanks to the many universities and colleges nearby. This is where Chandler companies source future talent from, too. It's believed that the draw for many companies here is the cheaper overhead costs and the more relaxed pace of life in Arizona.

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A white Christmas tree with a white star on top on a partly cloudy day
Chandler, Arizona, is known for the tumbleweed Christmas tree

The Tumbleweed Town

While it's not the most common moniker, a name you might hear is The Tumbleweed Town. This Chandler nickname is likely due to the city's Sonoran Desert location.

It may have also gotten this slogan from the city's much-loved Tumbleweed Park, which is home to the annual Chandler Ostrich Festival. The event takes place in March each year and is a bizarre, yet fun, reason to plan a trip to Chandler.

However, that isn't Chandler's only connection to the alien-like plant. Chandler's tumbleweed Christmas tree is a huge tradition in the city.

Every December, Chandler holds a tumbleweed tree lighting ceremony where more than a thousand tumbleweeds are combined into one mega-festive tree display.

This stems from around 1956, when a massive fire in the city destroyed all the Christmas decorations, leaving the people of Chandler to improvise. And so this adorably rustic tradition was born.

The Oasis in the Desert

One of Chandler's previous nicknames was The Oasis in the Desert. This is thanks to its location in the Sonoran Desert and because of its verdant greenery and orchards.

Dr. Chandler's contribution to an early system of canals in the dry desert and the fertile soil helped create ideal farming conditions. Chandler was originally an agricultural community, but other industries emerged as the town grew.

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A desert with a road and cars and a dry mountain range in the background
Jewel of the Desert is one of the nicknames for Chandler, describing its landscape

The Jewel of the Desert

Some people refer to Chandler as The Jewel of the Desert. This is because Chandler is only a 30-minute drive from Phoenix and near the Sonoran Desert. The "jewel" aspect of this nickname is probably because it is widely known to be a beautiful city with a town-like feel.

Love hiking? Strap up your boots and get ready to walk because you're in luck! This is one of the best ways to experience the Sonoran Desert when in Chandler. The likes of South Mountain Park and San Tan Regional Park boast plenty of dusty trails for various fitness levels.

In Summary

How many of the Chandler monikers above have you come across before? Hopefully, the nicknames have inspired you to visit this high-tech but beautiful Arizonan city.

Many of Chandler's slogans allude to its desert location. The Oasis in the Desert and The Jewel of the Desert are the two most popular examples of this you might hear when visiting.

Then there are the tech-related names, such as The High-Tech Oasis of the Silicon Desert and The Innovation and Technology Hub of the Southwest. These monikers illustrate Chandler's position at the forefront of innovation and technology and as one of the most important destinations in Arizona.

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