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Beach sand and water alongside buildings and skyscrapers
Miami is a mix of a big city and a tropical paradise

Miami is a unique blend of a bustling big city mixed with a tropical paradise. It's one of the top vacation destinations worldwide with over 24 million visitors a year.

Miami is famous for places like South Beach with beautiful beaches, historic art deco buildings, and glitzy nightlife. While historic neighborhoods like Coconut Grove and Little Havana are full of culture and history.

From the Miami Design District to Wynwood, Miami is also home to a vibrant art scene. Culinary arts take center stage at Miami's Michelin-starred restaurants and other fine dining establishments.

Miami hosts world-famous events like Art Basel or the Ultra Music Festival and it also has a thriving social scene. Whether attending a special event or taking a relaxing beach vacation, read on to learn when the best time to visit Miami, Florida is.

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Best Time to Go to Miami

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Miami Vacation Planning Questions

Palm trees in front of a body of water with buildings and skyscrapers in the distance
Important things to consider when planning a vacation to Miami, Florida
Dmitry Tkachenko Photo/
Cars on a street lined with picnic tables and multi-colored buildings
Ocean Drive in Miami Florida, a popular street for art deco buildings and restaurants

When is the best time to visit Miami?

Miami is a densely populated metropolitan area as well as one of the top vacation destinations in the US. It's almost always crowded and does not have a true off-season like many other tropical destinations.

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding on the best time to visit Miami including weather and events. Overall, spring which runs from March through May is considered the best time to visit. This is due to the weather still being mild with daily temperatures typically staying in the 70s degrees Fahrenheit, while prices are lower than peak times.

Port along a body of water lined with cruise ships and buildings seen in the distance
The Port of Miami is one of the busiest ports for cruises

When is the cheapest time to fly to Miami?

September has been known to have the cheapest flights to Miami but travelers should be aware that prices can fluctuate wildly. This is because Miami is a year-round travel destination for both vacation and business travelers.

Flight fares are also impacted by cruise schedules with the Port of Miami being one of the busiest cruise ports in the world. Travelers should research ahead of time and set up travel alerts for low fares.

Felix Mizioznikov/
Multi-colored building surrounded by trees
The Children's Museum is a great option if you are in Miami and it rains

When is the cheapest time to go to Miami?

The cheapest time to visit Miami is typically August or September. Flights and hotels are often lower and there are fewer events and cruises departing from Miami. This is also due to the very unpredictable weather August and September bring to Miami.

August and September can be very hot, humid, and rainy. It is also at the height of hurricane season. To take advantage of August and September prices in Miami it's good to have backup plans for any outdoor activities you have planned.

Sunrise with green and yellow lifeguard house on sand and water in the distance
The best time to visit Miami, Florida if you like sunny mornings is May to October

When is the rainy season in Miami?

The Miami climate is subtropical with a long rainy season of May through October. The heaviest rainfall and worst thunderstorms usually occur from June through September. During the summer (June, July, and August) storms are more likely in the afternoons.

While the rainy season might not be the best time of year to visit Miami, it still has its upsides. It's not unheard of for visitors to enjoy a sunny morning or early afternoon at the beach with darker skies and rain moving through in the later afternoon. Rainy afternoons can be spent enjoying museums and art galleries.

Aerial view of a wet street lined with and palm trees blowing in the wind
Hurricane season in Miami Florida is between the months of June and November

When is hurricane season in Miami?

Miami is in the path of the Atlantic hurricane season which runs from June 1st to November 30th. Hurricanes can occur at any time during the season but the most common time for Miami to be threatened by a hurricane is August and September.

These months see the most tropical activity in the Atlantic basin due to the high ocean temperatures during this time. Visitors to Miami during hurricane season should always have a plan in place in case of a hurricane threat.

Decorated Christmas tree surrounded by palm trees and a blue sky
Winter is a busy season in Miami due to "snowbirds" from Canada and northern US

When is the high season in Miami?

While Miami is busy year-round, the high season for travelers to Miami is winter. This includes the months of December, January, and February. Many find this to be the best time to travel to Miami so flights and hotels are often higher and Miami's major attractions are crowded.

Miami typically sees two types of visitors during the winter--vacationers and "snowbirds". Vacationers come for the holidays for a week or so then return home. "Snowbirds" are more akin to part-time residents. They are often retirees that come from northern states in the US and Canada to escape the cold and snowy winters. Thus earning them the nickname "snowbird".

Since there's an influx of both vacationers and "snowbirds", winter is one of the busiest seasons in Miami. Attractions, restaurants, hotels, and roads are most crowded during this time.

Olga V Kulakova/
The best time to visit Miami, Florida, is late summer to early fall to avoid crowds
Shopping is one of many activities to enjoy if visiting Miami during the low season

When is the low season in Miami?

The low season in Miami is considered late summer and early fall. This encompasses August and September. During this time the heat and humidity in Miami are at an all-time high and rainstorms are frequent.

It is also the height of hurricane season and there are fewer cruises and events happening in Miami during this time. Visitors to Miami during the low season can enjoy fewer crowds but should be prepared to do more indoor activities than outdoor ones.

Green statue of a woman on a pillar surrounded by grass and palm trees
One popular walking tour in Miami is the Miami Art Deco Walking Preservation Tour

When is the best weather to visit Miami?

The best months to visit Miami for weather are usually December through March. Temperatures during this time can range from the 60s to the 80s degrees Fahrenheit, there is very little rain, and no threat of hurricanes.

This is the best time of year to enjoy all of Miami's outdoor attractions or take one of Miami's famous walking tours. The Art Deco Walking Tour and Little Havana Walking Tour are just two of the most popular outdoor tours during the cooler months in Miami.

Sand and water with blue sky as the sun sets, along with a yellow lifeguard tower
Going to the beach is a popular activity in Miami during the spring months

What is the best season to visit Miami?

The best season to visit Miami is usually regarded as spring which runs from March to May. The weather is still mild with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It's a good time to enjoy the beaches and other outdoor activities. Spring in Miami is also a busy time for events with the Ultra Music Festival, Miami Music Week, and the Miami Beach Pride Festival.

While not as busy as winter in Miami, spring is a moderately busy time with lots of events and activities. Parts of Miami are also spring break hot spots such as the beaches and nightlife areas like South Beach and the party boat cruises.

Aerial view of the water with boats and a pool alongside a white building
There are many recreational activities to enjoy in Miami during the spring months

When are the best months to visit Miami?

The best months to visit Miami are usually the spring months, March through May. These months usually have the best weather--not too hot or too cold, lively events, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. There is also no threat of a hurricane ruining your vacation during this time. Visitors in the spring months usually still get to enjoy lots of sunshine but without the uncomfortably high temperatures that summer in Miami brings.

Weather, Prices, and Crowds in Miami

Boats and cruise ships on the water with buildings and skyscrapers in the distance
Factors such as weather, prices, and crowds are important when planning a Miami trip

Miami in January

Miami in January is generally pleasant with cooler temperatures ranging from the 50s to the 70s degrees Fahrenheit. Crowds thin a bit as holiday tourists begin leaving shortly after the new year but snowbird season is still in full swing. Prices for flights and hotels also dip from the holiday surge.

While the waters may be a little cold in January for swimming it's a great time to explore the city on foot and see all the famous Miami landmarks. January is also time for the famous Art Deco Weekend in South Beach, celebrating Miami's unique Art Deco history. Miami has the largest collection of Art Deco-style buildings in the US. It's one of the most well-known facts about Miami!

Miami in February

Miami in February continues to see cooler temperatures in the 60s and 70s degrees Fahrenheit, and sunny skies. Outdoor events are plentiful in February with the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, the Miami International Boat Show, and the Miami Marathon. February is one of the best times to visit Miami for events!

February is also Miami Health and Wellness Month. Visitors can find deals on spa treatments, yoga classes, and other health and wellness activities. Cruises are popular in February so Miami sees an influx of cruise passengers at attractions around the port. Prices for flights and hotels are moderate during this time.

Miami in March

March marks the beginning of spring break season in Miami. Schools throughout the US go on spring break at different times but they are usually for two-week periods during March and April. Miami also sees visitors on spring break from abroad. Beaches are packed during the day followed by packed bars and clubs and night.

March is also time for Miami's Ultra Music Festival. This three-day event brings in over 150,000 attendees to Miami's popular Bayfront Park. Due to the spring break and event crowds, prices for flights and hotels can fluctuate to the higher end at this time. For those visiting Miami in March and want to get away from the crowds, it's a great time to visit nearby Everglades National Park for a wildlife tour. While the weather is warming up, it's generally still pleasant enough for a day outdoors with temperatures rarely going past the high 70s degrees Fahrenheit.

Miami in April

Miami in April is still in the midst of spring break season with busy beaches and nightlife. Temperatures begin to warm up further with average daily highs now remaining around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. April is a great time for water activities like paddleboarding and snorkeling tours.

Flight and hotel prices can fluctuate based on spring break in Miami but are considered moderate for the most part as Miami moves into the shoulder season. The shoulder season is between late spring and early summer as crowds thin but temperatures rise.

Miami in May

Miami in May is when temperatures really start to heat up and can reach highs in the upper 80s degrees Fahrenheit. It's still perfect for beach days and water activities but rain does become more common, especially towards the end of the month. The Groundup Music Festival and Miami Grand Prix take place in May.

May is part of the shoulder season in Miami, crowds have lessened but it's still moderately busy. At this point, all snowbirds and spring breakers have gone home. Except for the Memorial Day Weekend, crowds and pricing drop much lower.

Miami in June

June in Miami starts to become very hot and humid with temperatures now reaching up into the 90s degrees Fahrenheit. June also ushers in the heavier part of the rainy season with frequent afternoon thunderstorms and it's the beginning of hurricane season. Mornings and early afternoons are still relatively good beach weather.

June is Pride Month and Miami hosts numerous events across the city including festivals, concerts, and parades. Flight and hotel pricing is moderate in June with higher prices at hotels closest to event locations. June is the last time to visit before the brutal Miami summer weather rolls in.

Miami in July

July is extremely hot and humid in Miami with temperatures now reaching up into the mid to high 90s degrees Fahrenheit. Water activities are bearable but things like walking tours and exploring the city on foot can become quite uncomfortable. Frequent rain and thunderstorms are also common in July as it falls during the hurricane season. Visitors should have a backup plan in case of a hurricane threat.

Pricing for flights and hotels in Miami for July is low to moderate except for Independence Day. Miami beaches on Independence Day (July 4th) are usually packed, both during the day and at night for fireworks.

Miami in August

Miami in August is one of the hottest and rainiest months. Daily temperatures can soar to the high 90s degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels can reach up to 90%. August is also one of the most active months of the hurricane season. Visitors to Miami during August should have a plan in place in case of a hurricane threat.

Flights to Miami and hotel prices in August are typically near their lowest at this time. While outdoor activities can be very unpredictable based on the weather, August is a great time to visit Miami's many museums, art galleries, or immersive art experiences.

Miami in September

September in Miami is another one of the hottest and rainiest months with temperatures in the high 90s degrees Fahrenheit and very high humidity levels. It's also one of the most active months of the hurricane season. Miami visitors in September should have a plan in place in case of a hurricane threat.

September prices in Miami are still on the lower end for flights and hotels. It's also one of the least crowded months. Just like August, September is a tough time for outdoor activities with Miami's often uncomfortable and unpredictable weather.

Indoor activities like visiting museums, art galleries, and patronizing shops, and restaurants are more popular things to do in Miami in September. If you are interested in seeing museums, September could be the best month to visit Miami without the crowds.

Miami in October

Although October is fall in Miami, it is still quite hot. Temperatures linger in the 80s degrees Fahrenheit and humidity is high. Afternoon rain can still be common. October is still the hurricane season so visitors should have a backup plan in case of a hurricane threat.

October ushers in a new set of events in Miami. The Miami International Auto Show, the South Beach Seafood Festival, and the Miami Dragonboat Festival are among the top-attended events during this time. A plethora of Halloween events can be found around the city and the Miami nightlife scene is in full swing.

Costs of flights and hotel prices for Miami in October begin to rise from their summer lows but are still considered moderate. Prices at hotels near the convention centers and other popular venues will be much higher during events.

Miami in November

November in Miami starts to see a rapid rise in visitors as temperatures cool down and hurricane season ends. Outdoor activities become enjoyable again with average daily temperatures back in the 70s degrees Fahrenheit. November in Miami is known for outdoor dining, breezy bayside strolls, and unique experiences like Pedal Pub Tours.

A Miami autumn trip can be on the pricier side as it is moving into high season. Cruises are popular in November with Thanksgiving cruises being especially busy. November also kicks off the opening of several holiday season events around Miami such as Santa's Enchanted Forest and the famous Nightgarden.

Miami in December

Miami in December is in full holiday swing with tons of holiday-themed events, elaborate light displays, and parties. The world-renowned Art Basel Miami Beach also takes place in December and is one of the largest-attended events in Miami's history. December is the most crowded month of the Miami tourist season.

December has some of the nicest weather Miami sees all year with temperatures in the 60s and 70s degrees Fahrenheit, and little to no rain. Outdoor events, outdoor dining, and night cruises on Biscayne Bay are very popular in December.

Miami is crowded in December with both vacationers and snowbirds. As the holidays draw closer, crowds increase. The South Beach nightlife is especially bustling with New Year's Eve celebrations being the crown jewels of the Miami party scene. From bars and restaurants to nightclubs and full-blown street parties, December is the best time to go to Miami for partying.

With so much going on in Miami and December, you will no doubt be paying a premium to visit during this time. Flights and hotels will be pricier and even restaurants and bars incorporate cover fees, set menus, and paid reservations for some of their holiday events.

In Summary

With so many special things to see and do in Miami, it's easy to see why it's a top destination year-round. Every month in Miami brings something different to see and experience. Whether you want to attend a special Miami-centric event, relax on a beautiful beach, or party the night away on South Beach, Miami has it all!

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