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Looking at a city skyline at the back 
of water and grass, from behind a leafy tree
Cape Coral
A large body of water with lilypads and long green grass
Everglades National Park
A skyline with buildings surrounded by water, trees, and a blue sky with some clouds
Fort Lauderdale
A hut in the middle of a pier over cyan water, leading to a palm tree-lined beach
Fort Myers
Looking down on a city with buildings, parked cars, a road, and trees
Water fountains spurting water into the air in front of a city skyline at sunset
A rocky coastline with bright blue, clear water and white fluffy clouds above
Key West
Large hotel buildings on the coastline with waves breaking on white sand
Marco Island
A coastal city skyline full of tall buildings and pink fluffy clouds above
Colorful tropical buildings overlooking palm trees and small boats docked on water
Blue, sunny skyline of buildings with brown trees at the base, facing a body of water
A white capitol building with a domed roof and columns behind green trees and grass
A city skyline full of tall buildings, with a bridge and water in front
A body of water with buildings around it
West Palm Beach

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Skyscrapers and a smaller building next to a body of water under a blue sky
City buildings next to a lake, a pathway, and palm trees
A bridge and skyscrapers next to a body of water
Aerial shot of an urban residential area with the ocean in the background
A view of a coastal city with tall buildings, boats, and a peninsula with trees
Aerial shot of a bay with ships near a port and skyscrapers on the horizon
Aerial shot of buildings and greenery along a white sand beach on a nice day
A white boat in front of a city skyline filled with palm trees and tall buildings
A building next to palm trees and the blue ocean with a skyline in the distance
Miami, Florida, United States
The Most Perfect 3 Days in Miami Itinerary

By Andrew Sayles

  • 3 day itinerary
  • Average of 5 stops per day
A globe structure that says "Universal" on a circular balcony next to a lake
Aerial shot of a city on a peninsula near a large body of water
Tall buildings and roads near a sandy shore and palm trees
A cityscape with tall skyscrapers, a bridge, and a body of water in the foreground
A city skyline next to a body of water with a blue bridge to the side on a clear day
Aerial shot of an island near clear waters on a sunny day
A path next to bright blue water with city buildings and a bridge at the back
Aerial shot of a city with tall buildings on a cloudy day
An aerial shot of a city beside a body of water

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