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Looking out over rooftops at a downtown city skyline with buildings at dawn
Rectangular factory-style buildings along a river bank on a nice day
A historic street lined with buildings, lamp posts, and bare trees

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A marina with boats next to grass, trees, and city buildings under a blue sky
A park in autumn near city skyscrapers
An illuminated boat on the water with a small city skyline behind it
City buildings with water in front of them under a sunset sky
Tall skyscrapers, bridges, and roads on a sunny day
Roads surrounded by trees with many large buildings in the distance
Two red and white riverboats on a body of water surrounded by buildings
Skyscrapers on a skyline with a highway in front of them under a blue sky with clouds
Lit up colorful historic buildings lining a cobblestone street with lampposts
A river next to trees, a small park, and red brick buildings
A white fountain with a statue in the middle surrounded by green trees
View of illuminated buildings and roads with sky in hues of blue and pink at the back
City buildings with roads winding them through against a partly cloudy sky
A skyline with tall buildings and a road, trees, and grass in the foreground
You can find many interesting facts about Savannah, GA, to learn

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