7 New Hampshire Nicknames You Should Know

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A rectangular building with a tall pointy clock tower near green trees and grass
New Hampshire is a historic and scenic state to visit in the United States

New Hampshire is one of the USA's most historic territories since it was one of the original colonies and the first state to declare independence from the English. Despite this, not many people know much about this particular part of the Eastern Seaboard.

While New Hampshire's most famous moniker is The Granite State, that's far from the only alternate title for the area. So, whether you're trying to get to know this fascinating part of the country a little better or you just want to impress the locals with your knowledge of the area's different names, keep reading. Below, you will find seven New Hampshire nicknames and the histories behind them.

7 Nicknames for New Hampshire

Densely forested mountain ranges in greenery on a partly cloudy day
One of the New Hampshire nicknames—Switzerland of America—alludes to its mountains

The Switzerland of America

Numerous states in New England are known as The Switzerland of America, in particular, Vermont. So, it shouldn't be surprising that it's also a nickname for New Hampshire. This particular moniker comes from New Hampshire's landscape. There are multiple mountains located within the state's borders, which are reminiscent of the Swiss Alps.

It's unknown when the name was first used to describe the state. However, it has gained popularity over the years, particularly during the snowy seasons.

Today, it can be found in tourism literature and on souvenirs. This is particularly true in areas near New Hampshire's mountainous regions. However, since it's a shared nickname, it's not found in any official government literature.

The Mother of Rivers

New Hampshire's reputation as The Mother of Rivers has been found in some historical reference texts written by geographers throughout the years. The moniker comes from the fact that five of the rivers that flow through the eastern part of the US start in New Hampshire.

These are the Connecticut River, the Merrimack River, the Pemigewasset River, the Cocheco River, and the Salmon Falls River. It's also part of the path of other rivers from other parts of the country. The state has embraced this nickname, and it can be found on souvenirs in areas around the New Hampshire rivers.

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Side view of a city with tall and short buildings on a partly cloudy day
Manchester in New Hampshire goes by The Queen City, similar to The Queen State

The Queen State

The Queen State is a moniker for New Hampshire that's gained popularity in recent years, especially among writers. Oddly enough, this nickname doesn't have any specific motivation. Instead, it refers to New Hampshire's outstanding beauty and history.

New Hampshire is also home to the city of Manchester, which shares a similar nickname, The Queen City. However, this name comes from Manchester having the largest population in New Hampshire. The Queen State nickname can be found most often in books and other texts, but it's occasionally used on souvenirs and brochures as well.

A rocky mountaintop surrounded by green trees and lush green mountains on a nice day
The mountainous terrain of New Hampshire is abundant with the rock, granite

The Granite State

It's a relatively well-known fact that the official New Hampshire state nickname is The Granite State. The moniker was first used in 1825 when it was used in a poem and song by Philip Carrigan about New Hampshire.

However, since New Hampshire is known for its natural granite deposits as well, the nickname might have been used informally before the creation of the poem and song.

The official nickname caught on quickly and has become the most-used of New Hampshire's alternate names. It's often used in both official and unofficial texts and documents since the 1800s. It's also found on souvenir items, like postcards and magnets, and even in business titles and descriptions throughout New Hampshire.

The 603

New Hampshire is a relatively small state, both in landmass and population. Due to its size, only one area code was needed to cover all the phone numbers in the state, which is 603.

Even though area codes were introduced in the country in 1947, 'the 603' has become a more popular moniker for New Hampshire in recent years, especially among younger New Hampshirites.

It is a casual term and is not commonly found in official texts that refer to New Hampshire. Instead, you might see it on souvenir items or hear it in passing conversations.

The White Mountain State is one of the New Hampshire nicknames
New Hampshire's famous peak, Mount Washington, is part of the White Mountains range

The White Mountain State

The alternate name The White Mountain State comes from one of New Hampshire's most important landmarks, the White Mountain range. The mountains are almost entirely within the state, though a small portion of the range can be found in west Maine.

One of the reasons why these mountains were chosen as the inspiration for a nickname is its most famous peak, Mount Washington. At 6,288 feet tall, it's the tallest summit in the United States' northeast.

You can find this name in brochures and articles that discuss the area's landscape and outdoor activities. It's also a nickname that can be found on souvenir items and postcards.

Winter Wonderland

The New Hampshire nickname Winter Wonderland is one that it shares with a few other places in the Northeastern United States. Due to its combination of climate and landscape, the area is a popular East Coast skiing destination, which helped inspire the name.

Since it's a fairly common moniker around the country, it's not officially embraced by the local government. In fact, this nickname is most often used by businesses in the tourism industry, like hotels and travel agencies.

It's also used in articles discussing the state's outdoor activities. However, it's typically a seasonal term, so you won't find it said very often during the spring or summer seasons.

In Summary

Considering it's one of the smallest states in the country by population and size, New Hampshire has a fascinating history. New Hampshire's diverse nicknames showcase this best. While some of these names are more obvious, like The Granite State, others are a little more obscure, like The Queen State.

Hopefully, this article has helped you see how interesting and historic New Hampshire is. It might have even helped you find a nickname or two you'd like to use for yourself on your next visit to New Hampshire!

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