British Columbia

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Mountains in the distance overlooking a lakefront with green fields, houses and trees
Rows of vines near a body of water with trees and mountains under a partly cloudy sky
A rocky shore with trees and a foamy body of water under cloudy skies
A body of water with boats and buildings along it against a bridge and mountains
A large building with green domes next to trees facing a garden of colorful flowers
A red tram high above in the sky over a green mountainous area on a nice day

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Two people on a kayak in a lake surrounded by forests and snow-covered mountains
Aerial shot of a park surrounded by modern skyscrapers and a body of water with boats
Panorama of a city with tall buildings facing a harbour with docked boats
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
The Best 4 Day Vancouver Itinerary by a Local

By Alli Sewell

  • 4 day itinerary
  • Average of 6 stops per day
Yellowish and green vineyards alongside a lake and mountains under a clear blue sky
Discover the best viewpoints in Vancouver, BC
A body of water with a kayak on it next to a greenery-covered hill and small houses
City buildings next to a harbor with boats and a path through greenery
A wooden path with a railing in the middle of a forest with the sun shining through
A couple sitting on a bench on the grass next to water, a city skyline, and mountains
A panoramic skyline of tall buildings and boats reflected in still water at sunset
Alpine lakes with towering mountain peaks behind them on a clear day
A grand historic building with green domes on top and greenery and flowers around it
The best campgrounds in Kelowna are perfect for weekend getaways

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