22 Fun Facts About Las Vegas, NV That Will Blow Your Mind

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Las Vegas Boulevard with Eiffel Tower replica, buildings, and billboards
As one of the world's tourist hotspots, there's lots to know about Las Vegas!

Las Vegas is one of the world's most loved and well-known tourist destinations. The city is traditionally known for its many casinos, luxury hotels, and amazing nightlife. However, it's also an ideal location for those who enjoy shopping, dining at high-quality restaurants, and visiting a range of attractions.

Due to Las Vegas being such a unique place, with an out-of-this-world atmosphere, it's no surprise that there are an array of fun facts about Las Vegas, NV.

For example, did you know that Vegas is home to many of the world's largest hotels? Or that The Luxor Hotel's Sphinx is bigger than the original in Egypt? To learn even more mind-blowing facts about Las Vegas, read on!

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22 Fun Las Vegas Facts

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A McCarran International Airport sign and Welcome to Las Vegas sign
Vegas' McCarran International Airport welcomes over 20 million travelers a year

McCarran International Airport is the US’ seventh busiest airport

Neavda’s McCarran International Airport is the seventh busiest airport in the US. McCarran sees approximately 22 million passengers pass through each year.

Interestingly, the airport is located in Paradise, Nevada, not Las Vegas. However, with the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, slot machines, and other Vegas-related imagery found in the airport, you wouldn’t know it!

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Vegas is no longer the gambling capital of the world

It will be no surprise that one of the facts on Las Vegas is that the city is one of the world’s gambling capitals. However, it’s no longer the gambling capital of the world. Despite holding the title until 2007, Macau is now known as the world’s gambling capital, with gambling revenues exceeding Vegas each year.

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One of many fun facts about Las Vegas, NV, is that the strip isn't in Las Vegas
One of the fun facts about Las Vegas, NV, is that the strip isn't actually in Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip isn’t in Las Vegas!

One of the crazy facts about Las Vegas is that the iconic Las Vegas strip isn’t in Las Vegas at all. The strip actually falls outside of the city limits and is instead in Winchester and Paradise, which are both part of Clark County.

Despite this, the area is right in the middle of what is traditionally known as Las Vegas from a tourist’s perspective.

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The Golden Gate Hotel and Casino is the oldest in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to an array of amazing hotels and casinos. But the oldest hotel and casino in the city is the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, located on Fremont Street.

The land for the hotel was purchased in 1905, and the establishment opened in 1906, making it over 100 years old! The hotel has had gambling facilities for most of its existence, except between 1910 and 1931, when gambling was outlawed.

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An indoor street with buildings covered in bright signs and billboards on either side
Old Vegas' Fremont Street was the first paved street in the city

Fremont Street was the first paved street in Las Vegas

Fremont Street is a fun place to visit off of the Las Vegas strip. Being part of “Old Las Vegas,” it also has a rich history. For example, Fremont Street became Vegas’ first paved street in 1925. It’s also home to the oldest hotel and casino in Las Vegas and was the city’s first gambling hotspot.

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There’s one slot machine for every four Las Vegas residents

Another of the interesting facts about Las Vegas, Nevada, is that with approximately 164,000 slot machines in the city of about 635,000 residents, there’s one slot machine per every four people that live there.

Red Rock Casino has the most slot machines of any Las Vegas hotel and casino, but you can find slot machines to try your luck at in most Vegas casinos.

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A reservoir with red rock mountains surrounding it under a blue sky
There's an abandoned town buried beneath Lake Mead

An abandoned city lies below Lake Mead

Lake Mead is a reservoir that provides the majority of Las Vegas’ water supply. Interestingly, there is also an abandoned town underneath Lake Mead.

In the 1930s, the US government asked residents of St. Thomas to leave so they could flood the area to create the lake. While the residents left, the town was not demolished and was instead submerged below the lake.

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The Moulin Rouge was Vegas’ first racially integrated casino

Opened in May 1955, the Moulin Rouge was Las Vegas’ first racially integrated casino and hotel. The venue only lasted six months, closing its doors in October 1955 due to poor management.

However, due to its efforts in desegregation, the venue is still known today and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1992.

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Red rock mountains with a rood in front of them under a blue sky
Red Rock Canyon National Park is a geologically interesting area, close to Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon National Park was Nevada’s first National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon National Park is just a 20-minute drive from Las Vegas Boulevard, and interestingly, was Nevada’s first National Conservation Area. The park is one of the most stunning National Parks in the United States and features geologically fascinating red rock mountains.

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Las Vegas receives an average of 42 million visitors annually

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and receives millions of visitors each year. In 2019, approximately 42 million tourists entered Las Vegas.

Although those numbers dropped in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, the number of visitors is expected to start reaching tens of millions again soon.

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Water with gondolas on it and Italian-style bridges and buildings surrounding it
Vegas' Venetian Hotel is the largest hotel in the US and second-largest in the world

The Venetian is the world’s second-largest hotel

Being such a tourist hotspot, it’s no surprise that Las Vegas is home to some of the world’s biggest hotels. The Venetian takes the spot as second-largest hotel in the world, while the MGM Grand gets third place. In fact, of the 12 US hotels on the list of the 20 biggest hotels in the world, all but one are in Las Vegas.

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California sends the most US tourists to Las Vegas

Being so close to Nevada and housing such a large population, it’s not too surprising that California sends the most US visitors to Las Vegas. California, sends almost half of the tourists from the Western United States. However, the number of tourists from California to Las Vegas has been dropping slightly.

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A hotel building with large water feature in front of it and other buildings behind
Las Vegas is home to many incredible hotels, with 150,000 rooms available to stay in

Las Vegas has over 150,000 hotel rooms

Of all the places in the United States, the Las Vegas Valley area has the most hotel rooms. Sin City features approximately 150,000 hotel rooms, with 11 of Vegas’ hotels landing on the list of the world’s largest hotels.

Earnings from these rooms is one of the big revenue drivers in Vegas. Earnings from casinos, dining, and shopping contribute significant amounts too.

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A church-style spire and a large light blue sign that says Wedding Chapel
Vegas is one of the world's wedding capitals

Approximately 300 weddings are held per day in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has long been known as an ideal location to elope to. In the last decade or so, it’s also become a top destination for planned weddings. As a result, there are approximately 120,000 weddings a year, equating to an average of 300 weddings per day.

The wedding industry in Las Vegas rakes in approximately $2 billion a year thanks to a range of ceremonies, from “in-and-out” chapel weddings to expensive lavish celebrations.

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You can visit vineyards and wineries close to Las Vegas

While you may associate drinking wine with Las Vegas, you probably wouldn’t think that the drink gets produced in the area. However, another of the fun facts about Vegas is that there is a wine region, with vineyards and multiple wineries, just one hour away from the strip.

Visiting one of these wineries is a unique activity to try, especially for couples visiting Las Vegas!

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A white building with Golden Nugget sign and gold details inside an indoor street
The Golden Nugget Casino houses the world's biggest gold nugget

The world’s largest gold nugget is at the Golden Nugget Casino

Located on Fremont Street, Vegas’ Golden Nugget Hotel is home to the world’s largest gold nugget. The Hand of Faith Golden Nugget weighs 61-pounds and was discovered in Australia in 1980.

Along with being the largest golden nugget knowingly in existence, it’s the second-largest ever discovered. Best of all, seeing the gold nugget is one of the many fun free things to do in Las Vegas.

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An Eiffel Tower replica with buildings surrounding it under a blue sky with clouds
The Eiffel Tower replica in Vegas was going to be to scale

The Paris Hotel's Eiffel Tower was supposed to be to scale

The iconic Eiffel Tower replica at the Paris Hotel is half the size of the original in Paris, France. However, that was not the plan.

The original developers wanted the tower to be to scale. At this height, the structure would have been a danger to planes flying in and out of nearby McCarran International Airport, hence the size reduction.

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A collection of buildings with a parking lot in front of them.
Vegas is home to a world-renowned theater, The Smith Center for the Performing Arts

Vegas' Smith Center for the Performing Arts is one of the world’s best theaters

Located in Symphony Park, Las Vegas’ Smith Center for the Performing Arts was ranked as one of the top ten theaters in the world by a respected trade publication.

The venue hosts a range of performing arts shows, including theater productions, dance shows, and concerts. The Smith Center hosts about 400 performances a year and is a much-loved cultural landmark in Vegas.

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Canada sends the most international visitors to to Las Vegas

The United State’s neighbor to the North, Canada, sends the most international tourists to Las Vegas. Approximately 1.5 million tourists from Canada entered Las Vegas in 2019.

The US’ other neighbor, Mexico, sent the second most visitors, just over 1.1 million in 2019. The United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan, take the third, fourth, and fifth spots, respectively.

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A sphinx statue with gold mirrored building behind it and palm trees surrounding it
The Luxor Hotel's Sphinx statue is taller than the Great Sphinx in Egypt

The Luxor’s sphinx is bigger than the original in Egypt

The Sphinx at the Luxor Hotel is a landmark on the strip and is a replica of the Great Sphinx in Giza, Egypt. One of the little known facts about Las Vegas is that the Luxor’s sphinx is taller than the original.

The Vegas replica is about 35-feet taller than Giza’s Great Sphinx. Along with adding a visit to the Luxor Sphinx to your Vegas itinerary, be sure to check out the Luxor’s Pyramid, which is one of the tallest in the world.

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Las Vegas receives less than five inches of rainfall per year

Due to being located in a desert, this fun fact about Vegas is to be expected. Las Vegas sees an average of 4.2 inches of rainfall each year. Even during a “rainy” year, the city saw just 4.5 inches of rain. Luckily, this means that you’ll likely enjoy a trip free from downpours whenever you choose to visit Las Vegas!

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A bronze lion statue sitting on a pedestal with a tall building behind it
The majestic lion at the MGM Grand is the US' largest bronze statue

The MGM Grand’s lion is the largest bronze sculpture in the US

The MGM Grand features a large bronze statue of a lion outside of its front entrance. Interestingly, this statue is the largest bronze statue in the United States. The lion weighs 100,000-pounds, stands at 45-feet tall, and sits on a 25-foot tall pedestal. When in the city, visiting this record-breaking Las Vegas landmark is a must!

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In Summary

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting destinations in the world. There's also lots to learn about this vibrant and iconic city. Hopefully, this list of 22 fun facts has taught you some new information and got you looking forward to your next trip to Sin City.

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