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Buildings, an Eiffel Tower replica, and trees lining a road under a blue sky
Las Vegas
A city skyline with tall buildings from far away, surrounded by greenery and blue sky

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A road between red rock mountains and some shrubbery under a blue sky
A road sign saying "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada" next to palm trees
An elephant-shaped red rock formation under a partly cloudy sky
Aerial view of buildings, a water fountain, and an Eiffel Tower replica
An urban setting framed by a mountain range and blue sky with orange and pink hues
A city at the bottom of a mountain slope next to green trees on a bright day
There are many fun things to do in Reno for couples
Aerial view of a city at sunset with many buildings and Las Vegas landmarks
There are many fun things to do in Vegas off the Strip
An aerial shot of a tall pointy tower surrounded by buildings and blue sky
A view of the Vegas strip with buildings, a fountain, and an Eiffel Tower replica
Famous landmarks in Las Vegas, Nevada, including New York New York
Bighorn sheep in a deserted location with grass and rock formations behind
Las Vegas Boulevard with Eiffel Tower replica, buildings, and billboards

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