20 Fun Things to Do in Cancun at Night

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A long stretch of beach with numerous resorts along the waterfront lit up at sunset
There are numerous fun things to do in Cancun at night

Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula in Quintana Roo is a bustling and popular tourist destination. Visitors flock here for the stunning beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, and exciting attractions. Many people also visit for the fantastic nightlife.

While you will find numerous activities to enjoy during the day, there are just as many fun things to do in Cancun at night. Visitors who like to party will be overjoyed by the number of world-class nightclubs.

Other nighttime activities include visiting theme parks, dining on pirate ships, and watching the world-renowned Chichen Itza light show. If you're looking for incredible ideas concerning what to do at night while in Cancun, keep reading; this list has something for everyone!

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20 Things to Do at Night in Cancun

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The entrance to a club at night with many neon signs and billboards on the front
Coco Bongo is a Vegas-style nightclub with live music and performances

Enjoy a wild night at Coco Bongo

Spending at least one night at Coco Bongo nightclub is an absolute must! The iconic club features incredible DJs and dramatic live shows and performances.

If you purchase special Coco Bongo tickets in advance, you'll also have access to an open bar. With so many outstanding performances, dancing, and great drinks, you're guaranteed to have an amazing and memorable night out at Coco Bongo.

🏨 Stay near Coco Bongo

Chill out at Mandala Beach Club

Mandala Beach Club is one of the most popular party spots in Cancun. You can hang out at the stylish beach club all day and into the evening, with the club closing at 6 p.m. On Wednesdays, you can also party late into the night as Mandala Beach Club is open until 3 a.m.

The club features a pool, bars, DJs, and fun tropical vibes. Being located right on a white-sand beach, you can dance, drink, and sunbathe on the shore as well as by the pool. After dark, the club gets even cooler as the beach and pool area are illuminated.

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A person ziplining beside a natural waterfall into a cave
Enjoy the thrill of various outdoor adventures when you visit Xplor Park

Have a night of adventure at Xplor Park

Nighttime activities don't just have to be about drinking and dancing! At Xplor, you can spend the evening trying exhilarating adventure activities. Xplor is a jungle adventure theme park, and Xplor Fuego is a nighttime event that sees visitors explore the jungle park after dark.

Things to do at night include ziplining, driving amphibious vehicles, exploring jungle caves, and swimming in subterranean pools. If you tire yourself out exploring the theme park and need to refuel, there's a BBQ buffet (with vegetarian options).

🏨 Places to stay close to Xplor

View Cancun from up high at the Cancun Scenic Tower

Want the best views of Cancun? Then heading up the Cancun Scenic Tower is one of the must-try Cancun night activities. The tower, also known as Torre Escénica del Embarcadero de Cancún in Spanish, is a rotating tower with an observation deck. It's also one of the most famous landmarks in Cancun.

For the best views, go up the tower just before sunset and stay until it gets dark. This way, you can enjoy daytime views, the sunset, and nighttime views. From the observation deck, you can see across the city and the Caribbean Sea.

☂️ Explore the Torre Escénica del Embarcadero de Cancún with a tour

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A wooden pirate ship with intricately decorated windows docked beside a pier
Adults and kids can enjoy a delicious dinner and entertainment aboard the Jolly Roger

Dine while enjoying the Jolly Roger Pirate Show

Attending a Jolly Roger Pirate Show is one of the many fun night activities you have to try. It's also an excellent thing to do in Cancun with kids.

Once you hop aboard the pirate ship, you'll be greeted by costumed actors and treated to a night of nautically-themed entertainment. You can also enjoy dinner, with options including lobster, steaks, and vegetarian dishes.

All cruises offer an open bar with a vast range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The Jolly Roger Pirate Show is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you won't want to miss!

🏨 Accommodations in close proximity to the Jolly Roger Pirate Show

Feel like a VIP at Mandala Cancun

Mandala Cancun is a flashy and fun nightclub that you can party at every night until 3 a.m. The nightclub features amazing DJs, live music, bottle service, and a luxurious energy.

To have the most exclusive experience at the club, opt for the Mandala Cancun Golden Personal Pass. This pass gives you entrance to the club, a reserved table (if purchasing tickets for four or more people), and food and beverage credits. Once inside, you can grab some drinks and dance the night away in Cancun's hottest club.

🏨 Stay near the Mandala Nightclub

A sign that says "La Isla Shopping Village" with a Ferris wheel behind it
La Isla Shopping Village is a fun late-night shopping destination

Shop the night away at La Isla Shopping Village

La Isla Shopping Village is a vast open-air shopping mall that's open until late every day. The mall features an array of shops and restaurants and even a Ferris wheel.

This attraction is a great place to visit after dark; you can enjoy the Mexican sunshine on the beach during the day and then head to the shops at night for some retail therapy.

At the mall, you can find chain stores, interesting independent shops, and lots of places to get souvenirs. Having shopped around, stop at one of many bars and restaurants for drinks and a delicious dinner.

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Party at the Xoximilco Floating Carnival

Heading to Xoximilco after dark allows you to enjoy a one-of-a-kind party inspired by Mexican culture. It's somewhat like a Mexican carnival. Interestingly, most of the events take place on the water on gondolas.

You'll eat and drink incredible Mexican cuisine and get the chance to dance to live music. You can even play fun carnival-style games. If you're wondering what to do at night in Cancun for a fun and memorable experience, you won't want to miss this event!

Watch a show at Xcaret at night

Xcaret is a popular theme park near Cancun. While it's an exciting place to visit during the day, you can have fun here at night, too. The park offers a range of nighttime activities, including enjoying drinks as you watch a folklore show called Xcaret México Espectacular.

This one-of-a-kind performance takes place at an on-site theater and features around 300 artists! As you enjoy the show, you'll learn more about Mexico's history and culture.

☂️ Experience Xcaret Park with a tour

Dance at Congo Bar

Congo Bar is a fun and popular club and bar in Cancun. It's less flashy and more laid back than alternate options, like Mandala Club. However, this bar still has a buzzing atmosphere and is as popular with locals as it is with tourists.

This nightlife spot features live music and is the ideal place to dance. You can also see acrobatic acts and dance performances some nights of the week. Visiting Congo Bar is for sure one of the best night activities in Cancun!

🏨 Stay in close proximity to Congo Bar Cancun

A trip to Nichupte Lagoon at night is one of the fun things to do in Cancun at night
Go sailing and take in the incredible view as the sun sets over Nichupte Lagoon

Take a sunset wildlife cruise on Nichupte Lagoon

Nichupte Lagoon is a mangrove ecosystem featuring crystal blue water and an array of wildlife. When in Cancun, taking a sunset wildlife cruise around Nichupte Lagoon is an excellent idea. You'll set off at 5 p.m., the ideal time to see the lagoon in the daylight, watch the sunset, and then enjoy the views after dark.

As you travel through the lagoon, you'll spot numerous plant and animal species, potentially including crocodiles. Of course, you'll also be able to take incredible pictures to remember your adventure.

🏨 Stay nearby Nichupté

Eat delicious Mexican cuisine on a food tour

Mexico has some of the best cuisine in the world! A great way to try the country's delicious dishes is by joining a Cancun taco food tour. The tour begins at 5 p.m. and allows you to visit a range of incredible taco spots.

After trying tacos with lots of different fillings, you can treat yourself to churros. While exploring Cancun, your guide can also give you more information on the area's history and point out a few famous landmarks.

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A Mayan pyramid lit up by illuminations from a light show at night
Kukulkan Nights offers a unique way to see Chichen Itza after dark

Marvel at the Chichen Itza Light and Sound Show

Chichen Itza is one of the most famous world landmarks, as well as being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Mayan ruins are an incredible landmark to visit during the day, but it's also fun to go at night.

Every night, there is the Light and Sound Show, also called Kukulkan Nights. During the show, the Great Pyramid of El Castillo lights up, and other ruins feature lights that change color. The magical performance is a must-see and is a unique way to view one of the world's most famous monuments.

🏨 Accommodations in close proximity to Chichén-Itzá

☂️ Explore Chichén-Itzá on a tour

Share a romantic dinner on a Galeon

If you're traveling to Cancun with your partner, sharing a romantic dinner on a Galeon boat is one of the top Cancun things to do at night. Once aboard, you'll enjoy a multi-course meal featuring options like surf and turf and vegetarian dishes.

You and your other half will also be serenaded with saxophone music as you take in the breathtaking views of the Nichupte Lagoon. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are included as well.

🏨 Places to stay near Nichupté

Brown chairs and tables under blue umbrellas, next to a tiki bar and trees
Drop by Isla Mujeres, where the drinks are cold, and the party never stops

Do a bar crawl on Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a scenic island located about a 25-minute boat ride from Cancun. A fun activity is taking the ferry across to the island to check out some local bars. Once on the island, you'll have a range of spots to choose from.

Icebar is a popular tourist hotspot. Almost everything in the bar is made of ice, making it the ideal place to cool down with a delicious drink on a warm night. Rock Bar is another local favorite, featuring friendly vibes, unique drinks, and excellent music all night. However, you'll find many other great bars by wandering around the island.

☂️ Visit Isla Mujeres with a tour

🏨 Places to stay near Isla Mujeres

Experience a Cirque du Soleil performance

If you're looking for a unique performance to watch, seeing Cirque du Soleil's 'JOYÁ' is recommended. The show does take place in Playa del Carmen, but round-trip transportation to and from Cancun, including the Hotel Zone, is available.

This fantastic performance features world-class acrobats, music, and light shows. You can purchase dinner as an add-on or get drinks and snacks from the theater bar to enjoy along with the memorable show.

🏨 Stay nearby Cirque du Soleil Theater in Vidanta Riviera Maya

Two red and black pirate ships on the water under a blue sky
Feel like a kid again while dining on a Captain Hook pirate ship

Feel like a kid again on a Captain Hook Dinner Cruise

A Captain Hook Dinner Cruise is another of the pirate-themed dinner cruises to try. Aboard the pirate ship, you'll be treated to drinks and dinner while you watch exciting pirate shows. There's even a live-action pirate battle!

While this activity is very fun for kids, groups of adults can enjoy the unique dinner cruise as well. During the adventure, you'll also get to admire views of the sun setting over the Caribbean Sea.

🏨 Accommodations nearby Captain Hook Cancun

See a Lucha Libre match

If you're still wondering what to do in Cancun at night, one of the most unique options is watching a Lucha Libre wrestling match. This traditional Mexican performance features wrestlers in brightly colored masks and costumes.

When booking a tour, you get to enjoy more than the show. You can also have a delicious Mexican dinner and do a tequila tasting between sipping on refreshing margaritas. A trip to a night market can be included as well, meaning this activity has something for everyone.

🏨 Accommodations close to La Parrilla Cancún

A body of water with a small structure in the distance at sunset
You can spot wildlife and admire great views during a sunset kayak on Nichupte Lagoon

Kayak on Nichupte Lagoon at sunset

Not every nighttime activity has to be over the top! One of the fun and laid-back things to do in the evening is kayaking on Nichupte Lagoon during sunset.

On the approximately two-and-a-half-hour tour, you'll paddle through the lagoon, which features mangroves and a variety of wildlife. As you do, the sun will set around you, resulting in a beautiful pink and orange sky over the water.

🏨 Stay nearby Nichupté

Swim after dark on a bioluminescence snorkeling tour

If you're looking to be more active in the evening, why not go on an evening bioluminescence snorkeling tour? The excursion begins around 7.30 p.m., allowing you to swim and snorkel at sunset or by moonlight, depending on the time of year. Once in the water, you may spot turtles, fish, urchins, and maybe even an octopus!

The benefit of snorkeling in the evening is that you have the chance to see nocturnal marine life that you probably wouldn't see during the day. The tour ends by heading back close to the shoreline, where bioluminescent creatures are found, allowing you to admire the sparkling sand and water.

In Conclusion

Cancun is a must-visit destination known for its stunning scenery and exciting attractions. It's also a well-loved nightlife spot with numerous fun activities to enjoy after dark.

Whether you want to party at the best nightclubs, relax in a bar, or try something unique like a pirate-themed cruise, everyone will find a nightlife activity for them in Cancun!

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