35 Famous Landmarks in New Jersey You Should Visit

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A city with skyscrapers and other buildings under a blue sky with clouds
New Jersey has many landmarks and lots of fun places to visit, like Atlantic City

New Jersey is a state often outshined by its world-renowned "neighbor" New York City. However, New Jersey has lots to offer visitors!

So, what is New Jersey known for? New Jersey is known for its many historic landmarks, especially those relating to the Revolutionary War. Other famous landmarks in New Jersey include Thomas Edison's laboratory, Albert Einstein's home, and the Ivy League Princeton University.

To discover all of the cultural, historical, and natural landmarks you must see in the Garden State, continue reading!

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35 Famous New Jersey Landmarks

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A black and white lighthouse with a small white house and grass in front of it
Absecon Lighthouse is the third-tallest masonry lighthouse in the US

Absecon Lighthouse

Located in Atlantic City, Absecon Lighthouse is the state's tallest lighthouse. It's also the third-tallest masonry lighthouse in the United States.

The lighthouse opened in 1856 and was used for almost 80 years, being decommissioned in 1933. Today, you can visit Absecon Lighthouse, which houses a small museum about the landmark's history.

Abbott Farm Historic District

Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1976, the Abbott Farm Historic District is a significant archaeological site. It's believed that Paleoindian people occupied the land between 500 BC and 500 AD, with many archeological finds being made here.

Within the historic district are some more modern landmarks, like Isaac Watson House, which is the New Jersey headquarters of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

A white lighthouse with a red top with greenery and a pond in front of it
You can see the Cape May Lighthouse while hiking in Cape May Point State Park

Cape May Point State Park

An NJ landmark that allows you to enjoy the outdoors is Cape May Point State Park. Interestingly, the park is one of the most popular bird-watching spots in North America as it's a natural stopping point for migrating birds. Within the 244-acre state park, you can also hike, enjoy coastal views and visit Cape May Lighthouse and a WWII gun battery.

Albert Einstein House

Albert Einstein House in Princeton was home to the scientist between 1935 and 1955 when he passed away. The home was constructed in around 1875 and today is part of the Princeton Historic District.

It has had a few owners since Einstein inhabited it and is now a private residence. If in the area, it's worth stopping by to view the house from the street.

A river with a kayak on it and trees on the banks
Kayaking on the Delaware River is a fun outdoor activity in New Jersey

Delaware River

The Delaware River is a significant river on the Atlantic Coast. It runs through New Jersey, as well as New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Historically, the river is known as the place where George Washington crossed in 1776 to surprise Hessian troops in Trenton, New Jersey. These days, you can enjoy walks along the river or kayaking on its waters.

Clark Thread Company Historic District

The Clark Thread Company Historic District is located in East Newark. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978, the area was a major manufacturing site for the Clark Thread Company.

Manufacturing work began in 1875, and the brand was the world's largest manufacturer of sewing thread until 1933. While the site was not turned into a museum, you can still visit to see some 19th-century manufacturing buildings.

A metal suspension bridge with water below it and trees and buildings behind it
The George Washington Bridge connects New Jersey to New York City and opened in 1931

George Washington Bridge

The George Washington Bridge was constructed in the late 1920s and opened in 1931, connecting New Jersey to Manhattan in New York City.

The bridge spans 1,451 meters in length and is open to pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles if they pay a toll. Those crossing the bridge can enjoy views of the Manhattan skyline and the Hudson River.

Francis Hopkinson House

Built in 1750, this famous landmark in New Jersey was home to one of the American Founding Fathers, Francis Hopkinson. This historical figure lived at the residence from 1774 to 1791.

In 1971 the home was added to the National Register of Historic Places and designated a National Historic Landmark. You can view the house from the street if in Bordentown.

One of the quirky famous landmarks in New Jersey is Lucy the Margate Elephant
Lucy the Margate Elephant is one of the fun famous landmarks in New Jersey

Lucy the Margate Elephant

One of the quirkiest famous landmarks of New Jersey is Lucy the Margate Elephant. Located in Margate City, the six-story wooden elephant was constructed in 1881. Almost 150 years later, Lucy remains in New Jersey and is a popular tourist attraction.

The elephant is also one of the state's National Historic Landmarks, having gained the honor in 1976. Additionally, "The World's Greatest Elephant" was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.

Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall

Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall is an entertainment venue in Atlantic City. The complex opened in 1929 and still hosts a variety of shows. Performances like concerts and comedy shows can be seen, and the venue has a capacity of 10,500 to 14,500.

The venue was additionally added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987. Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall is also known for hosting the Miss America Pageant.

A path through a park lined with benches and lampposts and a skyline at the end
Liberty State Park offers views of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty

Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park sits across the Hudson River from Manhattan with amazing views of the NYC skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. The park in Jersey City opened in 1976 and covers 1,212 acres.

Within Liberty State Park is the Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial. This memorial commemorates the 750 New Jersey residents who died in the 9/11 attacks.

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High Point State Park

High Point State Park lies on the edge of New Jersey's borders with New York and Pennsylvania. The park covers 15,413 acres and is a popular place for locals to enjoy the fresh air.

Located in the park is Kittatinny Ridge, which sits at 1,803 feet above sea level and is the highest point in the state, hence the park's name! Activities to partake in at the park include hiking, swimming, camping, and kayaking.

A green field with green trees around it under an orange sky at sunset
Monmouth Battlefield State Park was the site of a Revolutionary War battle in 1778

Monmouth Battlefield State Park

A fascinating Revolutionary War site in New Jersey is Monmouth Battlefield, State Park, which is the site of the 1778 Battle of Monmouth.

Today, the park preserves the land the battle was fought on and features an 18th-century farmhouse, the Craig Farmhouse. At the park, you can explore a little and learn more about the site's history. You may even see a Revolutionary War re-enactment!

Morristown National Historical Park

Morristown National Historical Park is managed by the National Park Service and features four Revolutionary War sites. The location of the park is where soldiers, including George Washington, spent the "hard winter" in 1779 and 1780. This period was the coldest winter on record.

At the site today, you can see The Ford Mansion, Fort Nonsense, The New Jersey Brigade Site, and Washington's Headquarters Museum.

A white stone building with a tower with a gold dome roof and trees to the side
The New Jersey State House in Trenton is the main seat of government for the state

New Jersey State House

Located in the state capital of Trenton, the New Jersey State House can't be left off a list of famous places in New Jersey! The capitol building was constructed in 1911 and still acts as the main seat of government for the state.

It's also the third-oldest US capitol building in continuous use. Tours of the political structure are offered, allowing you to learn about New Jersey politics and history.

Palisades Interstate Park

Another well-known park in New Jersey is Palisades Interstate Park. Located on the Hudson River, just 30 minutes from Manhattan, the park covers 2,500 acres and features 30 miles of hiking trails. Palisades Interstate Park is also a popular place to bike, kayak, and have a riverside picnic.

A bay of water with trees, buildings, and a castle-like structure on the shore
Enjoy views of Sandy Hook Bay from Gateway National Recreation Area Sandy Hook Unit

Gateway National Recreation Area Sandy Hook Unit

Located in the Highlands region, Gateway National Recreation Area Sandy Hook Unit should be on every outdoor enthusiast's list of must-visit New Jersey landmarks! This 26,607-acre park features two beaches, stunning views of Sandy Hook Bay, hiking trails, and wildlife-watching opportunities.

The park was established in 1972 and receives almost eight and a half million visitors yearly. It's notably home to the Sandy Hook Lighthouse, constructed in 1764. Whether you want to hike, go bird watching, or relax on the beach, the Gateway National Recreation Area Sandy Hook Unit is sure to please!

Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Located in West Orange, the Thomas Edison National Historical Park preserves the residence and laboratory of Thomas Edison. The buildings were originally constructed in 1887 and became part of the historical park in 1962.

At the attraction, you can explore the home and laboratories, see numerous artifacts, and learn more about America's most iconic inventor.

A white lighthouse with a red top next to a white house with bare trees in front
Opened in 1764, the Sandy Hook Lighthouse is the oldest working lighthouse in the US

Sandy Hook Lighthouse

Sandy Hook Lighthouse is the oldest operating lighthouse in the United States. Originally constructed in 1764, it was automated in 1965 to keep up with modern technology.

The white lighthouse with a red top helps guide ships in and around the Lower New York Harbor. If in Highlands, New Jersey, seeing this lighthouse that has survived the Revolutionary War and many other significant events is a must!

Princeton Battlefield State Park

Princeton Battlefield State Park is another of the famous historical sites in New Jersey related to the Revolutionary War. In 1777, the Battle of Princeton occurred here. Led by George Washington, the conflict resulted in the British soldiers in the area surrendering.

At the park, you can see the battlefield as well as a Quaker farm called Clarke House. You can learn more about the battle and how the New Jersey nickname of the Crossroads of the American Revolution came to be.

The Statue of Liberty with trees on either side under a clear blue sky
The Statue of Liberty is an iconic landmark that sits on the Hudson River next to NJ

Statue of Liberty National Monument

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous landmarks in the world, and it sits in the Hudson River between New Jersey and New York City. While the statue's address is in New York, it sits on New Jersey's side of the river, giving the Garden State some claim to it.

The statue was given to the United States as a gift from the French government in 1876. It features a statue of Libertas holding a torch and reaches 305 feet in height. Visitors to the Statue of Liberty can go into her crown to enjoy views of Manhattan.

The Hermitage

The Hermitage is a Gothic-Revival style house with 14 rooms. Built in 1845, it now acts as a house museum and is a National Historic Landmark and on the National Register of Historic Places.

The residence was designed by architect William H. Ranlett around another property constructed in the 1700s. Those that visit the museum can tour the home and gardens. Visitors will also learn more about those that have lived at The Hermitage.

A waterfall with trees and grass around it and a red brick building to the side
You can see the stunning Great Falls at Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park

Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park

The Great Falls of the Passaic River is the main attraction in Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park. The 77 feet high falls cascade into the river below and attract many visitors. The falls were even featured in an episode of The Sopranos.

The park also surrounds an 18th and 19th-century manufacturing site. Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986 and designated a National Historic Park in 2011.

Washington Crossing State Park

Washington Crossing State Park sits on the Delaware River. The park is the area from which George Washington made his crossing of the Delaware in 1776. At the park, there is a museum offering more information on this historic event. There's also a nature center, hiking trails, and an open-air theater.

The seats in a football stadium with a sign that says "MetLife Stadium" above them
The Jets and Giants NFL teams play at MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, New Jersey

MetLife Stadium

If you're a sports fan, one of the famous places to visit in New Jersey that you'll want to check out is MetLife Stadium. Located in East Rutherford, the sporting venue is home to the New York Giants and New York Jets NFL teams.

Opened in 2010, the stadium can hold up to 82,500 fans. It also hosts concerts and some other events outside of the football season.

Wildwoods Shore Resort Historic District

Located in The Wildwoods on the Jersey Shore, Wildwoods Shore Resort Historic District preserves motels and eateries from the 1950s and 1960s. During these eras, motels, diners, cafes, and even gas stations were designed in the Googie or "Doo-Wop" style.

The architecture features bright colors, neon signs, and geometric shapes. In The Wildwoods, you can view these buildings with their classic 50s and 60s designs.

Old-fashioned stone buildings, including one with turrets, next to grass and trees
Princeton University is an Ivy League school that was founded in 1746

Princeton University

New Jersey's Princeton University is one of eight Ivy League schools in the United States. These schools are not only the best in the country but some of the best in the world.

Princeton was founded in 1746 and today has around 8,500 students. While the campus is for students and prospective students only, you can visit the university to watch the Princeton Tigers varsity teams compete in 20 different sports.

Red Bank Battlefield Park

Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972, Red Bank Battlefield Park is another of the must-visit landmarks for those interested in the Revolutionary War.

The Battle of Red Bank occurred in October 1777 and ended in an American victory. Today, visitors can explore the area which sits on the Delaware River and tour the battlefield.

A red brick building on an island with the Statue of Liberty behind it
Ellis Island was an immigration processing site from 1900 to 1954

Ellis Island

Ellis Island is similar to the Statue of Liberty in that while NYC lays claim to it, it's technically in New Jersey! The North American landmark was built in 1900 as a processing center for immigrants.

Ellis Island was used to process immigrants until around 1954. The Ellis Island Immigration Museum, which you can visit today, opened in 1990 and houses exhibits on the people that passed through one of the most historical places in NJ.

Gillian's Wonderland Pier

Gillian's Wonderland Pier is located in Ocean City and is one of the most fun places to visit in New Jersey. Opened in 1929, the oceanside pier features an amusement park and an iconic Ferris wheel.

While visiting, you can enjoy the array of amusements, plus carnival-style games, snacks, and shops. The pier is also a perfect place to watch the sunset.

A river with greenery-covered mountains around it under a clear blue sky
The Delaware Water Gap was formed by water erosion of the Appalachian Mountains

Delaware Water Gap

The Delaware Water Gap is part of the Delaware River on the border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The official Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is located in PA, but you can access the water from New Jersey.

The landmark was formed because the Delaware River carved through and eroded a section of the Appalachian Mountains. Activities to enjoy at the Delaware Water Gap include kayaking, boating, and admiring the mountain views.

Two hills covered with trees with a river meandering between them under a cloudy sky
Hiking to the top of Mount Tammany offers 360-degree views

Mount Tammany

One of the many natural landmarks in New Jersey that you have to see is Mount Tammany. You can see the mountain from the Delaware Water Gap and surrounding areas.

Mount Tammany has an elevation of 465 meters and is the Kittatinny Mountains' southernmost peak. Those with an intermediate to high activity level can hike to the peak and admire stunning views of the Delaware River.

The Newark Museum of Art

The Newark Museum of Art is New Jersey's largest museum. This Newark landmark was founded in 1909 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. Within the museum are works by many famous American artists. There are also art collections from Africa, Asia, and the ancient world.

A science museum exhibit with a blue wall with signs and a wholly mammoth sculpture
Science exhibits at the Liberty Science Center include those on ancient animals

Liberty Science Center

A fun cultural landmark that's especially popular with families is the Liberty Science Center. The Jersey City attraction opened in 1993 and, at the time, was the fourth-largest planetarium in the world.

At the interactive science museum and planetarium, you can see exhibits on nature, microbiomes, the ice age, and many other scientific topics.

A tall red and white lighthouse with ocean water and some trees around it
Barnegat Lighthouse has helped guide ships since the 1850s

Barnegat Lighthouse

The spot where the Barnegat Lighthouse sits in Ocean County was once considered the most important navigational point for those leaving and entering New York Harbor. Constructed in the 1850s, the lighthouse is known for its white and red block color pattern.

The lighthouse is also a stop on the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail. After seeing the landmark, you can explore Barnegat Lighthouse State Park, which surrounds it.

In Summary

This list of natural, cultural, and historical landmarks in New Jersey should have given you an idea of all the things to see in the state. From outdoor attractions, like national parks and beaches, to science museums and historic places galore, every traveler will find some Garden State landmarks to add to their NJ bucket list!

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