8 Nicknames for Dallas, TX, That You Should Know

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Aside from its interesting culture, Dallas is also known for its many quirky monikers

Dallas, Texas, is known for its rich history, vibrant music scene, regional cuisine, and cultural significance. One of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to several Fortune 500 companies, multiple colleges and universities, and nationally beloved sports teams.

It's no wonder the nicknames for Dallas, TX, are as rich and interesting as the area itself. You may have heard Dallas referred to as The Big D, DFW, or the Metroplex by now and even used these nicknames yourself. However, what about the nickname Pegasus City? Or have you heard it referred to as 214? If not, read on to learn about Dallas' various nicknames and the history behind them.

8 Dallas Nicknames

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A facade of a building with waving flags and a sign saying "The Dallas Morning News"
The Dallas Morning News coined one of the nicknames for Dallas, TX, "The Big D"

Big D

The Big D may be one of the most popular and recognizable Dallas names. The Dallas Morning News first referred to Dallas as the Big D in the 1930s. It later became the title of Paul Crume's popular local column from 1952 to 1975.

The nickname took off with the 1956 release of the Bing Crosby musical "The Most Happy Fella." In it, Crosby croons about "Big D, little A, double L, A, S" in homage to this iconic city. Big D is also widely used as a reference to the sheer size and scale of the city itself. A fun Texas fact is that Dallas is one of three cities in the state with over one million people.


The nickname 214 refers to one of the original area codes for the region. When AT&T and The Bell System created its first 86 area codes in 1947, Dallas was assigned 214. This area code was the only one for Dallas until the 1990s. By then, the population had grown so large the city needed a second area code. A third and fourth have been added since then.

The 214 area code includes some of Dallas's oldest and most established neighborhoods, including Oak Cliff. The city incorporated this beautiful community in 1903, just across the Trinity River from Downtown.

A plane in front of a white building
DFW is the code for the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport


The name DFW refers to the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metropolitan area in general. This moniker comes from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, which opened in 1973. DFW is the code for the airport, which is one of the busiest in the world for both aircraft and passenger travel. This airport is also notable as it's the primary hub for American Airlines.


Dallas has also been referred to as D-Town, with some controversy over the years. Detroit and Denver also lay claim to the name, with solid hometown support.

The name gained popularity with the rise of hip-hop music in the 1990s. Houston's hip-hop nickname is H-Town, so local artists adapted it to refer to the Dallas music scene. As some locals consider Dallas the live music capital of Texas, it makes sense it would have a musical slogan too.

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A hanging structure of a red pegasus surrounded by buildings and trees
Dallas was called Pegasus City due to an iconic red statue atop a building

Pegasus City

Pegasus, the winged horse from Greek Mythology, is one of the unofficial mascots of Dallas. The city earned the nickname Pegasus City back in 1934 when the Magnolia Oil Company erected a bright red Pegasus statue, the company's emblem, atop their headquarters. It was the largest building in Dallas at the time, so residents could see the brilliant horse from miles around.

When the statue finally deteriorated, it was removed and restored, thanks to sponsors. It now proudly resides in front of the Omni Hotel, found Downtown, and is one of many signature Dallas landmarks. Pegasus City is also widely used in naming local businesses, including a popular brewery, lending credence to this nickname.


DTX is one of the lesser-known and used nicknames for Dallas. The "D" represents Dallas, and the "TX" is for Texas. DTX most commonly occurs as an acronym for those looking up information for military and government organizations, schools, universities, and other businesses. DTX is occasionally used in slang to refer to the city and is not as preferred locally as some of the other names for Dallas.

Nicknames for Dallas, TX mostly originated in the Downtown area
The Triple D logo symbolizes the high quality of life in the city of Dallas

Triple D

Triple D hails directly from the Dallas City logo. The letter D is formed by three blue concentric lines, with a leafy green tree in the center to symbolize the city's high quality of life. Three Ds essentially form the larger D, leading to the nickname Triple D.

Like D-Town, this nickname for Dallas has gained popularity with the explosion of the hip-hop music scene in the 1990s. Local artists used the logo in their lyrics, referencing their hometown as Triple D. Word spread, and the nickname stuck.

The Metroplex

The Metroplex is a nickname drawn from the sheer size of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. This name dates back to the 1970s when DFW International Airport construction had just begun. The North Texas Commission was invested in promoting the region and drawing more businesses.

Herve Chapman, a leader in the commission, coined the term in a promotional advertisement that ran in Fortune magazine in 1973. The slogan stuck, much to the dismay of many residents, who prefer the storied Big D to describe their city.

In Summary

The nicknames for Dallas, Texas, speak to the city's rich history and cultural significance. The very popular Big D dates back to the 1930s, and both it and the Metroplex relate to the sheer size of the metropolitan area. The 214 is a nod to Dallas's long-established history and neighborhoods.

D-Town and Triple D highlight the musical significance of Dallas, especially during the emergence of hip-hop. DFW is widely used to refer to the city and its large international airport. The lesser-used DTX is occasionally in play, and only a true Dallas local will appreciate the significance of Pegasus City. As you look more into the history of Dallas, the only question is, which nickname describes this famous Texas city best?

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