Best Time to Visit Houston, Texas

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Houston has fewer tourists in winter, meaning potential discounts and deals

Your travel preferences can change as to when is the best time to visit Houston, Texas. Each season has various benefits and things to consider before you make your plans.

Crowd levels are lowest in the winter (December-March), especially in January. After the December holidays, few people are traveling, which means Houston is much less busy.

Winter also happens to be the cheapest time to visit the city. The lower demand for rooms and flights means airlines and hotels are more likely to offer discounts or deals to entice travelers.

The area's weather is arguably best in spring (March-June). Temperatures are usually in the 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit range, and it only rains five times per month on average.

Houston has a lot to offer, but there are many things to consider if you plan to visit. Keep reading to learn everything you need to make your trip to "Space City" ideal.

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Best Time to Go to Houston

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Houston Vacation Planning Questions

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Questions and tips to consider when planning a visit to Houston Texas
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March is the best month to visit Houston, with nice temperatures and little rain

When is the best time to visit Houston, Texas?

March is the best month to visit Houston. The weather is usually around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and there are, on average, five days of rain annually.

However, any time between February and April or fall (September-December) will also be pleasant. Houston's temperatures during both periods typically range between 64 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

School is typically in session, so fewer families will be traveling, which will lower crowd levels. Couples and solo travelers are more likely to visit when they can avoid the hot summer temperatures.

You can typically find good deals on hotels and flights in late winter (December-March) and fall months. Multiple holidays during these times make Houston a great weekend getawayspot.

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Winter is the best time to visit Houston, Texas for hotel and flight deals

When is the cheapest time to go to Houston?

If you want to visit Houston on the cheap, plan your winter trip (December-March). Though it doesn't usually snow in Houston, temperatures can go as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit, which keeps most travelers away until the warmer months.

Downtown Houston or the Museum District are some of the best places to stay in Houston due to their proximity to the sights. As there is a large volume of hotels in these neighbourhoods, they can also be the locations of some of the cheapest prices due to the increased competition to attract guests.

Since crowd levels are lower in the winter, you can find cheap flights and hotels. Though booking your reservations as soon as possible is recommended, you're more likely to find last-minute deals.

However, keep in mind that December travel can be a little hit-or-miss. The first half of the month is generally pretty slow, but you might notice price increases after the 15th and through the holidays. Flights around Christmas sell out quickly because many people nationwide are traveling at this time.

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A sign "George Bush Intercontinental Airport" in a garden with multicolored flowers
The best time to visit Houston Texas is in January to enjoy flight deals

When is the cheapest time to fly to Houston?

January is the best time to travel to Houston if you plan to fly. After Christmas and New Year's Day, travel around the country tends to slow down for the winter (December-March). Fewer travelers make it more likely you'll be able to find last-minute flights if you prefer spontaneous travel.

You won't encounter many out-of-towners in Houston in January. The reduced demand for amenities results in a drop in the cost of air travel, and hotels lower their room rates throughout the month.

January is Houston's coldest month. You won't have to worry about snow, but it can still be chilly. Temperatures reach an average daily high of 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and nightly lows hover around 45 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also expect about half an inch of rain every week.

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Houston's rain season is between May and September

When is the rainy season in Houston?

Houston has a four-month rainy season. Between May and September, you can expect rain two-three times per week. The rainfall is substantial, with about five inches of precipitation per month.

Houston has a subtropical climate, meaning it's quite humid, with a daily humidity index between 60% and 90%. The area is also prone to rain; Weekly showers are still common even during the city's dry seasons.

Temperatures throughout this rainy season range between 83 and 91 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the humidity can make the air feel even warmer.

Despite the increased likelihood of weather disruptions, summer (June-September) is a busy season for tourism. It's a popular destination for families who prefer to travel when school isn't in session.

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The best time to visit Houston, Texas to visit the NASA Space Center is summer
Visiting the NASA Space Center close to opening time has fewer crowds

When is the best time to visit NASA Houston?

The NASA Space Center is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Since the center is indoors, you can visit all year without worrying about weather conditions.

To avoid crowds, avoid visiting on weekends, over holidays, and during the summer (June-September). Families with schoolchildren are most likely to visit at these times, which can cause long lines and make your visit a little more overwhelming.

It's also recommended you get to the Space Center close to its opening time. Visitors are admitted at 10 a.m., usually the least busy time. You should set aside three hours for your visit, so arriving shortly before closing isn't recommended.

You can also choose to book a tour if you want guaranteed admission. Combination city and Space Center tours are available if you have limited time in the city.

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A fountain with a star shape in it and water shooting up
The worst time to visit Houston is from June to September due to the heat and crowds

When is the worst time to visit Houston?

According to the locals, summer (June-September) is the worst time to visit Houston. Crowd levels, costs, and the city's climate are the least ideal during the season.

Houston's humidity index is usually around 90% between June and September, and daily temperatures hover between 86 and 91 degrees Fahrenheit. It also rains, on average, seven times per month.

Luckily, Houston has plenty of indoor attractions to mitigate adverse weather conditions. An escape room is great for groups, for example.

Since school is out for the summer between June and August, many families and college students take the opportunity to travel. Houston's tourist crowds noticeably increase at this time of year.

The increased demand for hotel rooms and flight tickets keeps prices rising throughout the summer. If you want to book a budget-friendly trip, you'll want to make travel reservations at least two months in advance.

A street with tram tracks and buildings on one side
Hurricanes are more likely during August in Houston, Texas

When is the hurricane season in Houston?

Hurricanes aren't unlikely in Texas due to the state's proximity to the Gulf Coast. Houston's active hurricane season typically starts in July and lasts through November.

Historically, August has had the most hurricane activity in the state because it's the hottest month of the year. Temperatures reach 90-95 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity index often reaches a stifling 90%.

Generally, one hurricane or tropical storm makes it to Houston each year, and alerts are issued a few days in advance. It's unlikely you'll be caught entirely off-guard if one is expected while you're in the area.

To be safe, make sure your travel arrangements allow you to cancel or rebook if you plan to visit during the summer (June-September) or fall (September-December).

A park with trees and a dusting of snow with buildings in the distance
A snowfall in Houston is a rare occurrence but does happen

Does it snow in Houston, Texas?

Houston's climate rarely allows for snow, and temperatures generally stay well above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, which is how cold it needs to be for snow to fall.

However, snow isn't out of the question and has been recorded nearly 100 times since 1881. 2017 was the last time a significant amount of snow was recorded in the city.

Houston's typical winter (December-March) climate is rainy and humid. There are usually five to seven days of precipitation per month, and temperatures hover around 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Winter is the cheapest and least crowded time to visit Houston, partly because of the weather conditions. The colder weather dissuades some travelers who prefer to enjoy the area's warmer spring (March-June) or summer (June-September) weather. The reduction in tourists drives down prices.

A road surrounded by trees and tall buildings
Houston offers budget-friendly accommodation for people visiting the area

What are the cheapest hotels in Houston?

Houston has many hotel options for budget travelers. The Travelodge and the Comfort Inn & Suites are two of the most popular, affordable chains. Americas Best Value Inn & Suites in north-east Houston is also highly recommended for people looking for affordable accommodation.

If you'd like to browse different hotel options, there are specific areas in the city to check out. Downtown Houston is often overlooked by travelers who expect it to be out of their price range, but it's one of the city's safest and most affordable neighborhoods.

The city's public transportation also services the downtown area, so you don't have to worry about renting a car to get around. Kingwood and Midtown also offer safe, easily accessible, budget-friendly accommodation.

A wood and steel bridge spanning a body of water with multicolored trees
Staying in a motel in Houston is a budget-friendly option if you are traveling by car

What are the cheapest motels in Houston?

If you're going to have a car while you're in Houston, you might prefer to stay in a motel while in the city. There are multiple options available for budget travelers all year.

The Holiday Inn in downtown Houston is a popular option since it offers several amenities to guests, like access to an on-site gym. The Comfort Inn & Suites in West Houston is another popular option because the neighborhood is quiet.

The Galleria, Museum District, and Westchase are other neighborhoods to look out for if you want to browse your lodging options. The hotels and motels here are affordable and comfortable, and the neighborhoods are generally safe.

Weather, Prices, and Crowds in Houston

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Consider weather, prices, and crowds when planning a visit to Houston Texas

Winter in Houston

Winter (December-March) is the best time to visit Houston as it's the city's low season for tourism, which has advantages.

Not many people come to Houston in winter, especially after the December holidays. Crowding will be minimal, and the lines for restaurants and attractions will be shorter.

Since fewer people are in the city, hotels and airlines are more likely to offer discounts to entice people to plan winter trips. If you're traveling on a budget, this is the best time to plan to see Houston.

Houston's weather is pretty mild, especially for people visiting from places where snow is expected. Temperatures are usually in the 45-65 degrees Fahrenheit range. Expect rain at least once a week and a 60% humidity index.

Spring in Houston

Spring (March-June) is the best time to visit Houston if you're concerned about the weather. Temperatures vary between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and it only rains once a week. The humidity index hovers around 60%, though it can dip lower than that in the evening.

The pleasant climate makes walking around the city comfortably. Spring is a great time to book a food tour to get a taste of the cuisine Houston has to offer.

Crowds can get intense during spring, especially on the weekends and around Easter when school isn't in session. March and April tend to be calm during the week.

You'll notice prices increasing steadily throughout the spring months. Though they should remain affordable throughout the season, hotels and flights will offer fewer discounts and book up faster in May and June.

Summer in Houston

Houston's summers (June-September) are known for being hot, humid, and rainy. Temperatures are typically in the 88-91 degrees Fahrenheit range, and the humidity index is about 90%.

You can expect rain at least twice a week during the summer months. Hurricane season also starts at the end of July. However, if a tropical storm or hurricane is headed for the area, alerts start going out a few days in advance if that causes you to change your travel plans.

Nightly temperatures tend to drop into the mid-70s Fahrenheit and are less humid. You can comfortably explore Houston at night in the summertime.

Expect high crowd levels as many people visit the area when school is out for summer vacation. You'll also want to book your hotel and flights early to have the most price options available.

Fall in Houston

If you're trying to determine when to visit Houston, consider going in the fall (September-December). After September, the weather starts to cool down exponentially, with daily highs rarely reaching 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fall also has less rain, but you can expect precipitation about five times a month. It's also less humid between October and December, with the humidity index hovering just over 60% most days.

Since school is back in session in the fall, fewer out-of-towners are in the city. Crowd levels won't be terrible, and you won't have to wait in long lines to get into places. It's also a great time to book a Houston pub tour if you're 21 or older since the locations you visit won't be as loud or busy.

Prices also start to dip in the fall. Since there are fewer tourists, you're more likely to find discounts on hotels and flights. The only exceptions to this rule are the week of Thanksgiving and the second half of December.

In Summary

There are plenty of things to do and see in Houston, no matter when you visit. However, your preferences can alter when you're most likely to enjoy everything the city offers.

Budget travelers often prefer going to Houston in the winter (December-March) when the city's tourist lull means lower prices on flights and hotel rooms. People with a low tolerance for crowds usually enjoy themselves more because not many out-of-towners are in the city.

Houston's weather is, however, best in the spring (March-June), with temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and lower chances of rain; you can comfortably walk around the city.

Hopefully, this article has helped you determine your preferences for your upcoming trip to "H-town." Now you have to start planning!

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