Why travel to Switzerland?

Switzerland offers stunning natural beauty with the Alps, lakes, and parks like Jungfrau and Lauterbrunnen. It's safe with efficient public transport.

In Switzerland, you can visit historic cities like Zurich and Geneva, and savor world-renowned Swiss chocolate and cheese. It also offers luxury shopping and watches, and a vibrant art scene with museums like Kunsthaus Zurich.

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A panoramic view of historical buildings with an arched bridge over blue water
A church with a red spire on the roof with a lake and snow-capped mountains behind
A historical town with old buildings with orange roofs and blue water around

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Aerial shot of a village of old buildings with a river near snow-capped mountains
A body of water next to a covered bridge and buildings with a mountain behind
A bright blue river with boats on it and buildings, churches, and trees on both sides
An aerial view of a town with historical buildings, water, and a green mountain
Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland
The Perfect 24 Hours in Zurich Itinerary

By Agne Civilyte

  • One day itinerary
  • Average of 19 stops per day

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