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A town with short concrete buildings along a river bank with a green park
River with yellow and white boats surrounded by glass skyscrapers under blue skies
A river winding through lush green trees on a nice day
A city skyline with buildings behind water, on a cloudy day
Looking up a road to an old dome-shaped government building with clouds above

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A city skyline near a park with trees and a lake in the foreground
A city skyline next to the water with boats on it on a sunny day
A city skyline full of tall modern glass buildings with a partly cloudy sky behind
A lake filled with boats with an urban skyline in the background on a nice day
An aerial view of a city skyline with water, skyscrapers, and a sunset sky
A city skyline with buildings and trees in the background and a body of water
A political building with a domed roof and a statue of Lincoln and trees next to it
A church next to city buildings and trees under a blue sky with clouds
A river next to grassy banks and brown and white brick buildings on a nice day
A tower structure behind green trees and a lake under a blue sky
A downtown skyline with water in front of it, under a partly cloudy sky
High rise buildings and a Ferris wheel under a blue sky with clouds
The Chicago city skyline at night with water in front of it

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