Andrew Sayles

Andrew Sayles

atsayles FORMER WRITER Andrew is an American traveler, teacher, and blogger who has called five countries home and is currently based in Oregon. He loves experiencing and learning about new places and being able to share his stories with others. He hopes readers gain helpful insights from his articles, but he hopes, too, that they discover many more on their own.

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Aerial of blue water and a stunning white sandy beach with nipa hut umbrellas
Blue water with a red and white lighthouse next to greenery and another lighthouse
A city with a river running through it and large buildings in the background
A group of stone buildings lined by trees on either side and a body of water
A building next to palm trees and the blue ocean with a skyline in the distance
Miami, Florida, United States
The Most Perfect 3 Days in Miami Itinerary

By Andrew Sayles

  • 3 day itinerary
  • Average of 5 stops per day
A body of water next to rocks and a cliff under a partly cloudy sky

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