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A rectangular courtyard surrounded by ruins and a hill and blue sky at the back
Clear blue still water with boats anchored in front of a town with brick buildings
Green and blue tinted clear water on a sandy and stone beach on a bright sunny day
South Aegean

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Aerial shot of a village with many white houses near the sea
A beach surrounded by lush rocky mountains with a cylindrical structure atop
A coastal village with many white houses near mountains and boats
Aerial shot of a coastal village with colorful houses
The Parthenon with many columns, one of the most famous landmarks in Athens, Greece
Blue domes on top of white houses overlooking an island in the distance and blue seas
An ancient columned structure on a hill with old ruins and buildings around
Athens, Attica, Greece
2 Days in Athens Itinerary - Best Things to Do in Athens

By Andrew Sayles

  • 2 day itinerary
  • Average of 11 stops per day

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