17 Fun Indoor Activities in Auckland

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Auckland CItyscape

Located on the North Island of New Zealand is the happening city of Auckland. You can find many cool and free indoor activities in Auckland.

Auckland Central, Auckland CBD and Queen Street are all busy, touristy and popular places to visit. They are filled with shops, tattoo parlours, book stores, bars, cafes, restaurants and other businesses. Most of the indoor activities mentioned on this list are located within walking distance of the above areas, and some are located a short transit ride away.

Fun things to do in Auckland are endless, and new festivals and events are always popping up. Exciting educational places that offer free activities for kids over the school holidays exist too.

The activities I've included on the list below will ensure you still have fun regardless of the weather outside. If the weather is holding up, there are also some great outdoor activities to do north of Auckland as well.

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Auckland Map

Using the map of Auckland, you can explore all the activities.

View from Auckland War Memorial Museum

Auckland War Memorial Museum

The Auckland War Memorial Museum brings history to life, especially Maori culture. It stands as a memorial for any New Zealander who has lost their life at war. The museum is a must-visit, whether you are in Auckland for only 24 hours or a few days.

This museum is also the perfect place to spend a rainy day, whether you are by yourself or with your partner or family. It is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm.

The Auckland Museum has daily performances celebrating Maori history as well as several collections and exhibits to explore. There are exhibitions related to the Ancient Greeks, Wildlife Photography, Early Auckland Photography, Wonders of the World, Butterflies and New Zealand Geography Photography and many more.

The museum also offers guided tours and special programs and activities for kids, like the "Night at the Museum" and the "Discovery Trail".

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Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm and has a cafe and gift shop on site. It offers guided tours as well as group tours for ten or more people.

As it is an art gallery, the exhibits change regularly, but the website is always up to date with what's being shown, so it is a good idea to check it before you go.

The Auckland Art Gallery is family and kid-friendly. It provides free "gallery games" from 10 am to 4 pm, which you can download before your arrival. The gallery also has interactive exhibits in its Creative Learning Centre. The displays in the centre are designed to spark interest in the arts for kids.

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New Zealand Maritime Museum

The New Zealand Maritime Museum is full of many interesting and exciting exhibits, such as permanent exhibits made up of real ships and model replicas. It takes you through New Zealand's sailing culture and nautical history, all the way from the Maoris to modern-day sailing with a detailed and informative exhibit on America's Cup sailing race.

A popular offering of the museum is hopping aboard their Ted Ashby boat to go for an hour-long sailing ride around Auckland's harbour.

The museum has all the amenities you would expect - a cafe, luggage storage, WIFI and guided tours.

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Stardome Observatory & Planetarium

The Stardome Observatory & Planetarium is open every day and night except Monday, but it is recommended to plan your visit ahead of time. It is a fantastic indoor activity to do in Auckland on a cold and rainy day as it is family-friendly and always has a lot of exhibits and shows going on. You can even have a kid's birthday party here or adopt a star!

The observatory goes through the history of spacecraft and space travel, contains displays of meteorites from the moon and Mars, teaches you about telescopes and how they work, and has a scale that shows you how much you would weigh in space.

Furthermore, it has courtyard telescopes, a space gallery and a Zeiss Telescope where you can see deep objects in space. It also offers planetarium shows where you can learn about the night sky.

Don't forget to stop by the amusing gift shop on the way out!

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Penguin Being Fed at SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium

SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium

Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium is one of Auckland's most popular attractions for families and people of all ages. It is home to a large selection of sea creatures, including penguins, jellyfish, crabs, turtles, sharks, stingrays, seahorses and Tuataras. The aquarium has glass tunnels that you can walk through as the sea creatures swim above and around you.

The aquarium does live feeds and talks with penguins, sharks, turtles and fish. The shows happen at different places and times, so check the website for exact times and locations. Kelly Tarlton's also provides school holiday activities and educational games and classes for kids.

For those interested in getting closer to the animals, the aquarium offers a wide array of "experiences", like cage diving with sharks, getting up close and personal with penguins, or a behind-the-scenes tour of the park.

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Mini Golf at Holey Moley Mini Golf

Holey Moley Golf Club

Golfing at Holey Moley Golf Club is one of Auckland's best rainy day activities. It has an indoor mini-golf course where each hole is differently themed and decorated with pop culture icons. They offer 9, 18 and 27 holes and even have a private karaoke room that can fit up to 20 people.

Holey Moley Golf Club provides a high-energy place for social events, kids parties and even work celebrations. It has a bar stocked with beer, wine and spirits as well as non-alcoholic drinks, snacks and food. It is a fun place for adults, but also has areas for kids and families too.

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Mt Albert Aquatic Centre

The Mt Albert Aquatic Centre is a lot of fun for the entire family or anyone looking to learn how to swim or stay fit. The centre offers all kinds of classes and safety courses and is staffed with lifeguards.

In addition to the 25m indoor swimming pool, there is a children's wave pool, splash pool and hydroslide. There is also a sauna, steam room and spa for the adults. The centre also has a cafe on site.

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Giapo Ice Cream

Giapo Ice Cream is one of Auckland's most unique and famous ice cream parlours. It has turned ice cream into a literal art form, and people travel from all over the city and world to experience Giapo.

If you are looking for plain old ice cream, Giapo is not the spot for you. Dedicated to new and innovative ways to enjoy ice cream, Giapo goes above and beyond creativity and imagination to bring you the very best ice cream creations. Giapo offers halal, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free options as well as "experiences".

There is the free "Walk-in Experience" where the employees walk you through the ice cream creation process with a few samples. The "Master Class" is recommended for parties and families. This 1.5 hour-long class allows you to create your very own ice cream. You can also go on a Kitchen Tour or sign up for a 1-hour Music & Ice Cream experience.

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Snowplanet is a super cool indoor ski and snowboard "mountain". It offers ski and snowboard lessons, "night" riding, a terrain park (on Friday nights) and snow tubing, and has a restaurant, bar and even a ski shop.

Snowplanet also provides after school programs, school holiday programs, athlete training and camps. This indoor slope is a fun thing to do on a rainy day in Auckland.

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Escape Rooms at Escapade NZ

An escape room is a fun way to pass the time indoors. It can be storming outside or blistering hot - regardless, lots of fun can be had at an escape room.

One of the most popular escape room venues in Auckland is Escapade NZ. They have six different rooms, all Kiwi themed.

It is highly recommended to book in advance. A typical room supports 2 to 6 people, and you have up to 60 minutes to complete a room.

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Virtual Reality Voom (VR Voom)

If you are a casual gamer or gaming enthusiast, you should check out VR Voom. VR Voom offers "the most advanced virtual reality gaming experiences".

Using their virtual reality headset, body kit, and weapons (or chair - depending on the game), you can enter their virtual world and compete with either your friends or other gamers to solve puzzles and challenges together in a virtual world.

If you've never used virtual reality technology before, it is worth checking out. It is a unique indoor experience.

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Sky Tower in Auckland

SkyCity Auckland

If virtual reality gaming is not your thing, but roulette, blackjack and poker are, then Sky City Casino might be your sanctuary indoors. This casino is open 24 hours a day and is located in the Central Business District.

Within the same complex are multiple bars and restaurants. The casino, bars, and restaurants come alive at night time. However, most venues also serve lunch. There are also many other things to do at night in Auckland aside from casinos, so don't worry!

Within SkyCity is also Sky Tower. Sky Tower is 328 metres tall. At 220 metres, you can enjoy panoramic views of Auckland city with 80 kilometres of visibility in every direction.

If you are looking to spend a few hours indoors in Auckland, SkyCity has a lot to offer.

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Game Over Auckland

Game Over Auckland offers several fun indoor activities that will allow you, your family or your group of friends to pass many hours. The venue might be located quite far outside of Auckland's CBD; however, it takes just under 1 hour by public transport to reach it.

If you are looking to burn some rubber and compete against your friends to discover who is the fastest driver in your group, then indoor karting can be a lot of fun. The karts at Game Over are electrically powered - meaning, no smell of petrol fumes. They are also safe as they are capped at a safe speed for the course.

Also available at Game Over is laser tag and mini-putt. The laser tag arena supports up to 20 people. Each laser tag game runs for 10 minutes. When you are ducking and hiding from your opponents, a 10-minute game can seem like a long time.

Finally, the mini-putt course at Game Over has a Jurassic theme. It is a 12-hole course and kid-friendly.

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Indoor Rock Climbing at Clip 'n Climb Auckland

Located just outside the city centre, Clip 'n Climb offers a fun and safe climbing environment for children.

They provide lots of easy and fun courses for kids. A session lasts about an hour. During the session, kids will be able to explore many of the differently-themed walls and challenges within the centre.

It is a popular location for parties and events. So advanced booking is recommended if you are visiting on a weekend or during the school holidays.

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Event Cinemas at Queen Street

A movie at the cinemas is a great way to pass the time indoors. The Event Cinemas at Queen Street is conveniently located in the city as well.

If you are looking to spoil yourself, consider booking yourself into Gold Class or an IMAX screening for an out-of-the-ordinary experience.

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Odyssey Sensory Maze

The Odyssey Sensory Maze takes about 20 to 30 minutes to explore. The "maze" is a series of rooms with each room having a unique set of challenges, lighting effects, smells, sound effects, and illusions that when combined, create a quirky and unexpected experience.

The maze doesn't require any pre-booking; however, tickets are cheaper if you book online in advance.

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Cakes 'n Ladders - Board Game Cafe

If you are a coffee lover and are looking to unwind indoors, then look no further than Cakes 'n Ladders - a quaint cafe in Auckland's CBD.

The cafe's gaming collection is continuously growing. They have all sorts of games - from board games to family-friendly games, like Cards Against Humanity and Connect Four.

If you are looking to get off your feet for a few hours, or are looking to wait out some bad weather, then a board game or two at Cakes 'n Ladders is an excellent way to pass the time - and to have a lot of fun doing it!

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In Summary,

Auckland is a super fun and neat city for anyone who visits. There are various indoor activities in Auckland that one can do when it is wet and cold outside. Whether you are passing through or are someone who lives here, I hope this list helped to give you some ideas for things to do in Auckland on a rainy day.

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