21 Best Free Things to Do in Las Vegas, Nevada

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An aerial shot of a tall pointy tower surrounded by buildings and blue sky
Many of the best free things to do in Las Vegas, Nevada, are on the strip

Las Vegas in Nevada, United States, is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Known for casinos, luxury hotels, high-end restaurants, and incredible nightlife, it's no wonder it's such a hit with tourists! Vegas is also associated with spending money, whether to gamble, enjoy a fancy meal, or shop at high-end stores.

However, you'll be pleased to hear that you can visit many attractions at no cost. This list of the best free things to do in Las Vegas, Nevada, covers the 21 most popular complimentary attractions in the area.

From mermaid shows to hanging out with flamingos and seeing the world's largest piece of gold, these fun free things to do in Vegas won't disappoint!

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Las Vegas Things to Do Map

Using the map of Las Vegas, you can explore all the things to do.

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A pink and orange casino on an indoor street with people around
Fremont Street has many attractions, including free concerts

Attend a free concert at the Fremont Street Experience

Located in Old Las Vegas, the Fremont Street Experience features lots of attractions. Many things to do here cost money, but the concerts held on Fremont Street are one hundred percent free.

Most concerts feature rock bands and are mainly held in the summer. While on Fremont Street, don’t forget to also check out Viva Vision, the world’s largest video screen.

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A gondola on a waterway surrounded by Italian-style buildings
You can see a replica of Venice's canals at the Venetian Hotel

Explore the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian

The Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian hotel are highly unique. The inside shopping area is modeled after the canals of Venice, complete with an actual waterway and gondolas. The ceiling is even painted like the daytime sky!

While purchasing anything in the shops will cost, exploring the area will not. It’s an ideal place to take some fantastic pictures and get the feeling you’re spending the day in Venice.

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The Observation Wheel is one of the best free things to do in Las Vegas, Nevada
The views from the High Roller 107 Skylounge are unbeatable

Enjoy views from the High Roller Observation Wheel

The High Roller Observation Wheel at the Linq Hotel is one of the most famous Las Vegas landmarks. Interestingly, it’s also one of the best free attractions in Las Vegas.

While going to the actual observation deck is $20, you can visit the 107 Skylounge located below the observation deck for free.

You can then take in the 360-degree views before heading back down. If you do want to spend a little, drinks and snacks are available.

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A shopping mall with an oval roof and palm trees in front under a blue sky
Viewing the fashion show at Fashion Show Mall is a fun free activity

Watch the fashion show at the Fashion Show Mall

If looking for free stuff to do in Vegas, consider attending the fashion show at Fashion Show Mall. On weekends, there is a runway show in the middle of the mall that’s free for everyone to watch.

All the incredible outfits modeled can also be purchased after the show if anything catches your eye. Watching the show is a great way to add a bit of style to your Vegas trip without breaking the bank.

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Visit the Ethel M Chocolates Factory and Botanical Cactus Garden

If you need a break from the bustle of the strip, visiting the Ethel M Chocolates Factory and Botanical Cactus Garden is a great idea. This unique attraction houses a botanical garden with various species of Cacti.

Once you’ve looked around the garden, you can tour the chocolate factory. You’ll learn how luxurious chocolates are made and can get some to take with you. Best of all, it’s all free (minus any chocolate purchases.)

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A replica of New York City with Statue of Liberty and skyscrapers
Transport yourself to the Big Apple at the New York-New York Hotel

Transport yourself to New York at the New York-New York Hotel

The New York-New York Hotel and Casino is a fascinating place to explore. The exterior features replicas of well-known New York City landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.

Inside, you can wander around streets that replica New York’s neighborhoods. There are many restaurants and bars to try, but if you don’t want to spend money, just exploring the “streets” is a fun activity!

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An indoor mall with a fountain, red lights, and tall cartoon statues
The Miracle Mile Shops feature many attractions, including the rainstorm show

Catch the rainstorm show at the Miracle Mile Shops

Another of the fascinating things to see in Vegas for free is the rainstorm at Miracle Mile Shops. The shopping mall is located in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

The show takes place on the hour, every hour, between 10 am and 11 pm. You’ll get to see the pond in the center of the mall suddenly fill up as rainwater pours down. It’s definitely a unique experience to watch a rainstorm happening inside!

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Shipping containers stacked with the words Container Park across them
Vegas' Container Park features shops and a giant praying mantis!

Discover the Downtown Container Park

The Downtown Container Park is one of the fun and free attractions in Las Vegas. This park is actually an open-air shopping mall, with each shop housed in an old shipping container.

Of course, you can spend money at the shops, but just wandering around this unique mall is also a great experience. Having “window-shopped” a little, be sure to see the flame-shooting praying mantis statue!

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A boulevard with illuminated buildings, trees, and an Eiffel Tower replica
Walking along the Vegas strip is the most iconic free Las Vegas activity

Walk down Las Vegas Boulevard

One of the most iconic and best free activities in Las Vegas is walking down Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as the strip. The strip features a vast array of unique and fascinating attractions.

You’ll spot replicas of world landmarks, like the Eiffel Tower, and be amazed by the array of LED illuminations. You may also see street performers and other unique sites.

Walking down the strip will additionally allow you to see the most famous Las Vegas hotels.

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Check out TV’s Gold & Silver Pawn Shop

If you enjoy the reality TV show Pawn Stars, you’ll want to check this free attraction out. The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is the shop that features in the show, and it’s located in Las Vegas.

Entering the shop is completely free, but do expect long lines. Once inside, you can check out all the items on sale and take pictures of this reality TV spot.

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Gold and white casino building with words Golden Nugget on it and palms in front
The Golden Nugget Hotel is home to the world's largest gold nugget

See the Hand of Faith Golden Nugget at the Golden Nugget Hotel

Las Vegas is known for its extravagance, and this attraction is definitely that! The Hand of Faith Golden Nugget is the largest golden nugget in existence. It can be seen, for free, at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino on Fremont Street.

The nugget can be seen in the hotel’s lobby. While it calls Las Vegas home today, the golden nugget was discovered in Australia in the 1980s.

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An indoor garden display with a fountain, colorful flowers, and fairytale tree
You're sure to be enchanted by the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Get lost in the magical Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is one of the best free attractions in Las Vegas. This 14,000 square foot conservatory features a range of colorful plants and trees.

The displays also include cute elements, like large butterfly sculptures as well as tigers, foxes, and fairy-tale creatures. The garden design often changes for holidays, including Chinese New Year and Christmas.

During the winter season, a fir tree with a Swarovski crystal tree topper takes center stage.

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Learn about TV production at CBS Television City

CBS Television City Research Center is located in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. It’s a research center used by CBS to get opinions on various topics for CBS, Nickelodeon, Viacom, and MTV.

Entrance is free! Simply head over to watch a screening and offer your opinion on what you saw. CBS often runs incentives to get viewers to come along. So, not only is this a free attraction, you may get something in return for visiting.

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A large hotel building with a body of water and fountains in front
Watching the Bellagio dancing fountains costs nothing and is a must-do activity

Marvel at the Bellagio Fountains Show

You can’t go to Vegas and not watch the dancing fountains at the Bellagio at least once. Conveniently, this iconic show is free to watch any time of the day. To get the best views, try to grab a spot as the previous show is finishing.

Having enjoyed the marvelous water display, head inside the Bellagio Hotel to see the world’s largest chocolate fountain, featuring over 2,000 pounds of chocolate!

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Wander through Mystic Falls Park

Found in Sam’s Town Hotel and Casino, Mystic Falls Park is an indoor park. It’s complete with trees and plants, water features, statues, and bright colored lights.

You can access the park during the day or at night when the lights illuminate the area. In the winter, it even becomes a winter wonderland with fake snow and Christmas decorations.

Even if you’re only in Las Vegas for 36 hours, this is a fun and free stop to add to your to-do list.

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A shopping mall entrance with a Forum Shops sign and palm trees in front
The Atlantis Fountain Show at the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace is a must-see

See the fountain show at the Forum Shops

The Atlantis Fountain Show at Caesars Palace is another of the fascinating free things to see in Vegas.

The 50,000-gallon aquarium is home to an array of exotic fish. In addition, there is an hourly complimentary show around the aquarium featuring animatronic characters.

Once the show is over, be sure to explore the rest of Caesars Palace. The Trevi Fountain replica is particularly impressive!

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A hotel exterior with a pink lotus flower sculpture and signs saying flamingo
Flamingo Hotel has a Flamingo Habitat where you can see these pretty birds for free

Hang out with flamingos at the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

Who doesn't want to see pretty pink flamingos? Luckily, you can do so for free in Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel's Flamingo Wildlife Habitat. The habitat allows you to escape from the bustle of Las Vegas and enjoy a four-acre garden.

In the garden, you'll find waterfalls, turtles, tropical birds, and, of course, stunning flamingos. It's the perfect place to relax and get some beautiful pictures.

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See Mermaids in the Silverton Casino 117,000 Gallon Aquarium

You can expect to see many things in Vegas, but few people think they’ll see mermaids. However, you can do just that (for free) at the Silverton Hotel, which features a 117,000-gallon aquarium.

The mermaid show runs at various times throughout the week and features colorful mermaids swimming around the tank. The aquarium is also filled with beautiful tropical fish and coral reefs.

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A winding road going through a desert to a red rock mountain range
Hiking at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a scenic and free activity

Go hiking at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is found in Nevada’s Mojave Desert. It features red sandstone mountains and desert views. If you enjoy outdoor activities, then hiking here is highly recommended. Best of all, it’s free to do so.

The area has a range of trails to follow that are achievable for most activity levels. Visiting Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is one of the top free things to do in Vegas if looking for activities off of the strip.

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Seven towers of colored boulders in the desert under blue sky
The Seven Magic Mountains are a unique art installation in Las Vegas

Be amazed by the Seven Magic Mountains

Located about a 20-minute drive from the strip, Seven Magic Mountains is an art installation created by Ugo Rondinone. The artwork comprises seven towers of brightly colored painted boulders that reach 35-feet high.

The view of the vibrant boulders against the desert landscape is an incredible sight to see. You’ll also be able to get some beautiful photos, and visiting doesn’t cost a thing.

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A dam with water in front and hills surrounding
Hoover Dam is an iconic landmark near Las Vegas that's free to visit

Take a day trip to Hoover Dam and the Mike O’Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

Hoover Dam is a must-visit North American landmark. Found 45-minutes from Las Vegas Boulevard, this iconic site is free for all to see.

The arch-gravity dam was constructed in the 1930s and provides irrigation as well as protects states on the Colorado River from flooding.

When visiting, check out the Mike O’Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, which offers stunning views of the dam.

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In Summary

Las Vegas offers a host of exciting attractions. While many of these things cost money, you'll also discover a range of free stuff to do in Vegas.

Even if you have a larger vacation budget, checking out these free attractions is well worth it!

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